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How to Choose the Right Community for Your Cannabis Business

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Should You Stay Or Move?

If you’re trying to choose a community for your upcoming cannabis business, choosing your local community is often a good idea. Sticking to what you know is usually a much better bet than trying to start a business somewhere new. Plus, knowing what kind of attitudes are present in your local community will help you decide how to frame and market your business.

With that said, this isn’t the best option for everyone. While you might know your local community well, you might also know that there isn’t a high demand for cannabis. If you live somewhere where a cannabis dispensary or head shop won’t go down well, you might want to consider moving somewhere else. Although it’ll take a lot more work and some in-depth market research, it can pay off if you choose a better community for your cannabis business.

You’ll also need to consider how practical it is to open a cannabis business in your local community. For instance, if you want to open a recreational dispensary but live somewhere where recreational sales are forbidden, you’ll need to choose somewhere else. Even in parts of the country where cannabis businesses are legal, you’ll need to consider aspects such as footfall, demand, and how easy it is to get licensed.

Consider Local Laws

While finding a community full of enthusiastic potheads is always promising, you’ll need to consider the legalities of opening a cannabis business before anything else. Although marijuana legalization is growing rapidly throughout the United States (as well as other countries such as Canada and Thailand), many states, provinces, and communities still strictly forbid many types of cannabis businesses.

Even in states where cannabis is legal, municipalities often have the final say on whether cannabis businesses can operate. You might face stricter restrictions in some communities than others. You’ll also need to consider licensing. If you’re in a state where obtaining a cannabis business license takes too much time and money, you might want to consider finding a more promising community for your business.

In many cases, there are ways around these restrictions. For instance, even in communities where you can’t sell cannabis, you could potentially still open a CBD store or a cannabis accessories shop. These types of businesses often thrive in areas where people can’t access regular cannabis products. However, you’ll still need to ensure you know exactly what is and isn’t legally acceptable and also make sure you’ve chosen a community that’ll appreciate your business.

Consider Local Laws

Carry Out Some Local Research

Market research is always important for starting a business as successfully as possible. Market research helps you find out the wants and needs of your target market. It can also help you identify competing businesses and how you can rise above them. Ultimately, it helps you perfect your cannabis business plan and enact a strong marketing strategy.

While market research is important for any business, it’s especially important when choosing a community for your cannabis business. Surveying locals can help you discover whether there’s enough demand for your business. It can also help you figure out exactly how you can appeal to the local community and attract customers.

In some cases, you might find out that you’ve chosen the wrong community for your cannabis business. This is helpful as you can simply scope out a more fitting community before opening your business. In some cases, you might find that you need to make some tweaks to your marketing strategy to appeal to your chosen community. Whichever way, market research will help you make the best choice possible for your business.

Promote Your Business With Local Marketing

Once you’ve found the right location and community for your cannabis business, you need to work on your marketing strategy. Various marketing methods can help you attract more customers, from content marketing to social media promotion. However, when you’re trying to attract members of your local community, you’ll need to adapt your marketing to ensure you appeal to their wants and needs.

Learning how to market your cannabis business through events is one of the most effective local marketing methods. For instance, if your community hosts a local market or festival, you might want to set up a stall for your business. You could even host events yourself, such as competitions for local community members.

It also helps to create some custom-branded cannabis accessories for your business. Not only can these products be sold at your point-of-sale, but they can also be used as promotional gifts at events. If people in your local community see people carrying lighters, grinders, and other accessories with your brand name and logo, your brand reputation will grow and you’ll attract more new customers.

Promote Your Business With Local Marketing


If you want your cannabis business to thrive, it’s important to know how to choose the right community for your cannabis business. Not only do you need to consider local laws and restrictions, but you’ll also need to carry out market research to learn about the demands and sensibilities of the community you choose.

Once you’ve chosen the right community for your cannabis business, you’ll need to ensure you build a solid brand reputation. Not only should you always provide exemplary customer service, but you should take steps to get involved in community events and promote your brand locally. You can find marketing guides and custom-branded products for your business at Cannabis Promotions.

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