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Cannabis Swag Regulations: What You Need to Know

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What Is Cannabis Swag?

Cannabis swag refers to promotional products that are used to promote your cannabis brand. This can refer to all kinds of things from custom lighters to custom rolling papers. Swag is used in many businesses as it’s an impactful way to get your brand name and logo out there to many people and market your business.

These promotional products can be used in all kinds of ways. For instance, some businesses hand out promotional gifts to build their brand whereas some businesses offer branded accessories as point-of-sale purchases to upsell to customers. The benefit is that once a consumer has a branded product, they’re much more likely to remember your brand.

Because of this, companies looking to promote their business often use custom branded accessories that feature their brand materials. However, the cannabis industry comes with many restrictions and, as such, you need to be careful about exactly how you use cannabis swag to promote your brand.

What Is Cannabis Swag

Cannabis Swag Regulations: What You Need To Know?

Marketing a cannabis business can be tricky, especially as there are many limitations to the types of advertising you can use and the ways you can use certain platforms. Many businesses use swag as a way to build brand awareness and loyalty but, like with many other forms of promotion, it comes with certain regulations.

Each state has different rules on how you can use cannabis swag and whether it can be used at all. For instance, many states prohibit you from using it to market cannabis products whereas some are much more lenient. If you’re planning on running a cannabis business, it’s best to brush up on the laws of your state.

In most legal states, you shouldn’t have a problem using cannabis swag to promote your business as long as you avoid a few things. For one, you can’t use cannabis swag to promote cannabis products to anyone under 21. Many states also forbid you from using certain words and images related to marijuana.

Some states also prohibit certain methods of promotion. For instance, Alaska, Connecticut, and New York prohibit you from using cannabis swag as giveaways to dispensary patients. Some states require you to approve your promotional materials with a state department first whereas some prohibit swag altogether.

Should You Still Use Cannabis Swag?

Although there are many regulations on how to use cannabis swag, that doesn’t mean you should avoid it altogether. It’s one of the most effective ways to build your brand and, as long as you follow the rules of your state, you shouldn’t have a problem utilizing swag for your business.

For instance, while certain states prohibit you from using certain images and words related to marijuana, you could still promote your business by avoiding these materials in your brand name and logo.

What’s more, while you may be prohibited from using swag for giveaways in certain states, branded products can still be sold as accessories. Not only can this help your brand, but it can also mean more profit for your business.

Many legal marijuana states have zero regulations on cannabis swag, what it can contain, and how it can be used, which makes things much easier for businesses. Whichever way, it’s best to brush up on your local state laws before you use cannabis swag for promoting your business.

Where To Get Cannabis Swag

If you’re looking for branded products to promote your business, you can buy them online at Cannabis Promotions. A wide selection of product types are available and you can customize them with your business name and logo to boost your brand and build your cannabis business.

Various types of promotional products are available, including Custom GrindersCustom Rolling PapersCustom Rolling TraysCustom One Hitters, and Custom Lighters. You can also find Custom Packaging such as Exit and Mylar Bags.

All of these products can be customized for your business to include your brand name and logo. That way, you can choose exactly what’s printed on your swag so that it still adheres to state regulations.

Other Ways To Promote Your Cannabis Business

Other Ways To Promote Your Cannabis Business

It’s also worth keeping in mind that cannabis swag is far from the only way to promote your cannabis business. There are many other effective and impactful ways to build your brand recognition and make your company stand out.

Many cannabis businesses promote their brand with cannabis influencers. From Instagram stars to YouTubers, this can be a great way to get your business seen by a wide range of enthusiastic cannabis fans.

Building a strong social media presence can also help. Although certain platforms don’t allow you to promote cannabis, there are now many cannabis business social networks that can help with networking and promotion. 

Most forms of marijuana marketing still come with certain rules and restrictions, but you can learn to navigate the minefield of marijuana advertising and promote your business while still adhering to the law.


While cannabis swag offers a highly impactful way to promote your cannabis business, it’s important to know about the rules and regulations that come with it. Each state has unique regulations and brushing up on these will help ensure that you can use cannabis swag without running into any problems. 

For a range of custom cannabis products and guides on marketing your cannabis business, visit Cannabis Promotions for everything you need.

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