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5 Best Entry-Level Cannabis Jobs to Try

by Hasum | | 420 Smoke Shop Near Me | 0 Comments

1. Cannabis Budtender

If you’re looking for an entry-level job in the marijuana industry that allows you to share your passion for cannabis products with others, becoming a budtender could be the perfect option for you. Budtenders don’t just help make sales, they also need to have extensive knowledge of the products they sell to give helpful advice to customers.

Budtenders are a common fixture in both medical dispensaries and recreational cannabis stores. They help customers find the perfect products for their needs and purposes. For instance, if a customer is looking for something to help them relieve pain, you can show them your most relaxing indica strains or recommend products such as edibles and tinctures for long-lasting effects.

They also help with customer queries, complaints, and various other issues. If you have previous experience working in a retail environment, becoming a budtender should be a smooth transition. You’ll need to learn all about the products that your dispensary sells, but if you already know a lot about using cannabis, this information should be easy to pick up and you can even give personal recommendations.

2. Cannabis Trimmer

If you want a good way to get involved in the cannabis growing industry, you might want to consider becoming a cannabis trimmer. Cannabis cultivation operations often need entry-level staff to help keep their plants topped and pruned. You’ll get first-hand experience in growing bountiful marijuana plants and learn more and more about the growing process as time goes on.

In addition to trimming plants, entry-level cannabis growing staff may also help with other processes. You’ll often learn how to transplant and water plants, and how to give them the right conditions for optimal growth. If you perform your operations well, you might even gain some experience in harvesting and drying plants in the long run.

This is an excellent entry-level job for anyone interested in cannabis cultivation. There’s plenty of room for promotion and, as you gain more experience and knowledge about the cannabis growing process, you might even become a master grower after a while. Plus, many cultivation companies offer enticing benefits including free product samples to cannabis trimmers.

Cannabis Trimmer

3. Marijuana Delivery Driver

Cannabis delivery is now available in various states. As such, many dispensaries and cannabis delivery services are now searching for reliable, hard-working marijuana couriers. If you want to help deliver products from stores and dispensaries to the hands of cannabis consumers, this is an excellent entry-level position for you.

The great thing about becoming a cannabis delivery person is that you don’t need a wealth of experience. If you’ve worked for companies such as Doordash or Ubereats before, delivering cannabis products to customers will come naturally to you. Security is a major concern when handling marijuana products, but as long as you’re trustworthy and take the job seriously, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Ideally, you should have a clean driving license along with reliable transportation and a good smartphone if you want to become a marijuana delivery driver. However, as long as you have these necessities, this is another top entry-level job in the cannabis industry. You can even earn tips from happy cannabis customers.

4. Dispensary Receptionist

A lot of administrative work is required for marijuana dispensaries. After all, someone needs to check customer IDs, verify their prescriptions, and handle phone calls and customer queries. As such, many dispensaries hire receptionists to help with their daily operations. This is an entry-level job that can net you a lot of valuable experience.

Receptionists might initially help with general tasks such as handling orders and vetting customers. As time goes on, you might even help with more important tasks such as maintaining dispensary stock levels. As such, starting your career as a dispensary receptionist can quickly prime you for valuable jobs in the cannabis industry.

Dispensary receptionists should be flexible, hard-working, and prepared for dealing with customer complaints. If you’ve already worked in an administrative position, this should be a great fit for you. It’s also a good position for anyone who wants to rise through the ranks to become a dispensary manager.

Dispensary Receptionist

5. Marijuana Marketing Assistant

Various ancillary roles are also available in the cannabis industry. For instance, dispensaries often need marketing assistants to help them reach new customers and keep existing customers around. If you’re creative, focused, and know about modern marketing practices, this could be an excellent role for you.

There are two approaches to becoming a marijuana marketing assistant. You might want to reach out to dispensaries or marijuana businesses directly to ask if they’re hiring marketing staff. Alternatively, you could reach out to a cannabis marketing agency and become an assistant for them.

Cannabis marketing requires a creative touch. Many traditional marketing methods are restricted, so you should learn how to market cannabis businesses using branded cannabis productscustomer loyalty marketinglocal SEO, and other impactful marketing practices to generate buzz for the brands you work for.


You don’t need a wealth of experience to get involved in the cannabis industry. While you won’t become a top dispensary owner overnight, there are plenty of entry-level cannabis jobs you can try. These jobs can net you valuable experience and a competitive salary. They can even help you progress into more prestigious roles.

These jobs are ideal for people who are enthusiastic about cannabis. Plus, these are just a few of the entry-level jobs you can try – you can also consider jobs in the CBD industry or even work for cannabis ancillary services. To learn more about the cannabis industry and cannabis marketing, visit Cannabis Promotions.

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