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How to Acquire New Cannabis Customers

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Use Local SEO For Your Dispensary

Many people head straight to Google to look for their nearest recreational or medical marijuana dispensary. As such, your dispensary will lose out on tons of customers if you haven’t worked on building your search engine visibility. Local SEO, or search engine optimization, is incredibly impactful for gaining new dispensary customers.

You should start by building a Google My Business profile and ensuring your dispensary is listed on Google Maps. That way, local customers will find you when they search for local dispensaries. You should also build a website for your dispensary and use targeted keywords to attract local customers, such as “recreational dispensary in Eugene, Oregon”.

It also helps to fill your website with targeted content. Blog posts and guides using targeted keywords can help attract many viewers to your website and even convert them into customers. With that said, you’ll likely want a professional to help you with this. Many cannabis companies hire SEO companies to help them build their search engine visibility and attract customers.

Start A Referral Program

Another surefire way to acquire new cannabis customers is to start a referral program. People are much more likely to buy something from a business if it’s referred to them by someone they know. This applies to all kinds of businesses, from fashion stores to restaurants to cannabis dispensaries. However, you also need to give your customers an incentive to refer you to their friends.

Referral marketing software makes it easy to give customers rewards for referring their friends. This often goes hand-in-hand with a good dispensary loyalty program. These methods won’t just help you acquire new customers, but they can also help you build customer loyalty and keep your existing customers coming back for more.

The great thing about referral marketing is that it can help you continue to gain new customers almost automatically. One batch of customers will refer your business to their friends, who will then tell their friends, and so on. Of course, you’ll also need to make sure that you offer excellent customer service and high-quality products if you want people to recommend your dispensary to others.

Start A Referral Program

Utilize Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has swiftly become one of the most impactful marketing methods for customer acquisition. Many people now look for product and service recommendations from their favorite YouTubers, Instagrammers, and even TikTok stars. Working with these people can help you expand your reach and attract many customers.

The most effective way to use influencer marketing for your dispensary is to find cannabis influencers. Fortunately, there are now tons of cannabis-based YouTube channels, podcasts, and Instagram pages. Reach out to influential stoners and make a deal with them to promote your dispensary in exchange for payment – or even for free products.

It’s best to work with influencers across a range of platforms. It also helps to find influencers that suit your brand and are more likely to reach your target audience. For dispensaries, it’s often best to find local influencers who can spread the word about your dispensary to potential customers in your area.

Build Your Brand Visibility

Building brand visibility is important for any company. There are now tons of dispensaries out there, so simply having some kind of memorable brand identity can help yours stand out. This starts with giving your dispensary brand a catchy name and a good logo. You can then work on effectively building your brand visibility.

One of the best methods to build your brand visibility is by placing your dispensary name and logo on packaging and accessories. When customers walk around with a bag with your dispensary name, others will see this and be curious to see what your store has to offer. If their friends see them using custom-branded cannabis products with your logo, they’ll be tempted to check your dispensary out.

Social media is also a good way to build your brand visibility. Make sure you’re active on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and even newer platforms like TikTok. Post entertaining content and use targeted hashtags related to cannabis and you’ll soon build a following of loyal stoners.

Attend Cannabis Events

One of the quickest and most effective ways to gain local customers is to start attending events. Setting up a stall with your best cannabis products can help you attract customers who might’ve never heard of you. If they’re impressed with what you offer, they’ll likely visit your dispensary in the future.

Cannabis-themed events are perfect for this. You can impress marijuana enthusiasts with your products and encourage them to buy from you more often in the future. You can also network with other local cannabis brands and perhaps even collaborate with them.

If you can’t sell cannabis products at local events, you can also sell branded cannabis accessories such as lighters, grinders, and rolling papers. These popular accessories can help spread the word about your brand and cannabis consumers love them. You could even give them away as promotional gifts.

Attend Cannabis Events


With some hard work and the right tactics, you can quickly build a strong base of customers for your dispensary. Offering an exemplary customer experience and building your brand reputation will make it even easier to attract new customers as time goes on.

It also helps to plant your brand on everything from your packaging to your lighters and grinders. Fortunately, you can get branded grinders, lighters, rolling papers, rolling trays, packaging, and more for your business at Cannabis Promotions.

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