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Cannabis Influencers: An Unlikely, but Unifying Voice for the Industry

by Hasum | | 420 Smoke Shop Near Me | 0 Comments

What Are Cannabis Influencers?

The term cannabis influencer can refer to pretty much anyone who advocates and supports cannabis on a major scale. For instance, some are activists and doctors who promote the various benefits of legal cannabis across media platforms. Nowadays, we’re also seeing a rise of cannabis influencers on social media who post all kinds of cannabis-related content.

These influencers support the industry in various ways. Some actively take part in promoting changes in cannabis laws to make cannabis more easily accessible. Some challenge the negative stigmas around cannabis and show how it can be used for good. Some simply promote cannabis culture and guide new users on how to use cannabis responsibly.

Many long-time stoners and new cannabis users now interact with cannabis influencers in various ways. For instance, they might follow their favorite cannabis influencers on Instagram, watch cannabis-related videos and guides on YouTube, or even listen to podcasts that are all about marijuana. Whichever way, influencers have become a major force in the modern cannabis industry.

Common Platforms For Cannabis Influencers

Common Platforms For Cannabis Influencers

Whether you’re a cannabis fan seeking out interesting cannabis-related content or you’re a cannabis brand owner who wants to find influencers to work with, you can find cannabis influencers across all kinds of media. Social media has become a particularly common medium for influencers to share content and promote their views on the industry.

Facebook and Twitter are fairly common platforms for cannabis influencers, with popular examples including Koala Puffs and famous rapper Snoop Dogg. These sites are a good platform for influencers to share all kinds of content and use cannabis-related hashtags to reach out to interested parties.

Instagram has become a particularly popular platform for cannabis influencers. Not only is it a prime place to post images of their favorite strains and products, but it’s also a top platform for cannabis-related video content from guides to product reviews. You might want to check out some of the top cannabis Instagram influencers to follow.

Many cannabis influencers also post engaging video content on YouTube. This is the perfect place for influencers to post in-depth video reviews of strains and products as well as video guides and humorous or entertaining content about cannabis.

While these are some of the most common platforms for cannabis influencers, you can find them pretty much everywhere from Snapchat to Linkedin. Not to mention there are plenty of interesting cannabis-related blogs and podcasts out there.

Why Should Brands Work With Cannabis Influencers?

Whether you’re an established cannabis brand or a cannabis-related startup, learning how to work with influencers to promote your company is one of the best things you can do. Influencers can help your brand reach thousands of potential customers or clients by promoting your brand on their platforms.

When a cannabis influencer posts about a new product or brand, the content will go out to all their loyal followers. What’s more, those who are interested in the content will share it to even more users. This can have a huge impact on your brand visibility and even net you many new customers.

If your brand is promoted by top cannabis influencers, it also gives your brand a lot of credibility in many people’s eyes. People are more likely to take an interest in your brand if it’s promoted by their favorite influencers, and even more so if they see a positive recommendation or review on your products or services.

How Brands Can Work With Cannabis Influencers

How Brands Can Work With Cannabis Influencers

Cannabis companies who want a big boost in their brand recognition and visibility can work with cannabis influencers in various ways. Some reach out to popular influencers on platforms such as Instagram or YouTube with paid offers to promote their products. Some even offer free products in exchange for reviews.

You can even get creative when you work with influencers. For instance, you might want to offer them branded merchandise or branded cannabis products. If a consumer sees one of their favorite cannabis influencers using a product with your brand name and logo, they’re much more likely to take an interest in what your brand offers. As such, offering branded lighters, grinders, and rolling trays to influencers is a great way to get your brand out there.

Finding the right influencer for promoting your brand can be tricky. The influencers with the biggest followings might require more money to promote or vouch for a brand. However, there are plenty of up-and-coming influencers all over Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms that will likely be happy to work with your brand.

The best approach is to find a range of cannabis influencers that post content that’s aligned with your brand identity and aesthetic. It also helps to find influencers who have a lot of followers in your desired demographic. Once you find the right influencers, you can offer products for them to post about or offer other interesting opportunities for them to work with your brand.


Cannabis influencers are more important than ever in the modern cannabis industry. All kinds of cannabis consumers from medical users to recreational stoners check out content from their favorite Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook influencers to see which brands they should be taking notice of. As such, cannabis brands and influencers often work together.

If you’re a cannabis business owner, you might want to seek out influencers to help boost your brand. You can offer various ways to work together, such as promoting your brand to followers with custom branded cannabis products. For more guidance on boosting your cannabis brand, check out Cannabis Promotions.

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