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10 Cannabis Instagram Influencers You Need to Follow Now

by Hasum | | 420 Smoke Shop Near Me | 0 Comments

1. Cheech & Chong

When you think about historical cannabis influencers, Cheech & Chong are probably some of the first names that come to mind. This comedy duo has been a huge part of cannabis culture ever since the ‘70s, and you can now follow them on Instagram at @CheechandChong.

The Cheech & Chong Instagram doesn’t just promote the duo’s latest touring activities. It also promotes a wide range of cannabis products, as well as posting interesting cannabis news and entertaining content that any cannabis fan will enjoy.

2. ImCannabess

@ImCannabess started as a political activist but soon pivoted to become one of the biggest cannabis influencers on Instagram. Bess Byers now posts interesting products and stylish 420-related content to over 95,000 followers on the platform.

On top of her main Instagram account, Bess also runs a cannabis news channel on multiple platforms and even a digital agency with a focus on cannabis businesses. With a wide reach and plenty of entertaining content, this is the ideal influencer for those interested in pot with a side of politics.

3. Kass and Honey

@KassandHoney are a pair of Canadian cannabis connoisseurs who now run a successful YouTube channel and Instagram page sharing their love for everything marijuana-related. They post everything from reviews on cannabis products to entertaining content of them enjoying marijuana around the Great White North.

With regular posts across Instagram and YouTube, these influencers are excellent to follow if you’re a cannabis fan in Canada. While they currently only have a few thousand followers, they have the potential to grow fast, also making this a useful channel for cannabis companies who want to work with up-and-coming influencers.

Kass and Honey

4. Trippy.Treez

@Trippy.Treez is the perfect example of someone who’s made a career out of promoting pot all over Instagram. A former accountant, Trippy Treez now proudly labels herself as a cannabis influencer and marketer on her popular Instagram page, which has drawn in over 240,000 loyal followers.

Her page covers pretty much everything you’d see on a regular Instagram influencer’s page- travel, cooking, fashion, except all her content also ties into her passion for cannabis. She also regularly promotes and reviews cannabis-related products from a range of companies, making this a page well worth looking into if you’re trying to market your business to cannabis lovers.

5. Jackey_420

@Jackey_420 is a 420 influencer that regularly posts fun marijuana-related content and reviews on all kinds of marijuana products. From glass bongs to e-rigs, this page has a fair share of everything a marijuana lover might be interested in.

This is a good page to visit for anyone interested in hearing about the coolest marijuana products on the market. It’s also good entertainment for pretty much any cannabis fan. With 425k Instagram followers and counting, he’s one of the fastest-rising influencers in the industry.

6. Koala.Puffss

@Koala.Puffss is one of the most endearing cannabis influencers thanks to her lighthearted content and engaging personality. Her page ranges from entertaining memes and stoner humor to interesting reviews and educational content for all kinds of cannabis enthusiasts.

Her content has pulled in a whopping 693,000 Instagram followers, and she also runs a few cannabis-related businesses herself. If you’re a cannabis company looking for someone with a huge following to promote your strains, smoking devices, or other cannabis-related products, this is one of the best influencers to consider.

7. Steve DeAngelo

@Steve.DeAngelo is also known as the “Father of the Legal Cannabis Industry” for his endless work in promoting cannabis legalization and advocating for better cannabis education. From working with Jack Herer to running one of the most prominent California dispensaries, DeAngelo has been a huge part of the industry for many years.

As well as playing a part in various cannabis companies, Steve DeAngelo is also a cannabis Instagram influencer with over 37k followers. His page features entertaining and educational content related to the industry as well as promoting cannabis products and events.


8. SheFliesHigh

@SheFliesHigh is an Instagram influencer who aims to counteract the myth that stoners are lazy and sedentary. Her page shows how a passion for cannabis can go hand-in-hand with an active and exciting lifestyle.

With over 56k Instagram followers, SheFliesHigh promotes everything from cannabis farms to cannabis accessories, along with plenty of fun lifestyle posts in between. This is another fast-rising cannabis influencer who’s worth following for anyone who loves pot.

9. Pothead.Princess

@Pothead.Princess is an Instagram influencer who started by posting all about her adventures with cannabis in Amsterdam. Soon enough, she attracted a loyal following and started receiving requests from all kinds of cannabis companies.

Her page now has over 142k followers and features all kinds of fun posts about cannabis strains, products, and 420 lifestyle in general. This is another top Instagrammer to follow for any cannabis fan or business.

10. Shades of Syd

@_ShadesofSyd is a cannabis influence who promotes health, wellness, and overall self-care. Her content often focuses on educating medical marijuana users, for instance recommending the best strains for certain symptoms.

On top of that, Shades of Syd also posts a range of humorous videos and promotes all kinds of cannabis products on her Instagram page and YouTube channel. With over 25k followers, this is another cannabis Instagram influencer to keep an eye on.


Whether you’re looking for fun 420-friendly content or cannabis product reviews, these are some of the best cannabis Instagram influencers to follow right now. Marijuana brands looking to work with influencers should also check out these pages. For more advice on building a cannabis brand, check out Cannabis Promotions.

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