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Cannabis Writing: How to Create Product Descriptions That Sell

by Hasum | | 420 Smoke Shop Near Me | 0 Comments

Eight Tips on Creating Cannabis Product Descriptions That Sell

Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

To write an effective product description, you need to put yourself in your audiences’ shoes. Because let’s face it, if you write a generalized product description, it will become wishy-washy and might not address your target audience.

Effective product descriptions target your target audience and address them personally. As such, you need to make your product descriptions conversational and personalize them with the words and phrases your potential customers use.

While you’re at it, consider the type of language your customers use, the kind of humor they appreciate, and the product you’re selling. If it’s a playful product (like most cannabis products), keep your descriptions lighthearted and funny. You may get a little serious with certain products, but always remember to keep the language simple and conversational, like the way you would speak to your ideal buyer if they visited your store.

Enhance Your Product Descriptions by Including Benefits

As a businessperson, you are already excited about your products’ individual features and specifications. Unfortunately, most customers don’t get excited about a product’s features and specs; they’re more interested in what it does.

For your product descriptions to convert, you must also highlight the benefits of each feature. For example, how will it make your customers healthier, happier, or more productive? How can it improve your customers’ cannabis experience, and what problems can your product solve? Essentially, don’t just sell a product; sell the experience it provides.

Enhance Your Product Descriptions by Including BenefitsEnhance Your Product Descriptions by Including Benefits

Justify Your Claims Using Superlatives

Whenever you’re writing a product description, it’s tempting to claim that a product is the best, easiest to use, or most advanced. But unless you can prove your claims, these superlatives might just end up sounding insincere.

Say, for example, you are writing a product description on a grinder, and you claim that it is the longest-lasting grinder on the market. In that case, you need to highlight a feature that proves its durability. If you are unable to provide specific proof for your case, you should tone down your claims or quote a customer who says that it is the most durable grinder they’ve ever used. The point here is that you should substantiate your claims.

Tempt Customers With Social Proof

Not all customers are sure about what they want to buy. In most cases, they look for suggestions from their friends or family members. That said, a vast majority are attracted to buying popular products. That’s where customer conformity comes in. By showing your customers a high number of reviews and testimonials on a particular product, you can effectively sway them to buy the product.

While you’re at it, try to show an image of a customer using the product. You can also integrate a social media feed with user-generated content that shows other customers using your product

Avoid Bland Phrases

Sometimes, you might find yourself short of words to add to your product description. When this happens, you might be tempted to use a bland phrase like “excellent product quality.” When potential customers read this, they think, “Yeah, of course, that’s what everyone says.” After all, nobody ever describes the quality of their product as average.

Bland phrases like this make you less persuasive and might cost you a sale. To avoid this, describe each detail in your product and its benefits. Product details give your product descriptions more credibility.

Make Your Product Descriptions Scannable

Your web design plays a crucial role in enticing potential customers to read your product description. You might have tons of valuable information, but if it’s not scannable, it might overwhelm your potential customers. It might also leave them confused.

When writing a product description, structure it in a way that visitors can scan it quickly. Things like relevant headings, bullet points, and short paragraphs can improve readability and make the information you provide easy to digest. 

Consider Your Keywords

Consider Your Keywords

Forty-nine percent of buyers use search engines like Google to find the products they want to purchase. Search engines use keywords to recommend web pages. Therefore, using relevant keywords in your product descriptions significantly increases its chances of coming up near the top in Google search results. 

Say, for example, you are writing a product description on rolling papers. By simply including the phrase “best rolling papers” in your text, you will improve your chances of getting more traffic. That said, you should avoid using keywords repetitively or irrelevantly because Google might mark your page as spam.

Tell a Story

Who doesn’t love a good story? A good story can appeal to your customers’ emotions, leading to more sales. You can use a product’s benefits to describe how they’ll make the customer feel when using it. You can also tell a story about the product itself. Things like how the product was made and what’s interesting about it can heighten the reader’s interest, thus increasing their chances of making a purchase.

The Bottom Line

As the cannabis industry shifts toward the e-commerce space, competition among online stores is at an all-time high. The best way to be a cut above your competitors is by marketing your products the right way; and what’s better than a good product review?

That said, improving your cannabis sales doesn’t stop at product reviews. You should also improve your SEO strategy to make your website more discoverable and appealing.

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