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Dispensary Hiring Guide: Must-have Cannabis Retail Staff

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1. Management

If you want your dispensary to run smoothly without constantly running into problems, you need an experienced dispensary manager. Some dispensary owners try to run their stores by themselves. This can work if you know the ins and outs of running a dispensary, but it’s best to hire someone else to help you.

In most cases, you should look for a licensed dispensary manager with previous experience running a dispensary. They can help you set your store up for success from the get-go, guiding you on the best practices for a thriving cannabis dispensary. They’ll also know how to handle all of the day-to-day matters of dispensary management.

Dispensary management staff can also help in various other ways. For instance, they might have connections when it comes to hiring the best staff for each role. They’ll also know how to delegate tasks responsibly to ensure that everything is handled properly.

This is arguably the most important role in your entire dispensary, so make sure you find someone fit for the role. Along with a general manager, you might also want to hire supervisors to help your dispensary run more efficiently.

2. Budtenders

A successful dispensary needs high-quality budtenders. These are the people responsible for manning your point-of-sale and making sure that every customer has a positive check-out experience. However, budtenders also carry out various other important roles for your cannabis dispensary.

Budtenders often act as sales associates – pointing customers toward the best products for their needs and the most enticing deals. For instance, if a customer needs to know what’s the best product for relieving anxiety, a budtender can show them the most relaxing cannabis strains or the best cannabis tinctures.

Since budtenders are so important for improving your sales, you’ll need to train them appropriately. Make sure they know your product range inside out so they can give the best recommendations to customers. You’ll also need to keep them updated about the latest product promotions – this can help them upsell customers.

Dispensary budtender is a highly sought-after job – especially as it’s one of the easiest ways to get into the cannabis industry. As such, make sure you look for motivated staff members who are passionate about cannabis. If you hire the right budtenders, they could eventually become supervisors or even managers as they learn about the daily operations of your store.

Hiring Security Guards

3. Security Guards

When it comes to must-have cannabis retail staff for your dispensary, you can’t forget about security staff. Protecting your stock is one of the most important considerations when running a dispensary, especially as you’re dealing with valuable products. You’ll also need security staff to ensure that the wrong people don’t get into your store.

If you’re running a small dispensary, one security officer is often enough to make sure no one’s stealing or damaging anything. For larger dispensaries, you might want two or more security officers. Keep in mind that security officers can also help with managing security equipment and viewing cameras.

Some dispensaries have an in-store security guard and a doorman. A dispensary doorman can check people’s IDs before they enter the store. This can help you keep underage customers out and avoid any legal problems. Plus, they can also help stop would-be shoplifters from exiting the store without paying.

4. Receptionist

Having a dispensary receptionist can be incredibly helpful. When you’re running a dispensary, you’ll receive all kinds of calls from customers who want to ask questions before visiting your dispensary. Having a friendly receptionist to answer these calls can ensure you bring as many customers to your store as possible.

Receptionists aren’t just good for answering calls – they’re often the first people customers will see as they enter your store. Receptionists can greet customers and even point them toward the products they’re looking for, effectively helping your budtenders with their jobs. They can also help security staff by checking customer IDs as they enter the store.

Additionally, a dispensary receptionist can help with various administrative roles. For instance, medical dispensary receptionists are often responsible for checking medical cards and recording patient details. Recreational dispensary receptionists can help collect customer details to sign them up for loyalty programs. They can even help keep track of sales and inventory using the right dispensary software.

5. Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the most crucial daily operations for any cannabis dispensary. If your customers can’t find the products they want on the shelves, you’ll miss out on sales and lose profits. On top of that, you’ll need to make sure that you always have stock available – especially when it comes to your most popular products.

That’s why you must hire an inventory manager. They can keep track of your stock, stay on top of product orders, and ensure that your shelves are properly stocked at all times. That way, you’ll never need to worry about running out of popular strains or edibles. Plus, keeping your shelves stocked will boost your sales significantly.

Not only does inventory management have a positive effect on your sales, but it can also help reduce losses. A good inventory manager will keep track of sales for each product and ensure they order just enough to keep your shelves stocked without overspending. They can even help improve your product range by analyzing the most popular products and ordering new products.

While you should hire an experienced inventory manager, you can also help them by implementing inventory management software. You can now find cannabis POS software that helps your staff keep track of inventory metrics. This will make your inventory management smoother and even help enhance your profits.

Hiring Accountant

6. Accountant

Accounting and bookkeeping are important for all types of businesses. Not only do these operations help you maximize profits and minimize losses, but they also help ensure that your business files taxes correctly. Making a mistake with your business taxes can be incredibly costly, so hiring a good accountant is essential.

Getting a good accountant is even more important for cannabis dispensary operators. Selling cannabis involves complex tax laws, so you’ll need an accountant who’s experienced in helping cannabis businesses. They can also help you maximize deductions to ensure your business doesn’t lose more money.

Accounting is often handled externally, and enlisting the help of a cannabis accounting and bookkeeping firm is often the best approach. With that said, having in-house financial staff can also be helpful – especially in the early stages when you might want to ask questions and get a grasp on how to handle your finances.

7. Human Resources Officer

When it comes to handling your staff, there are many things to consider. You need to make sure staff are properly trained, and informed of their rights and responsibilities, and prevent any issues between staff members. Not to mention you need to ensure that your staff members are always paid on time.

Handling all of these matters by yourself isn’t advised, and it shouldn’t be delegated to your general manager either. As such, a human resources officer is a must-have for cannabis dispensaries. They can handle all of these operations to ensure that your workforce is happy, organized, and well-informed.

HR officers are also incredibly helpful when it comes to hiring staff members. Many have experience in posting job applications, finding applicants for roles, and handling the interview process. As such, you might want to hire a good human resources officer before anyone else to help you attract the best staff members for your dispensary.

Although this is another role that can be outsourced, it’s best to have an in-house human resources officer. That way, they can manage staff concerns swiftly and ensure that everything runs smoothly each day.

8. Compliance Officer

Running a cannabis business comes with many unique obstacles compared to other kinds of businesses. Even when you start your business, you’ll need to jump through hoops to obtain licensing and get funding. On top of that, you’ll need to deal with complicated legal obstacles. As such, every cannabis business needs a compliance officer.

compliance officer is there to help you ensure that everything in your business is compliant. Not only does this apply to licensing, but it also applies to the products you sell, the people you hire, and even the way you market your business. Since legal compliance is important in every aspect of running a cannabis business, you should make sure you hire a compliance officer.

Inadvertently running into legal pitfalls can be costly for your business. In some cases, it can even cause irreparable damage to your business. That’s why it’s essential to hire someone who knows all about the legal requirements for cannabis businesses. A cannabis business lawyer can also help you with this.

Hiring IT Staff

9. IT Staff

Dispensaries nowadays use all kinds of technology to improve their operations. For instance, you can use touchscreens with point-of-sale software to allow for quicker checkouts. You can also find software to help with dispensary inventory management, marketing, accounting, and all kinds of other functions.

As such, you should hire an IT professional to help you with your dispensary technology. If anything goes wrong with your equipment, they can help with maintenance and repairs. They can also help ensure that your dispensary constantly has functional high-speed internet to keep your online operations running smoothly.

IT staff can also help in other ways. For instance, they can keep backups of important data and prevent cybersecurity attacks. Since they’re so helpful, it helps to have an in-house IT expert to help you with your daily technological operations. Hire someone who knows all about dispensary technology – they might even help you upgrade your IT operations.

10. Marketing

Marketing is essential for cannabis dispensaries. Although cannabis products are in high demand, dispensaries often have a lot of competition when it comes to attracting customers. As such, you need to employ the best marketing practices to bring customers to your business and bring them around.

You can carry certain marketing strategies out yourself. For instance, you could create social media channels for your business, list your dispensary on Google My Business, and even order custom-branded cannabis products for your dispensary. However, hiring an experienced marketing professional can help take your dispensary further.

If you find someone who knows all about dispensary marketing, they can help you attract as many customers as possible. They can handle everything from social media marketing to content marketing to influencer marketing. Not only will this save you a lot of time and hassle, but it’ll also significantly boost your brand. You can also outsource your marketing to external firms, although having an in-house marketing manager can still be helpful.


When it comes to improving your dispensary, these are the must-have cannabis retail staff you need to find. Even if you’re only running a small dispensary, hiring the right people can help you increase your sales, enhance your brand reputation, and ultimately expand your business. For more information and resources to help you improve your dispensary, visit Cannabis Promotions.

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