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5 Tips Helping Senior Cannabis Customers

by Hasum | | | 0 Comments

Ask What Symptoms They’re Targeting

If you’re running a medical cannabis dispensary, it helps to know what symptoms your customers are targeting. Cannabis is now used for a wide variety of medical ailments. Some people use cannabis to alleviate physical issues such as pain, inflammation, and muscle aches. Others use it to treat mood problems such as anxiety and depression.

Knowing what symptoms your customers are targeting can help you find the right products for their needs. For instance, if you meet an elderly customer with chronic back pain, you can recommend a soothing indica strain to relieve their physical distress. If they need an uplifting strain to ward off depression, you might want to guide them on your best sativa strains.

Budtenders at recreational cannabis stores should also learn what kind of effects elderly customers are looking for. Some may want a relaxing strain that helps them sleep better at night. Others might want a strain that helps perk them up during the day. Help them with recommendations if they need them and, of course, let them browse if they’d prefer to choose a product themselves.

Guide Them On Different Types Of Products

Many elderly customers – especially those with health problems – might have no interest in smoking cannabis. Although smoking is a quick and effective way to get the health perks of weed, it can also be harsh on your lungs. Many people also find the smell and taste of weed smoke unpleasant.

Fortunately, there are now tons of different types of cannabis products to choose from. From tasty cannabis gummies to convenient tinctures, there are many helpful methods of cannabis consumption for elderly patients. If a customer is looking for the best cannabis product for their needs, you might want to consider how they’d prefer to consume their cannabis.

You should also consider whether CBD products suit their needs better. For example, if an elderly patient is looking for a soothing cannabis product that won’t get them high, you might want to point them toward your best CBD gummies. If they’re looking for a convenient way to get the psychoactive effects of THC, they might be better served by THC oils or tinctures.

Guide Them On Different Types Of Products

Answer Any Questions Or Concerns They Have

Many elderly cannabis consumers will already know the ins and outs of using cannabis. Some have even been using it for decades. However, you may also meet elderly customers who have never smoked a joint or eaten a cannabis gummy before. In these cases, be prepared to help with any questions they have.

Elderly customers might want to know what kind of effects to expect from the products they buy. As well as informing them of the positives, you should also let them know about potential side effects and how to avoid them. You should also give them dosage recommendations based on their needs and preferences.

Some customers may also have concerns. For instance, they might be worried about whether a strain will get them too high or if a product will make them anxious. Make sure you handle their concerns with care and give them the best advice to help them avoid any bad experiences.

Offer Cannabis Delivery If Possible

Cannabis delivery is becoming increasingly popular. Many states now allow dispensaries to deliver products directly to patients or customers. Some states also allow delivery services to transport cannabis products between dispensaries and customers. If cannabis delivery is legal in your state, you should look into how to provide it for your customers.

While cannabis delivery appeals to all kinds of customers, it’s especially helpful for elderly customers. Some senior cannabis patients may struggle due to mobility issues. Some may have given up driving. Some may simply prefer to stay at home. Whichever way, delivering their products to them can be a huge help.

Delivering cannabis products won’t just help elderly patients. It can appeal to customers of all ages and backgrounds. It can also help ensure that your cannabis business stands out ahead of competitors. If your dispensary offers cannabis delivery, let your customers know that it’s an option for their future purchases.

Consider Providing Benefits For Seniors

Many dispensaries and cannabis stores offer a range of promotions for customers. However, you shouldn’t just try to appeal to new customers with enticing offers. You should also give some consideration to your senior customers. Giving them unique perks can help gain you many loyal customers.

For instance, you might want to offer a senior discount. That way, elderly patients will be more encouraged to visit your business for their cannabis needs. Helping your senior patients with special deals can also lead to them helping you. For instance, they’ll be more likely to recommend your store to their friends.

You might even want to gift some of your customers with custom cannabis products. These branded products are extremely useful to cannabis users of all ages. They can also help impress your customers and boost brand loyalty.

Consider Providing Benefits For Seniors


Many elderly consumers now use cannabis for a variety of reasons. Some may want to treat their medical issues whereas some may simply want to enjoy the physical relaxation and mental stimulation that cannabis offers. Use these tips to help your senior cannabis customers as much as you can. For more guides and resources for enhancing your cannabis business, visit Cannabis Promotions.

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