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How Affiliate and Influencer Marketing are Shaping the Cannabis Industry

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Affiliate Marketing For Cannabis Brands

Affiliate marketing is a highly effective marketing method that can quickly bolster your sales when handled correctly. Affiliate marketing involves other people promoting your products for you, usually via links on websites, blogs, social media platforms, and other places. Some brands gain affiliates from popular cannabis blogs and websites or even just people with large social media followings.

When someone clicks an affiliate link and buys something, you simply pay a percentage of the sale to the affiliate who provided the link. Businesses usually offer around 10-30% for each sale made via an affiliate link. With that said, you can offer as much as you want depending on how valuable the affiliate is and how many sales you think they’ll generate.

Affiliate marketing is highly beneficial as, instead of working on promoting your products yourself, your affiliates will handle a lot of this work for you. With a generous affiliate program, you can swiftly attract many people who will share your products with their following. What’s more, generating more backlinks to your website will boost your SEO and make your business website more visible on Google.

How To Use Affiliate Marketing For Your Cannabusiness

You can incorporate affiliate marketing into your cannabis business marketing strategy in various ways. For instance, many companies start by simply encouraging customers to refer their friends. This is often used as part of a customer loyalty program, allowing both new customers and the people who referred them to gain loyalty points, discounts, and other rewards.

On a larger scale, you might want to reach out to cannabis websites around the internet. Teaming up with larger websites that are willing to mention your products in their blogs and articles can help you swiftly enhance your sales. After all, these websites will often have a dedicated following of cannabis enthusiasts who are looking for the latest and greatest cannabis products to buy.

You’ll generally need to offer an attractive commission rate to your affiliates. That way, you’ll find more people who are willing to actively promote your products and boost your sales. You should also make your affiliate program as easy as possible to join. Using affiliate marketing platforms such as or PartnerStack can help with this.

Influencer Marketing For Cannabis Brands

Influencer Marketing For Cannabis Brands

Influencer marketing is another one of the best ways to promote your brand and attract more customers. Many people watch cannabis YouTube channels, listen to marijuana-related podcasts, and follow weed gurus on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Getting in touch with these influential people and making a deal for them to advertise your products is an excellent way to gain buyers.

Some influencers will be willing to advertise and review your products simply in exchange for a free sample. Others will passively show your products in pictures and videos, making people more aware of your brand. 

Influencer marketing can also work very similarly to affiliate marketing. For instance, some influencers post links to products for their followers to buy. In exchange, they get a percentage of each sale.

How To Use Influencer Marketing For Your Cannabusiness

Before you use influencer marketing for your cannabis business, you’ll want to find suitable influencers to promote your brand. You can find people with small to large followings across YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and various other platforms. You might also want to look for popular cannabis podcasters.

Once you find some suitable influencers to promote your product, you can contact them asking to work together. Many influencers will be happy to promote your products in exchange for free samples. However, some might want payment to show your products in their content. Using affiliate links can also work.

Influencers don’t necessarily need to advertise your products directly. You could also offer them custom-branded cannabis accessories, such as lighters, grinders, rolling papers, and other memorabilia. If their followers see them using products with your brand name and logo, they’ll check your brand out themselves and even become new customers.

How Affiliate & Influencer Marketing are Shaping the Cannabis Industry

With many marketing restrictions in place, affiliates and influencer marketing are becoming increasingly prevalent in the cannabis industry. It’s a smart and effective way to enhance your brand visibility and recognition without any need for traditional forms of advertising. Plus, affiliate marketing software and apps are making it easier to use these strategies for your business.

In turn, many customers now get their cannabis recommendations from people and websites that they trust. If they read a helpful guide on one of their favorite cannabis websites, they’re more likely to check out the products linked within. Likewise, those who watch cannabis YouTubers or listen to marijuana podcasters will pay attention to products mentioned in videos and podcasts.

It’s a good idea to start incorporating these ideas into your cannabis marketing strategy as soon as possible. You can find various popular cannabis websites and influencers out there to work with. You can also offer an open affiliate program where people simply promote links to your products in exchange for a commission.

How Affiliate & Influencer Marketing are Shaping the Cannabis Industry


Influencer marketing and affiliate marketing are shaping the cannabis industry and many consumers now find products via websites, YouTube videos, social media pages, and other such platforms. 

Working with influencers and affiliates can swiftly boost your brand, especially if you offer them promotional branded products. You can find custom-branded cannabis products and a range of guides for your business at Cannabis Promotions.

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