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15 Amazing Examples Of Cannabis Branding

by Hasum | | 420 Smoke Shop Near Me | 0 Comments

1. Marley Natural

When it comes to famous cannabis advocates, it’s hard to think of many names bigger than Bob Marley. Throughout his life he wasn’t just known for his music, but also for touting the meditational and spiritual benefits of marijuana. As such, it only makes sense that his estate built a cannabis brand in his name.

Marley Natural could have become huge by name value alone, but special care was taken with its branding. A unique color scheme and distinctive lion logo make it stand out among other cannabis brands. It also has a clear focus on quality over quantity, offering a curated selection of premium strains and cartridges.

2. Wana Edibles

Wana is a top North American brand known primarily for its edibles. Wana offers a selection of cannabis gummies and chews. Not only do they boast a wide variety of flavors, but they also offer different concentrations of cannabinoids. For instance, they offer 1:1 CBD/THC gummies, 5:1 CBD/THC gummies, and a selection of other ratios to suit various users.

By focusing on a single product type, the name “Wana” has become synonymous with marijuana edibles. It’s one of the first brand names that’ll come to mind for edible users. It also helps that “Wana” has an easy-to-remember brand name and a simple yet memorable logo. This clever branding strategy will make it easy for “Wana Brands” to expand into other types of cannabis products when the time is right.

3. Kiva Confections

Kiva Confections offers another one of the best examples of cannabis branding. Like Wana Edibles, Kiva has a short and memorable brand name. “Kiva Confections” rolls off the tongue easily and looks great on packaging and merchandise. Plus, using the word “confections” makes it stand out among other cannabis edible brands, especially as the word has connotations of quality and fine craftsmanship.

Instead of offering a wide variety of different cannabis products, Kiva Confections focuses on providing all kinds of edibles. Fans of the brand can choose between gummies, chocolate bars, chocolate bites, mints, and various other delicious confections. Plus, they offer everything from potent THC gummies to soothing CBD bites to CBN chocolate bars. This makes them a top-notch brand for anyone who enjoys smokeless cannabis products.

Kiva Confections branding

4. Tweed

When you think of tweed, you might think of the high-quality fabric known for its durability, unique aesthetic, and high price. However, if you’re a cannabis fan, you’ll probably think of Tweed – one of the many successful brands under the Canopy Growth Corp. umbrella. Tweed has become one of the top brands in Canada for whole flower strains, pre-rolls, edibles, drinks, and various other types of cannabis products.

The brand name is no coincidence. By associating itself with a completely unrelated product already known for its quality and prestige, “Tweed” stands out as a high-quality cannabis brand. Of course, the name is also simple, highly memorable, and even includes the name “weed”. Because of this, it’s one of the most amazing examples of cannabis branding.

5. The Hunny Pot

The Hunny Pot, also known as Hunny Pot Cannabis Co., has the honor of being Toronto’s first legal cannabis store. While this alone gave the company a competitive advantage, it didn’t slack off when it came to branding. It’s now become one of the most reliable and recognizable dispensary chains in the Ontario area.

Hunny Pot offers a great example of cannabis branding for various reasons. In a sea of dispensaries with green leaf logos and weed-related names, it stands out with its beehive logo, black and yellow color scheme, and unique name. The lighthearted branding follows through to its copywriting, offering “a place for cannabis new-bees”. It stands out as a memorable brand that focuses on the fun, recreational side of cannabis, rather than some of the more serious and generic medical brands out there.

6. Leafs By Snoop

Leafs By Snoop is another great example of a celebrity cannabis brand. It’s also another example of successful branding by Canopy Growth Corporation. While these aspects give it an advantage, Leafs By Snoop is still an excellent example of cannabis branding thanks to its cool logo, gold/white color scheme, and eye-catching packaging.

Leafs offers a range of medical and recreational cannabis products. Its packaging is plain white – save for the regal gold logo and colored stickers that indicate different flavors. Not only do these packages look premium, but they’re easy to recognize on dispensary shelves and cannabis store displays. The packaging even features famous cannabis-related quotes from Snoop Dogg himself, adding a collectible quality to the products.

7. Doja

Many of the top brands in the world use simple, 4-letter brand names to stand out. In the cannabis world, Doja is a good example of this. Although it might be hard to compete with Doja Cat for Google rankings, the name is still highly memorable to cannabis fans looking for reliable high-quality products.

Aside from its memorable name, Doja offers a unique take on the classic cannabis logo. Instead of using a green leaf, the logo is a simple black-and-white circle with leaf detailing. It looks more like a Volkswagen logo than a usual cannabis brand logo, but it stands out in its own right. Doja offers cannabis products for “those who are West Coast in spirit”, associating its brand with one of the most notable regions in the world for cannabis lovers.

Tokyo Smoke branding

8. Tokyo Smoke

Tokyo Smoke is another great example of naming a cannabis brand while avoiding overused terms like “weed”, “leaf”, or “herb”. Many people see Tokyo as one of the most unique, innovative, and recognizable cities in the world. Tokyo Smoke uses this association to make itself stand out as a unique lifestyle brand for cannabis lovers.

The cool branding follows through to its logo – a slightly altered version of the Japanese flag. It’s simple, memorable, and easy to recognize. Of course, it’s also great to have a logo that looks awesome on all kinds of packaging and custom-branded cannabis accessories. Thanks to its eye-catching branding, Canadian cannabis fans can easily recognize Tokyo Smoke stores and products.

9. Pax

Pax is another amazing example of cannabis branding as it’s one of the first brands people think of when they think of vaporizers. Instead of trying to compete with other brands for the best flower strains or edibles, the Pax brand focuses on vaporizers, vape cartridges, and other vape-related accessories for cannabis lovers.

It helps that the name is distinctive and easy to remember. Having a 3-letter brand name makes it easy to plant on all their products and packaging. Plus, their “X” logo represents their range of vaporizers and looks amazing on their devices. By offering a wide selection of vape products for different types of users, Pax has made a huge name in the cannabis accessory market.

10. Evolab

Evolab is a brand that focuses on delivering pure, satisfying cannabis concentrates using innovative methods and technologies. The brand offers cartridges, oils, and disposable vapes using its high-quality concentrates. It’s also a great example of cannabis branding as the name and logo tell you a lot about the brand.

The name “Evolab” is simple yet effective. It tells you that the brand is focused on delivering evolutionary products that are produced and refined in laboratories. The logo is clean and professional. It also features a small liquid drop in the “A” – representing their premium distillates. Overall, the branding is memorable and distinctive, making the company stand out.

11. Weedmaps

Weedmaps is living proof that you can start a world-famous cannabis company without even handling the product. Instead of selling or producing marijuana products, Weedmaps simply connects consumers with stores and dispensaries wherever they are. It also allows dispensaries to host their online menus, allowing customers to order weed for delivery or pickup.

The company should be inspiring to entrepreneurs that want to create a reliable cannabis app or website. It’s also a great example of branding. The Weedmaps branding is clean, professional, and distinctive. The color scheme is easy on the eyes and the smiley “WM” logo conjures up feelings of positivity and happiness.

Weedmaps branding

12. Alpine Vapor

Alpine Vapor has one of the coolest logos in the industry. Instead of relying on cannabis leaves, the logo is a simple, easy-to-draw depiction of a mountain inside a circle. Combine this with its brand name and the slogan “An Elevated Experience” and you have an awesome brand theme that assures customers they’ll be treated to phenomenal highs.

The mountain-climbing theme also conjures up images of clean air and reaching new heights. This reflects the brand’s focus on producing the cleanest, purest, and most innovative products. Alpine Vapor offers a range of premium cannabis flower strains, oils, vape pens, and CBD products. All of these products come in high-quality packaging complete with the eye-catching and memorable Alpine Vapor logo.

13. Leafly

When you’re looking for information on cannabis strains or products, Leafly is probably one of the first sites you’ll visit. The website has become like the Wikipedia of cannabis – offering a wealth of information and resources on everything to do with cannabis. It’s another excellent example of cannabis branding.

Leafly’s branding keeps things simple. It features tasteful green lettering, a minimalist green logo, and a name that indicates it’s related to cannabis. The name is also highly memorable, which is particularly important for a website that relies on users coming back over and over again. Overall, this provides a great example of how to brand a marijuana-related website.

14. Curaleaf

Curaleaf offers a chain of dispensaries in various states across the United States. It’s particularly prominent in states like Florida, where recreational use is still illegal but medical marijuana is a huge sector. As such, it makes sense that Curaleaf’s branding focuses on the therapeutic and healing effects of cannabis.

The name is simple, fun to say, and easy to remember. It combines the words “cure” with “leaf” to send the message that they offer flower products for medical purposes. The leaf logo is also simple yet effective. Although it’s somewhat generic, it makes it easy to spot Curaleaf dispensaries across the country.

15. Planet 13

Whether you’re opening a casino, bar, cafe, restaurant, or any other kind of business in Las Vegas, it needs to be big, lavish, and colorful to fit in. As such, Planet 13 dispensary suits its role perfectly. Not only is it marketed as the #1 dispensary in Las Vegas, but it’s the largest and most over-the-top dispensary in the world.

Planet 13 aims to offer everything its customers could want. With 120 strains and a range of smokeless and CBD products, customers can spend hours browsing its goods. Customers also come for the colorful displays, light shows, and Planet 13 entertainment complex. With so many Instagrammable spots inside the complex, it markets itself. The “Planet 13” name and logo indicate that it offers an out-of-this-world experience to customers, and the company does everything it can to deliver on this promise.


These 15 incredible cannabis brands should give you some ideas on how to brand and promote your cannabis company. Remember to choose a catchy name, a unique logo, and a cool color scheme to make your brand stand out.

If you want to build your brand visibility and recognition fast, remember to promote your name and logo using branded products. You can find a range of custom-branded cannabis products and cannabis marketing guides online at Cannabis Promotions.

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