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10 Most Innovative Cannabis Products of 2021

by Hasum | | 420 Smoke Shop Near Me | 0 Comments

1. Cookies x G Pen Connect Vaporizer

Cookies x G Pen Connect is a flameless vaporizer that attaches to any gas-on-glass water piece. The device delivers high-density vapor without the need for a banger and a dab torch. It features a ceramic heating element that has three temperature settings that you can adjust to create a perfect experience. Whether you’re relaxed at home or on the go, this vaporizer, coupled with its travel pouch, has you covered.

2. HempLab Inc. CompleTest

Nothing brings more satisfaction than growing your own weed. But the most difficult part of the process is testing your plants to know if you’ve got the right CBD/THC content, especially when it comes to hybrids.

There are numerous portable testing devices, but a few match up to the lab-quality results that most people want. The HempLab Inc. CompleTest is the first in-house cannabis product that uses fluorescent spectrometry to give lab-quality results within 20 minutes. It gives you a seamless interface with easy operations and comes in both desktop and portable models.

You can say goodbye to human error and difficult operations associated with other lab-testing devices with this product.

3. Precision Batcher

Let’s face it. Rolling up a joint is fun until you have to roll several of them while trying to maintain a fixed weight. Perhaps you do it for sale or personal use. Lucky for you, you can always get a batcher. But, on the flip side, not all such systems work well with weed flowers.

The Green Vault Systems Precision batcher is an automated batching machine used by commercial weed vendors to produce fixed-weight batches. It’s explicitly made for rolling weed flowers. Unlike most batcher systems, it doesn’t use vibration to move flowers.

Instead, it uses Air Kush Technology. This helps preserve the trichomes in your flower, improving the overall product value. Its accuracy makes this batcher a super-efficient cannabis product.

Precision Batcher

4. The Armoire 

Imagine if you could grow cannabis anywhere in your home without having to worry about its scent. Well, that’s now possible with The Armoire by Green Goddess Supply. It’s a self-contained system that has everything you need to grow weed at home successfully. It makes your plant grow fast and most conveniently and discreetly possible. The furniture-inspired design allows you to place the unit anywhere in your home.

This cannabis product comes equipped with a quiet filtration system coupled with a no-smell carbon scrapper to provide an odorless and quiet operation. The system is also very easy to maintain.

5. ExtractCraft EtOH Pro

Every cannabis enthusiast out there appreciates a good potent resin, but few try to make it at home. The ExtractCraft EtOH Pro enables you to make cannabis concentrates and potent oils all from the comfort of your home.

With a one-gallon capacity and a processing time of three hours, this appliance is one of the fastest and most efficient extraction appliances out there. It also recovers 98 percent of the alcohol for reuse, making it super convenient.

6. Double Happiness by My Bud Vase

What if cannabis products also doubled as beautiful home decor? Sure, most water pipes look good, but this one is sure to impress. The vase comes in timeliness blue and white china patterns. This interesting design means that you can place it anywhere in the house, and no one will even know what it is. The white china patterns also give it a timeless feel.

7. Hemp-Infused Tea

When it comes to creating unique products, Willie’s Remedy never disappoints. Their carefully crafted teas are infused with organic hemp extracts to give you an eco-friendly and refreshing product. These teabags are also 100 percent free of plastic and other chemicals and are fully biodegradable.

8. LUFT Duo Air Purifier

Are you tired of your car smelling like a hot box every time you light up a joint? Well, there are innovative cannabis products that can help you fix that. The LUFT Duo air purifier makes your car smell fresh and clean all through the day.

It does this by actively refreshing the air through a 360-degree air intake and a nonreactor. This device can break down mold, toxic chemicals, and odors. Smoke also doesn’t stand a chance against its superior air purification technology.

CBD Calming Chews by Paw CBD

9. CBD Calming Chews by Paw CBD

At times, our furry friends deal with a lot of anxiety, which can really pull their spirits down. Cannabis chews are not a new cannabis product, but cannabis chews for dogs are an entirely new concept.

Flavored with real turkey and infused with CBD coupled with chamomile, passionflower, and tryptophan, these chews are sure to give your dog all the relaxation it needs. They also double up as a tasty treat.

10. Arca Labs Rolling Box

The wooden stash box is going extinct, and in its place, a more stylish and functional alternative is winning hearts and minds. Keep your buds fresh and the odors in with this magnetic illuminated rolling box.

This rolling box features a catch screen coupled with a free-standing V-groove to make rolling a breeze. It also comes equipped with a four-part grinder, a built-in paper holder, and a pair of blunt-nosed scissors. So, basically, you’re getting everything you need for a perfect smoke all in one box.

The Bottom Line

People are constantly discovering new ways to enjoy cannabis. Currently, there is a cannabis product out there for every need you can think of, and they keep getting better as years roll in.

If you’re ready to revolutionize the way you enjoy cannabis, then you can try out any of the cannabis products mentioned above. 

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