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How to Create a Cannabis Dispensary Security Plan

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Set Up Security Equipment Throughout Your Premises

One of the first things you need to consider when creating a cannabis dispensary security plan is how to monitor your premises. All kinds of things can happen without you seeing, from shoplifters grabbing products to employees stealing things from your stock room. As such, you should use video surveillance to monitor your dispensary.

You should set up video cameras throughout your premises. Not only should you record what happens inside your store, but you should also monitor the entrance to your store and the stockroom. When it comes to video surveillance, many states have specific requirements regarding camera resolution, frames per second, and how often you use and store your data. Check your state’s requirements to ensure you get compliant equipment.

Along with video cameras, you should also equip your store with other security equipment. For instance, burglar alarms can help you detect and catch people who invade your property when you’re closed. You might even want to equip your dispensary with a panic button in case someone tries to rob your staff.

Use Secure Storage For Your Products

In addition to setting up cameras and alarms throughout your premises, you should also get the right storage equipment to keep your products safe. When you’re running a dispensary, you’ll be dealing with all kinds of valuable stock. You’ll want to keep everything from your strains of cannabis flower to your tinctures to your accessories safe from theft.

Many dispensaries use secure display cabinets to keep customers from grabbing products. Not only does this prevent people from tampering with your products, but it significantly reduces the risk of theft. Plus, you can still show off your products and let customers order via touch screens or by letting budtenders know what they want.

As for your backroom stock, you should store products in secure, lockable storage solutions. That way, you can lock everything overnight when no one is around. Of course, you should also make sure that your storefront is secure to prevent people from trying to break in while your store is closed. These security measures can help you prevent all kinds of issues.

Protect Your Digital Assets From Cyber-Attacks

Protect Your Digital Assets From Cyber-Attacks

When it comes to creating a cannabis dispensary security plan, it’s not just your stock you need to worry about. Medical dispensaries often keep sensitive data, including the private details and medical records of patients. Even recreational dispensaries often keep member data which you’ll want to avoid other people from accessing.

Additionally, many dispensaries operate websites and use web-connected software throughout their business. As such, it’s important to protect your business from cyber-attacks. Cybercriminals often target dispensaries with all kinds of attacks from data breaches to ransomware attacks.

It can help to keep sensitive data stored offline and backed up regularly. You should also make sure your website and any software you use are fully secure. Using a secure network can help you prevent many issues. You might want to enlist the help of a cybersecurity professional to audit your business and make sure it’s as safe as possible.

Background Check And Train Your Employees

Employees are often the biggest risk when it comes to dispensary security. Not only do your staff members have access to your valuable stock, but they also have access to sensitive dispensary data. Not to mention untrustworthy staff members can pull sneaky tricks to steal products or give them to their friends.

Part of your dispensary security plan should be focused on hiring trustworthy people. Before hiring staff members, you should background check them thoroughly. You should also speak to references to find out more about them. Hiring trustworthy people can help you reduce the risk of theft by employees.

You should also create detailed security measures for your staff to follow. Make sure you cover all kinds of security issues, such as what to do if someone tries to rob them and how to handle shoplifters. You should also train your staff to look out for certain security risks, including cybersecurity risks such as phishing attacks.

Insure Your Business To Prevent Financial Loss

Even if you take the right measures, your business could still face all kinds of security problems. Whether it’s employee theft, burglary, or damage to your property, these problems can be incredibly costly if you aren’t protected. That’s why it’s essential to insure your business to prevent financial loss.

Insuring your stock is especially important, especially as theft or damage can result in significant damages. However, you should also insure your business property, your digital assets, and your employees. You should also make sure your business is financially covered when it comes to liability issues, such as customers falling and injuring themselves on your premises.

Many business insurance plans cover many of these things and more. You can even find insurance providers that provide tailored policies for cannabis businesses. Make sure you don’t skimp on business insurance – better coverage will come in handy if any unexpected problems occur.

Insure Your Business To Prevent Financial Loss


If you want to create a cannabis dispensary security plan, make sure you cover all of these things. Physical security is important for protecting your stock, but you also need to protect your digital assets, hire the right people, and insure your business in case of any unexpected problems. For more information and resources for running your dispensary – including custom products for marketing your business – visit Cannabis Promotions.

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