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Cannabis Dispensary Email Marketing Beginner’s Guide

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1. Use Email Marketing Software For Your Dispensary

Email marketing involves building a list of contacts and sending enticing, well-formatted emails to them regularly. However, doing all of this manually is a lot of work. It’s also unnecessary since you now have access to many email marketing software platforms. These tools are designed to make email marketing easier, quicker, and more impactful.

Not only do email marketing tools help you with building contact lists and sending emails, but they provide various other features to help with your email marketing. For instance, many will collect valuable data on which emails generate the most clicks or which subject lines get opened the most.

These tools can also help you schedule emails, personalize emails, and even make your emails look better. All of these things are important if you want your email marketing to be effective, so make sure you use the right software for the job. Some of the most popular email marketing software options include MailchimpMailerLite, and ActiveCampaign.

2. Build An Email List

Before you start sending emails, you need to build a list of contacts. Most companies email their customers along with a range of interested consumers. However, you can’t email them without consent – your subscribers must first opt-in to receive your promotional emails. This doesn’t happen overnight, but the right strategies can help you build your email list a lot faster.

Most businesses include a pop-up box to subscribe to promotional emails on their website. It also helps to ask customers to subscribe to your email marketing when they register an account or buy something. This is usually done with a simple checkbox, allowing customers to decide whether they want the emails or not.

With that said, most consumers won’t agree to receive promotional emails unless they’re getting something out of it. Many businesses encourage people to sign up for their email list by offering a small reward, such as a 5% or 10% discount voucher for their next purchase. It also helps to let them know they’ll get special promotions and vouchers if they sign up for your mailing list.

Build An Email List

3. Promote Your Products In Your Emails

Want people to buy your products more often? Email marketing is an excellent way to advertise your products and get customers interested. Maybe you’ve just launched a new range of cannabis edibles. Or perhaps you have some cannabis flower strains that aren’t selling well. Use your emails to market these products to your customers.

For instance, sending out an email about the “Tastiest New Cannabis Edibles” along with links to your newest gummies, chocolates, and cookies can get people interested. You could also send out emails advertising your old products. For example, an email saying “These Are The Greatest Strains For Christmas” and showing off some of the strains you want to sell can work well.

It helps to have your dispensary menu on your website or a platform such as Weedmaps. Customers will be far more interested if they have a detailed product page to look at. You could even let customers order products online and pick them up in person. That way, you can generate orders fast by linking customers to your product pages.

4. Inform Subscribers Of Upcoming Sales And Promotions

Many people sign up for email newsletters to hear about the latest deals. As such, you should use your email marketing to inform customers of upcoming dispensary sales and promotions. Not only will this keep your subscribers interested, but it’s also much more likely to make them come to your dispensary and buy something.

For instance, if you’re planning a Black Friday sale, let your email subscribers know a week or two in advance. They’ll plan their visit and show up on the day ready to buy plenty of products. The same applies to all kinds of sales. Maybe it’s a Christmas sale, New Year’s sale, or even a flash sale for subscribers.

You might even want to give your email subscribers special perks. A promotional voucher to spend during their next visit can go a long way. Even if it’s just a $5 discount or a 5% off voucher, customers are far less likely to unsubscribe from your email list if they’re getting rewards from your emails.

5. Cross-Promote Your Content

Another major advantage of dispensary email marketing is that it’s great for cross-promoting your content. Every dispensary website should have a blog page with a regular stream of SEO-friendly content. For instance, you could post top 10 lists of your best strains for pain relief and guides on the best ways to use cannabis. You can then link these blog posts to your email subscribers.

Linking your web content in your emails will encourage subscribers to browse your website and check out your products. If you allow online ordering, you can even encourage them to order products via your blog posts. You can also use your emails to promote your social media channels – maybe some of your subscribers will start to follow your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Cross-promotion works both ways, so you can also use your other marketing efforts to promote your email list. For instance, at the end of each blog post, you can ask readers to sign up for your email list for special promotions and vouchers. You can also advertise your email list on your social media channels.

Personalize Your Email Marketing

6. Personalize Your Email Marketing

Many subscribers get tired of receiving the same generic emails from every company. If you want your email marketing to be as effective as possible, work on personalizing your emails. Tailoring emails to different kinds of customers or even tailoring them to specific customers can be incredibly impactful.

For instance, a subscriber is much more likely to open an email if their name is in the subject line. You could also send customers personalized recommendations based on their past orders. An email with the subject line “Jane, we’ve got some great deals for you” along with products that they love can be extremely effective.

That doesn’t mean that you need to sit down and write a tailored email for every subscriber. Email marketing software makes it easy to send personalized emails. You can also segment your emails based on demographics or even send different emails to different groups to see what works best.

7. Schedule Emails Regularly

Dispensary email marketing is an excellent way to keep your brand in your customers’ minds. Some people might forget about your business if they haven’t heard from you in a long time. Sending regular emails can help give them a small reminder and even encourage them to buy from you again.

As such, you should send your customers regular emails. One email each day can consistently keep your dispensary in their minds. That way, they’re more likely to visit your dispensary the next time they need weed. Of course, you should also make your emails enticing – informing them of products they’d like or giving them discount vouchers will help.

You don’t need to send these emails manually. Email marketing software makes it simple to schedule regular emails throughout the week. Simply create and format your emails and you can set them up to be sent at specific times. You could even write all of your email marketing in one day but schedule your emails for various days and times throughout the week.

8. Don’t Get To The Point Of Spamming

Sending enticing content regularly is a good idea if you want to keep your subscribers engaged. However, keep in mind that you can easily go overboard and send too many emails. Most people are spammed daily by all kinds of companies. If you’re sending emails they’re not interested in, they could quickly unsubscribe.

As such, you should be careful about how many emails you send. One a day or even every two days is often enough. Maybe more if your emails are interesting and engaging or give your subscribers some kind of reward. However, if you start sending three emails every day, you’ll probably notice your subscriber count reducing.

The content of your emails is also important. Sending two useless emails each day can cause many people to unsubscribe. That’s why it helps to create emails that customers care about. Informing them of sales, giving them discount vouchers, and sending them personalized recommendations can help.

Don’t Get To The Point Of Spamming

9. Use Triggered Emails To Bring Customers Back

Email marketing software has become increasingly advanced, allowing businesses to send automated emails when customers perform certain actions. You might notice this when you almost order something online but abandon your cart. Many online stores now send an email encouraging you to complete your purchase.

Triggered emails are great for dispensary marketing. If you let customers order online, you can send them an email thanking them for their order or encouraging them to complete their order. You can also send emails with product recommendations based on what they buy.

One of the most important automated emails you should send is a welcome message. Whenever a customer signs up, make sure they receive an email thanking them for joining your email list. There are many other types of triggered emails you can send, but make sure they don’t seem too intrusive – no customer likes feeling spied on.

10. Send Birthday Emails To Your Customers

Wishing your customers a happy birthday is a simple gesture that can go a long way. They’ll feel valued and appreciated – especially if you give them a small birthday gift. Luckily, it’s very easy to do this using email marketing tools.

If your customers register an account via your website and agree to receive emails from you, you can use this information to send them an email on their birthday. You can even send them a discount voucher to use on their birthday. Not only will they appreciate the gesture, but this can encourage them to buy something from you.

You can also do this for other events. You can send “Happy New Year” or “Happy Holidays” emails to all of your subscribers, along with enticing promotions and seasonal content. You can even include personalized recommendations for them. It’s an excellent way to spice up your marketing, make it more relevant, and impress your customers all at the same time.


Cannabis dispensary email marketing can help you enhance your customer acquisition, improve customer retention, and build your brand identity. Use these tips and strategies to make your email marketing as effective as possible. You should also invest in a good email marketing tool to make the whole process easy.

Other marketing strategies can also help. If you want to bolster your brand visibility and encourage customer loyalty, then using branded cannabis accessories is an excellent way to do so. You can find a range of custom cannabis products along with helpful guides on cannabis business marketing at Cannabis Promotions.

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