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How to Add Delivery Service to Your Cannabis Retail

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Can You Add Delivery Service to Your Cannabis Retail Business?

Yes, you can. However, you have to have a solid game plan. Otherwise, you’ll face one challenge after another. As you can imagine, this makes using weed more convenient for a lot of people. Rather than find time out of their busy schedules to drive to your store, customers can call or order the pot they want online. Then, you deliver it directly to their door.

Especially for individuals who use marijuana for medicinal purposes, this helps tremendously. Some of these people can’t get out, which means they have to find a ride or have someone pick up weed on their behalf. In certain cases, that makes these individuals feel even more dependent on others, which isn’t what they want.

Keep in mind that even if you add a delivery service to your cannabis retail business, you’ll likely continue to have about the same number of in-person customers. Yes, some will take advantage of this service, but overall, this will create another avenue for building your customer base. In other words, offering delivery is a great way to expand what you already offer.

It’s important to note that by adding delivery to your cannabis retail shop, you might not see an overwhelming number of sales, at least initially. Just as it did when you first opened your business, it’ll take a little bit of time for the word to spread. For that reason, be sure to develop a good marketing strategy as part of your overall plan.

Can You Add Delivery Service to Your Cannabis Retail Business

Dealing With Legalities

Considering this delivery service involves marijuana, you can’t just start taking your product to your customers. Rather, you need to first determine if it’s allowed based on the location of your cannabis retail shop. Although you can do the research yourself, this is a great time to consult with an attorney who practices law in this particular area.

Once you confirm that you can add a delivery service to your cannabis retail business, you’ll need to gather all pertinent documentation. That includes anything that has to do with both local and state laws. Carefully complete the paperwork and then submit it according to the instructions provided. Again, a qualified lawyer can help with this.

Another viable option is to work closely with a cannabis representative who covers your jurisdiction. That way, nothing gets overlooked. The last thing you want is to start delivering a product from your cannabis retail shop only to learn it’s illegal or that you missed a critical step in the process of getting the service approved.

After receiving approval confirmation, that’s when you can get excited.

Hiring Responsible Drivers

Keep in mind that every jurisdiction has unique regulations when it comes to delivering a product from a cannabis retail store. That includes both weed and accessories. For instance, you might need to put cameras in the delivery vehicles, have the vehicles inspected, and run a full background check on all drivers. Actually, you should do the latter whether it’s mandated or not.

Depending on the current and projected volume of sales, the size of your operation, its location, and even your financial situation, you’ll need to hire one or more delivery drivers. Because they’re transporting marijuana, you need to select people with valid driver’s licenses who you trust.

When first starting a delivery service, some owners opt to transport the marijuana themselves or have a member of their family get it to the customer. That’s completely up to you. However, if you decide to hire someone, you need to take every precaution possible. One mistake or intentional slip could prove disastrous.

To help with this, you can always reach out to a contracting company that specializes in marijuana deliveries. Not only do these companies hire quality people, but they also provide extensive training. The nice thing about this is that you can get your customers what they want and need but with a hands-off approach. That allows you to focus on what’s going on inside your cannabis retail shop.

There’s also a cost-benefit to this. Typically, delivery contracting companies have a fleet of vehicles. So, you wouldn’t need to buy extra cars, cover them with insurance, or pay for gas. All that’s included in the price you pay for the company’s service. The other advantage is the company insures its drivers. So, for many people who want to add a delivery service to their cannabis retail business, this is the way to go.

Hiring Responsible Drivers

Staying Organized

Something else of importance: Whether it’s you who delivers weed to your customers or a hired driver from another company delivering on your behalf, you need to stay organized. With both in-person and delivery services, you’ll need to fine-tune how you run your inventory and schedule. The goal is to provide every customer with exceptional service.

Watching Your Business Grow

If permitted in your jurisdiction, delivering a product to customers from your cannabis retail shop is an excellent way to grow the business. As long as no aspects of your operation suffer, this opens doors to new opportunities. To get this part of your business going, remember you need an excellent marketing strategy. You might also consider offering a discount for first-time customers who use your delivery service.

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