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How AI Is Driving the Cannabis Industry

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Helping Consumers With AI

Before buying cannabis, consumers often have a ton of questions. For instance, they might wonder what kind of products to buy, which strain is the best to tackle their symptoms, and what dosage they should use to deal with their issues. While many of these issues can be resolved by reading online guides or talking to store staff, AI is also offering a helping hand.

AI tools like ChatGPT often give consumers helpful answers to questions they have. By pulling knowledge from across the web, these tools can give people quick answers to their queries. Although consumers might get better answers by talking to experienced budtenders, it can still help those looking for quick and easy answers.

What’s more, you can now find AI tools specifically for cannabis consumers. For example, Jointly recently released a new cannabis-education AI assistant called Spark. Spark helps consumers with any questions they have about the products and strains they should use for their specific needs and preferences.

Selling Cannabis With AI Tools

AI tools are also used in cannabis dispensaries, CBD stores, cannabis accessory shops, and other cannabis-related retail businesses. Artificial intelligence helps cannabis businesses by providing valuable data on their customers, their stock, their best-selling products, and much more.

Many businesses now use sophisticated cannabis POS software to help them enhance their sales. Point-of-sale systems make things much more convenient for businesses in many ways, such as making payments quicker and easier. However, they also collect and analyze important data to help with everything from repeat sales to stock management.

For example, AI systems can help businesses identify their best-selling strains and products, allowing them to stock more of their most popular items. Using AI can also help record customer preferences, allowing budtenders to make helpful recommendations. It can even notify businesses when their stock is low, making stock management much easier.

Using AI In Growing Cannabis

Using AI In Growing Cannabis

One of the most interesting ways that AI is driving the cannabis industry forward is its applications in cannabis cultivation. Although growing cannabis requires a lot of manual work, artificial intelligence tools have helped improve how it’s grown, the efficiency of growing, and even the cultivation of new strains.

For example, earlier this year Israeli cannabis company Canonic utilized AI to help create multiple new strains of cannabis. Using the “GeneRator AI” engine, developed by Evogene, Canonic was able to cultivate six unique strains each with THC levels of 22% or higher. The AI-based engine helped the cultivators choose the right strains to breed for maximum cannabinoid and terpene content.

Another interesting application of artificial intelligence to cannabis growing is its utilization for hydroponic growing operations. A “smart farming” system involving sophisticated software and hardware helps optimize hydroponic cannabis growing. Sensors are used to assess the plants and data is used to provide them with the best conditions for optimal growth.

Enhancing Customer Service With AI

Customer service is extremely important in the cannabis industry. Not every customer is an experienced cannabis user and many feel the need to talk to someone before buying cannabis. Employing friendly budtenders or customer service representatives can help, but AI can help businesses take their customer service further.

AI-based chatbots are often used in various industries today. These chatbots can be filled with all kinds of useful information to help customers. For instance, if a customer has a common question, they can simply visit your website and get an answer from an AI customer service bot instead of calling and waiting to talk to a member of staff.

Some AI systems can be programmed to handle important customer problems and complaints. However, you shouldn’t rely solely on AI for your customer service. Consumers will often still need help from a human representative, so make sure you use a mix of digital systems and experienced staff to help your customers. 

Improving Cannabis Marketing With AI

Artificial intelligence can also help with cannabis marketing. Cannabis businesses often use all kinds of digital marketing methods to attract customers, increase customer retention, and boost their overall sales. Using AI tools can help businesses collect valuable analytics and significantly improve their marketing.

For example, cannabis businesses often use email marketing to appeal to customers who subscribe to their email list. AI tools can help quickly generate enticing emails with links to your products and services. Digital marketing software can also help you monitor your marketing success with AI, making it easy to spot trends and enhance your marketing in the future.

That doesn’t mean you should completely abandon old marketing methods. Traditional strategies, such as using custom-branded cannabis products to boost your brand visibility, are still incredibly important. However, AI can be used to help with your current marketing efforts and attract even more customers in the future.

Improving Cannabis Marketing With AI


AI is driving the cannabis industry in various ways. AI tools are now utilized in growing, retail, marketing, customer service, and all kinds of daily business operations. While you shouldn’t try to do everything with AI tools, they can help make certain things a little easier for your business.

If you’re trying to build a cannabis brand, it’s best to use a range of methods to attract customers and keep them around. Digital marketing tools and AI can help, but you should also use tried-and-tested methods to build your brand. You can find a range of guides, resources, and custom products for your cannabis business at Cannabis Promotions.

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