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Cannabis Dispensary Design Best Practices & Examples

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Give Your Dispensary A Unique Aesthetic

When you’re designing your dispensary, make sure it doesn’t look too plain. While some customers or patients might be happy with a plain, white dispensary, the best dispensaries are the ones with unique colors, themes, and decor that truly leave an impact on every person that walks in.

There are many ways you can go about this, and you might want to look at examples of other top dispensaries for inspiration. For instance, High Expedition in Talkeetna, Alaska, takes on the theme of a log cabin twinged with Alaskan climbing lore, making for a particularly unique experience. You might want to give your dispensary some kind of theme to follow to make it unique from other dispensaries in the area.

Some dispensaries simply stand out due to breathtaking designs and displays. Serra dispensary in downtown Portland is full of bright lights and fancy glass displays whereas Diego Pellicer in Denver, Colorado is full of wooden accents and regal touches, giving it a completely different feel. If you want your dispensary to feel new and exciting to customers, experiment with colors and materials and give it a unique spin.

Make Your Store Easy To Navigate

While making your store look awesome is important, it’s even more important to make it easy to navigate. Many new customers and patients will be overwhelmed if they walk into a crowded dispensary and aren’t sure where to look for the products they need. Making the whole experience smooth for them can make a huge impact.

Having more space will help with this, especially as you can space display cabinets and shelves apart and give customers plenty of space to walk around. However, not every dispensary is blessed with plenty of square footage and, fortunately, there are ways to help your customers navigate your store even if you have limited space.

Clear display cabinets allowing customers to see your top products are particularly helpful. It’s also helpful to separate products by type. For instance, you could have your top strains of Cannabis Flower in one aisle and your most popular Cannabis Tinctures and Topicals in another. You should also make your facilities fully accessible so those with physical ailments can get in and around easily.

Make Your Store Easy To Navigate

Put Your Best Products On Display

One of the best cannabis dispensary practices is to have plenty of your best products on display. When a customer or patient walks into a store and instantly sees all kinds of eye-catching cannabis products, they’ll be intrigued to look around and check everything out- they might even end up buying more.

Many dispensaries make use of glass displays, allowing customers to look inside and see various products. Glass jars for holding strains can also help- especially as they allow customers to get a closer look at the buds. Some dispensaries even have interactive displays, such as cannabis containers with a button to release the scent.

While cabinets and shelves are a good way to go about displaying your products, some dispensaries take different approaches. For example, the Barbary Coast Dispensary in San Francisco, California is set-up like a speakeasy bar with luxurious seating and products displayed behind the bar. Whichever way, make sure your best products are visible to buyers.

Utilize Touchscreen Technology

Dispensaries should make buying their products as easy as possible for customers. While some dispensaries require you to list your order to a member of staff, this can feel like a hassle- especially if they don’t know what’s what or haven’t had a good look at everything yet. As such, touchscreen technology is a big boost to any dispensary.

Many dispensaries now use touch screen menus which helps make the whole ordering and buying process a lot easier. Patients can simply choose the products they want from a screen, place their order, and pay and collect it at the register. It’s easy enough for anyone to do and it also gives them the chance to browse products and see descriptions and details before buying.

In addition to physical in-store touchscreens, many dispensaries have started to utilize web and smartphone apps. These allow patients to view the dispensary menu on a digital device and make a decision before they enter the store. Patients can even order to collect or even order for delivery in some cases. Consider implementing this in your dispensary if you can.

Offer Branded Merchandise

Clever branding is essential for every dispensary. You should have a strong brand name and logo to plant on all kinds of materials from the bags and packaging you give to customers to the doors and walls of your dispensary itself. You should also deck your dispensary out with some custom-branded cannabis merchandise.

When cannabis users buy cannabis, they often need extras such as Grinders, Lighters, Rolling Papers, and other handy smoking accessories. By offering branded cannabis accessories, you can satisfy their needs while also boosting your brand visibility. Now your customers will use accessories with your logo and be reminded of the great experience they had in your dispensary.

Fortunately, getting custom-branded merchandise is easy. You can order Custom GrindersCustom Rolling PapersCustom LightersCustom Rolling Trays, and more from Cannabis Promotions. These items will look great around your dispensary- especially at your points of sale where people are most likely to make a last-second addition to their purchase.

Offer Branded Merchandise


When it comes to cannabis dispensary design, you should always make the right touches to make your dispensary stand out. Having a unique theme or aesthetic will impress customers, but it’s even more important to make your store accessible and easy-to-navigate. Modern touches such as touch screens will also make an impact.

Your dispensary should also tie-in with your brand. Make sure you have displays of your name and logo, as well as placing your branding on all kinds of products and packaging. If you need help with your branding or want to find custom-branded cannabis products, check out Cannabis Promotions.

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