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How Cannabis Brands Are Preparing for Christmas

by Hasum | | 420 Smoke Shop Near Me | 0 Comments

Offer Christmas Sales And Promotions

One of the most obvious yet effective ways to enhance your cannabis business sales for Christmas is to offer seasonal sales and promotions. Many people start Christmas shopping and looking for deals on their favorite products as early as November, especially due to events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Some cannabis companies take advantage of the season by introducing Christmas sales, Boxing Day sales, and other seasonal sales. Offering discounts on some of your most popular products is an excellent way to bring more customers to your business. Impress them with your products and they’ll stick around long into the next year.

You might even want to introduce Christmas-themed promotions, such as new deals for the 12 days leading up to Christmas or mix-and-match gift deals. For instance, a cannabis accessory store could offer 3-for-2 on bongs or 12 days of discounts on their most popular vaporizers. It’s a smart way to get your customers in the Christmas spirit and attract more sales.

Use Holiday-Themed Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most impactful ways to market your cannabis business. Once you’ve built an email list of interested consumers and past customers, you can regularly update them with your latest deals, promotions, and exciting news and product launches. You can also enhance your email marketing to fit each season, including the holiday season.

You might want to start sending holiday-themed emails early. For instance, you could use Christmassy titles to encourage your customers to check out your seasonal promotions and start buying cannabis gifts. You’ll often get a good response from these emails as they’re fun and festive and entice customers to check out what you have on offer.

Another smart way to use email marketing during the holiday season is to send your subscribers personalized greetings. A simple “Happy Christmas” email can go a long way, especially if you include their name in the subject line. This is surprisingly easy to do using email marketing software. You might even want to give them a discount voucher as a gift to encourage them to buy from you.

Use Holiday-Themed Email Marketing

Suggest Gift Ideas To Customers

Christmas shoppers are often spoiled for choice and don’t know where to start. This is especially true when it comes to products that they’re not well-informed about. There are many people out there who would love to buy a cannabis-themed gift for a marijuana-loving friend or family member but aren’t sure what they’d like. That’s why it helps to suggest gift ideas.

Dispensaries might want to start creating blog posts covering Christmas gift ideas for stoners. You can point potential customers to your best products and encourage them to buy them for their loved ones. You can also market these posts via social media, email, and other marketing methods.

You might even get some customers asking your customer service reps what to buy for their friend or partner. Make sure your staff members ask a few questions and point them to the best gift ideas. You might even want to offer gift bundles. For instance, hemp stores could offer CBD gift packs featuring various types of CBD products.

Introduce Custom Christmas-Themed Products

Many dispensaries, recreational stores, head shops, and other marijuana-related businesses use custom cannabis products to market their brand. It’s an incredibly successful strategy as customers often need accessories such as lighters, rolling papers, and grinders, and offering branded versions will ensure your brand stays in their minds.

You can also take this strategy a step further by offering seasonal branded products. For instance, you might want to introduce a new range of custom lighters in Christmas-themed colors, complete with your brand name and a new Christmassy logo. Many customers will want to grab one of these and you can even do the same thing with other types of accessories.

It also helps that cannabis accessories make for excellent Christmas gifts as they’re practical, fun, and affordable. You can keep a range of custom cannabis products at your point of sale and suggest that customers buy them as stocking fillers. You could even create Christmas-themed displays to encourage customers to buy these products.

Consider Hiring Extra Staff

Some businesses find the Christmas rush hard to handle, especially if they get a lot of new customers. That’s why it’s important to prepare your staffing strategy for the holiday season. If you’re expecting your business to be particularly busy, it’s a great time to hire new staff.

You can ensure payments are handled as quickly as possible in your dispensary by hiring new cashiers. You can also hire extra budtenders to advise customers on the best products for their needs throughout the holiday season. They can even suggest fun gift ideas to customers who are doing their Christmas shopping.

This doesn’t just apply to dispensaries, either- all kinds of cannabis businesses can capitalize on the green rush. Ancillary services for marijuana businesses can gain many new clients during the busy holiday season. Online head shops can hire extra customer service staff to ensure all complaints and queries are handled instantly. No matter what kind of cannabusiness you’re running, make sure you’re ready for the holiday season.

Consider Hiring Extra Staff


Christmas is an excellent time for cannabis brands. By ramping up your marketing and preparing for a busy season, you can capitalize on the holiday rush and enhance your revenue significantly. You can find high-quality custom-branded cannabis products and guides on how to promote your cannabis business at Cannabis Promotions.

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