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7 Best Weed Grinders in 2019

by Hasum | | 420 Smoke Shop Near Me | 0 Comments

1. White Grinder – Custom Aluminum 50mm

When it comes to weed grinders, many users look for something simple yet effective. As such, this White Aluminum Grinder makes for one of the best weed grinders on the market. Despite its minimalistic design, it looks sleek and elegant. But more importantly, it can grind weed fast and also comes with some extra features to make things easier for smokers.

This White Custom Aluminum Grinder comes with a mesh net inside. That means that every time a user grinds their weed, it’ll collect the resin or kief and separate it from the bud. It’s then easy to collect the kief and sprinkle it on top of joints or bowls for a potent kick of THC.

The Aluminum construction makes this grinder a pleasure to use. It’s strong, sturdy, and built-to-last, meaning you’ll be able to grind weed with it for years to come. It’s also easy to clean and looks great. At 50mm, it’s a nice portable hand grinder that can slip right into your pocket for easy use anywhere you need to grind weed.

Cannabis businesses can benefit greatly from offering these custom grinders to customers. The plain white design makes it perfect for styling up with your logo and making it stand out. These custom grinders are also available from as little as $7.99 depending on how many you buy.

Buy White Grinder – Custom Aluminum 50mm

Custom Plastic Grinders

2. Custom Plastic Grinders

While they might not be as strong or as stylish as metal, Plastic Grinders are still incredibly popular. These often come in bright colors which makes them look fun and colorful for users. They’re also generally much cheaper than grinders made from other materials and still do the job just fine, making them a prime choice for many people.

As such, these Custom Plastic Grinders are another one of the best options for hand grinders. They keep things perfectly simple with a 3-piece design, making it easy to grind your weed, collect it in the chamber below, and use it whenever you need it. They’re also slim and portable, making them perfect for grinding on the go.

One of the best things about these Custom Plastic Grinders is just how customizable they are. Not only can they be customized with your brand logo and name, but they also come in various eye-catching colors to make them even more appealing to customers. Blue, white, green, and red are all available. You may even want to buy multiple colors.

They’re not the most advanced or technical grinder, but they’re perfect for users who want something simple, handy, and small. Plus, with various colors available and a chamber for collecting weed, they’re a top-notch option. These Custom Plastic Grinders are available for as low as $2.09.

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3. Custom Metal 4 Piece Grinder – 50mm

For a sleek and stylish grinder that grinds weed to excellent quality, the Custom Metal 4 Piece Grinder is an excellent choice. It’s made of heavy-duty zinc alloy which, in addition to being great for grinding weed, ensures that it’ll last for many years so that buyers will never need to buy a replacement.

Aside from the impressive build quality, this grinder is a top choice thanks to its 4 piece design. While 2-piece grinders can grind your weed just fine, 4-piece grinders have the added feature of being able to collect and separate your weed and kief automatically, making it exceptionally easy to empty and use whenever you need it. It’s also easy to clean when it starts to build up too much residue.

As straightforward as the design of this jet black grinder is, it’s a great look for those who want something that isn’t over the top. It looks simple and stylish and at 50mm, it’s just the right size for both portability and practicality. The pegs are great for giving you finely cut weed and it even has a collection tool.

It’s also ideal for custom branding. If you’re a cannabis business and want an accessory that will catch customer’s eyes, your logo will stand out on the plain black background, making it great for branding purposes. It’s available for as low as $6.99 depending on the quantity you buy.

Buy Custom Metal 4 Piece Grinder – 50mm

63MM Custom Metal 4 Piece Grinder

4. 63MM Custom Metal 4 Piece Grinder

Although some users prefer as much portability as possible when it comes to weed grinders, other users prefer something bigger and bulkier for grinding plenty of weed. And when it comes to grinding big buds, this 63MM Custom Metal 4 Piece Grinder is perfect. With a solid build and the ability to cut weed up quickly and effectively, it can cover all of your grinding needs.

The plain black design is simple yet stylish. It works especially well for custom branding since companies can slap an eye-catching logo on the front. Made of high-quality heavy-duty zinc alloy, it’s strong, sturdy, and can last for a long time without getting too dirty. But when it starts to build up resin, it’s easy to clean it out without losing any valuable weed or kief.

Since it’s a 4-piece grinder, this device works especially well for cutting up and collecting both your ground weed and your kief. That way, you can simply empty what you need and save the rest for later. It cuts your weed finely and the kief collection is perfect for those times when you want a little something extra to sprinkle on top of a joint or bowl.

Overall, this weed grinder has everything an enthusiastic marijuana smoker could want. The 63MM size makes it ideal for bigger loads of bud, while the mesh net makes weed and kief collection easy. It’s also stylish, affordable, and built-to-last. Businesses can get these custom branded grinder for as little as $7.99 for each one.

Buy 63MM Custom Metal 4 Piece Grinder

5. 40MM Custom Metal 4 Piece Grinder 

For users who want something smaller, the 40MM Custom Metal 4 Piece Grinder is a perfect choice. You can carry it anywhere and it works great for grinding small amounts of weed, as well as offering extra chambers. Despite its compact size, you can fit a fair amount of bud in this handy little device.

The 4-piece design is a godsend for cannabis users, separating your weed and kief without any hassle. Whenever you need to use some, just open up the compartment and it’ll be right there for you. It also has a magnetic closure which makes it easy to open and close. As far as convenience goes, this grinder is on point.

While some users might prefer something more colorful, the solid black design is perfect for those who want something more subtle and low key. It also has a sturdy build quality, made with heavy-duty zinc alloy. It feels nice and solid in your hands and can give you well-cut weed within seconds of using it.

This is another one of the best weed grinders in 2019 and all cannabis companies can benefit from selling these nifty little devices. The solid background makes it easy to brand and make your logo stand out to customers, as well as anyone else who happens to see it. You can get these 40MM grinders custom branded for as low as $5.99.

Buy 40MM Custom Metal 4 Piece Grinder

40MM Custom Metal 4 Piece Grinder

6. Custom Grinder Card 

Want something a little more unique? Check out these Custom Grinder Cards. They make for some of the most compact and convenient grinders out there, designed in a flat card shape that can fit right in your wallet or pocket. Cannabis businesses can put their logo on one of these to make for a fancy branded device.

The Custom Grinder Card is quite different from most grinders. It doesn’t have any chambers to collect your weeds or even multiple parts, but it can still work great for grinding weed. Users just have to scrape their bud over the holes, similar to a cheese grater. It’s best to use a container or a piece of paper to collect your weed, but it’s still fast and convenient.

Any brand logo can stand out on these unique grinders. They’re also available in both black and silver colors. They’re made out of stainless steel, making them durable and long-lasting. The low-key design makes it perfect for putting some eye-catching brand materials on the front which users will see every time they check inside their wallet or purse.

They’re also highly affordable. The Custom Grinder Card is available for as low as $1.99 if you order in bulk. However, even in lower quantities, these grinders barely cost anything for the value they can give you.

Buy Custom Grinder Card

7. Custom Poker Chip Grinder

It doesn’t get much more fun than the novelty Custom Poker Chip Grinder. They offer the look and feel of real poker chips while still being just as sturdy and practical as other weed grinders, making them one of the absolute best weed grinders you can buy right now.

The Custom Poker Chip Grinder is sure to catch the eye of any marijuana lover, and businesses can take advantage of that by stamping their logo on it. They’re available in both red and green, giving you extra options when it comes to customization.

Despite the fact that these grinders look like they’re just made for fun, they’re exceptionally well made and can give you quality ground weed. With solid metal pegs and a built-in kief catcher, it has everything needed for quality weed grinding.

If you’re looking for a high-quality grinder that can also help boost your cannabis brand, the Custom Poker Chip Grinders are a sure bet. They look cool, work well, and can last for a long time. Plus, they’re available for as low as $5.29 per grinder, giving you incredible value for your money.

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Custom Poker Chip Grinder


Whether you’re looking for something simple and lowkey or something that truly stands out, these are some of the best weed grinders in 2019. All of these grinders are customizable, making them ideal for cannabis businesses looking to boost their profits and increase brand visibility. After all, every weed user needs a grinder, and applying your logo to it can quickly build brand recognition and loyalty.

Plenty of other fantastic customizable cannabis accessories are also available. You might want to check out custom lighters, stash bags, rolling papers, and even chillums. All of these high-quality products and a lot more can be found at

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