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How Premium Packaging Helps Cannabis Brands Stand Out

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Why Good Packaging is Essential

There are many reasons you should take the time to thoughtfully design your cannabis packaging. Though it can seem a daunting task, it’s important to get noticed. A well-designed package can:

  • Attract customers: If you have appealing colors and designs, you can attract the eye of your audience, pulling them away from looking at competing companies.
  • Protect your product: Whether it ships to a store or from you directly, your cannabis product will go on a journey. The right packaging will help protect it from damage while also maintaining its quality.
  • Communicates your brand’s identity: Companies use their packaging to show what their brand is about, from imaging to the wording and even the company’s name. These elements all work together to show consumers what makes your brand unique and establish trust.

Though creating your packaging is a big deal, it can also be fun. It allows you the chance to get creative and take inventory of what you want your company to be – so enjoy the process.

What Makes Good Cannabis Packaging?

Good, premium packaging has many characteristics and helps your company achieve many goals.

First, premium packaging will help your brand stand out from others. Quality packaging that is sturdy, looks nice, and easy to use will set your products above the rest. Because cannabis can be fragile, a sturdy container will give users the peace of mind that the product is secure and still high-quality, even as it made its way from you to them.

A well-designed package will not only attract customers but lead them to continue using your product in the future. In fact, over half of cannabis customers reported they would return to a brand if they received premium packaging.

Smart, functional, and high-quality are three words that can describe premium packaging.

What Makes Good Cannabis Packaging

Other Factors to Consider and Guide Your Package Creation

Premium packaging should, in addition to being good quality, be designed with your customers in mind. As a cannabis retailer, you also have unique challenges you need to design around.

Each state has packaging and labeling requirements that brands must adhere to. These rules can be challenging to stay on top of, as laws can and do change. As you create your packaging, you’ll need to be mindful of the restrictions for your state and any state you plan to do business in.

All cannabis packaging must be child-resistant. Most people can think of a time when they, as an adult, struggled to get past the child-resistant mechanisms on things like medication bottles. So, be sure your packaging is difficult for children but easy for adults to figure out and navigate.

As we mentioned earlier, protecting your product is paramount. As your cannabis travels, it could potentially be exposed to sunlight, heat, and humidity, all of which can degrade the product’s potency. Keep storage practices in mind as you create your packaging and incorporate little touches that protect your product: Customers will notice and appreciate it.

Remember to take into careful consideration another essential piece of packaging creation: your brand and client needs. As you work to make your cannabis packaging, think about:

  • The type of clients you want to attract. Who is your target audience? Older folks, a younger crowd, or do you want to appeal to a wide range? Knowing this will help you as you design the function of your branded premium packaging.
  • Is it sustainable? Many cannabis users are strong supporters of sustainability, hence why hemp products are also having a moment. Because of this, many customers will look for packaging that is sustainable or reusable. If this is important to your customer base, ensure your packaging has these features. Even if it will need to be thrown away, make sure it is easy to dispose of properly.
  • Is discretion key? Though you want your brand to be recognizable on your package, you may not want the packaging to broadcast what your brand has made. Many shoppers prefer to keep their cannabis purchases private. If you ship, is it shipped in a discrete package, or will neighbors know what has been delivered to your customer’s door? Do you create discrete exit bags for use as customers leave a dispensary?

This is a lot for you and your company to take into consideration, but you don’t have to figure it all out alone. Consider working with designers or companies who specialize in making branded cannabis packaging and products. They’ll be able to help guide you through the process and be knowledgeable on the restrictions you need to adhere to.

Premium Packaging in a Nutshell

Premium Packaging in a Nutshell

Premium packaging can do a lot for your brand and your products. Often described as functional, high-quality, and smart, premium packaging communicates that your brand is trustworthy and reputable while also protecting your product from damage.

Premium packaging can help your brand stand out from a crowd in many ways. You’ll come across as being of higher quality and, when designed right, your premium packaging will draw the eye of consumers. Not to mention, good packaging can keep customers coming back.

With all that quality packaging has to offer, it is worth it for your company to invest in creating premium cannabis packaging for your products. The return on your investment will pay off in repeat customers and a dedicated fan base. Plus, if your packaging is of good quality, functional, and unique, customers will share it with fellow users, giving you free marketing.

As you design your packaging, remember to stay compliant and have fun with it. Get creative and make a package you are proud to bear your brand’s logo and name.

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