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How Coupon Sites are Increasing Dispensary Revenue

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What Are Coupon Sites?

If you’ve ever looked for a cheaper deal for something you’re planning on buying, you’ve likely stumbled upon coupon sites. Popular examples include GrouponRetailMeNot, and Slickdeals, but there are now tons of these websites targeted at various markets. Even some local news sites offer promo codes and coupons for local businesses.

The idea behind these websites and web pages is to offer consumers special deals on their shopping. Many people visit these sites regularly and, even if they weren’t planning on buying anything, they’re often enticed by the latest deals. As such, this provides an excellent way for businesses to promote their products and gain new customers.

While some coupon sites leverage these deals, most simply aggregate coupons and sales from around the web or the local area. Many even allow people to submit deals that they’ve found on exciting products. Because of this, all kinds of businesses can benefit from coupon sites and use them to gain many new customers.

How Coupon Sites Are Increasing Dispensary Revenue

Marijuana businesses face more obstacles than most types of businesses. Since they’re restricted from using many traditional forms of advertising, they often rely on alternative promotion methods to bring new customers to their business. Coupon sites have become an excellent source of revenue for cannabis dispensaries across the United States and Canada.

Many coupon sites aggregate coupons and deals from all kinds of businesses – including dispensaries. If consumers stumble upon a deal to get a discount on their next dispensary purchase or an enticing discount on CBD products, they’re much more likely to visit said dispensary to take advantage of this deal.

As a result, this method will bring many first-time cannabis customers through your doors. It can also attract existing cannabis consumers who want to try your products. Not only will this increase your sales, but by offering high-quality products at great prices, combined with great customer service, you’ll enhance customer loyalty for your business as these new customers will keep coming back for more. They’ll even buy your products at full price in the future.

How To Offer Coupons To Dispensary Customers

How To Offer Coupons To Dispensary Customers

Dispensaries have many ways to get customers interested in their latest deals. Some dispensaries advertise their latest promotions via their online menu, either using their website or a dispensary directory such as Weedmaps and Leafly. However, there are also other ways you can offer discounts and coupons to customers.

Some dispensaries send coupons to their loyal customers via email marketing. This involves asking customers to sign up to your email list when they buy something, or even when they visit your website. In return for subscribing, they’ll receive occasional promotions and secret coupons that they can use when they buy something from you.

You can also issue coupon codes via your social media channels – many people will share these coupon codes and bring your dispensary to the attention of many new customers. Not only will this help you gain new customers, but it also ensures that your loyal customers will keep coming back to buy more. Once you’ve figured out how to issue coupons to your customers, you can also work out how to offer them via coupon websites.

How To Use Coupon Websites For Your Dispensary

Using coupon websites is a great way to bring new customers to your dispensary, especially as many casual consumers check these websites regularly. If you’ve already offered coupon codes via other platforms such as social media, then people may already be submitting your coupon codes to these websites. However, you can also list them yourself.

Many coupon websites allow for submissions from businesses or even customers. By visiting a range of coupon websites and listing your latest deals, you can ensure that many people are enticed to buy from your dispensary. Doing so regularly can ensure you gain a regular stream of new customers.

There are tons of coupon websites out there, so it’s best to look for as many as possible. Some offer local deals, some offer deals from all over the internet, and some offer deals for specific types of businesses. Using a range of coupon websites can help widen your scope and help you gain as many sales as possible.

Best Coupon Sites For Dispensaries

With many coupon sites out there, you might not know where to start. Some of the most popular coupon sites in the United States include Coupons.comRetailMeNotCouponFollowSlickdeals, and Groupon. In addition to advertising coupons and discount codes, many of these sites also have sections for exciting deals and sales, so they provide many ways to promote your dispensary.

You should also use sites dedicated to cannabis businesses. For example, Weedmaps has a deals page that advertises the best local dispensary deals to potential customers. Leafly also has a deals page for dispensaries and cannabis businesses.

Now, you can even find cannabis coupon sites. This includes sites such as CannasaverSaveOnCannabis, and CannabisCouponCodes. These are ideal for dispensaries as they’re much more likely to appeal to dispensary customers.

Best Coupon Sites For Dispensaries


Coupon sites can increase your dispensary revenue by attracting many new customers to your business. People will see your enticing deals and discounts and visit your dispensary simply to take advantage and buy something.

Of course, it also helps to focus on ways to keep bringing these customers back. For instance, you can offer custom branded cannabis products to keep your brand in customers’ minds. You can even offer them as promotional gifts. For custom branded products and more information on marketing your dispensary, visit Cannabis Promotions.

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