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How to Establish an SEO Strategy for Your Cannabis Dispensary

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Start With A Good Domain Name

One of the first things to consider when finetuning your SEO strategy is the domain name you use for your website. Your website address should tell users what to expect as soon as they see it. What’s more, choosing a URL with high-performing keywords can give you a little boost when it comes to your search engine visibility.

It’s best to avoid certain things when choosing your domain name. You don’t want a URL that’s too long – it should be short and easy to remember. It’s also best to avoid numbers and dashes as these can be disadvantageous for SEO. Plus, repeat viewers will appreciate a URL that’s easy to type out without any numbers or symbols.

Many websites perform well on Google by choosing domain names with certain keywords. For instance, a website URL such as “” can swiftly climb to the top of Google searches for “Miami cannabis dispensary”. You’ll still need to work on your on-site SEO to climb the rankings, but it’ll be much easier than if you chose a less relevant domain name.

Of course, your domain name often goes hand-in-hand with your brand name. Registering a .com address for your brand name helps with building your marijuana brand. Having an SEO-friendly brand name can be extra helpful, but even if you don’t, you can build your SEO with other methods. On top of that, you can register multiple domains for your website to test them out if you wish.

Finetune Your Webpage Titles

Every dispensary should already have an enticing professional website to attract customers and promote their products. If you don’t already have a website, make sure you enlist the help of a professional web developer to help you with this. After building your website, you need to make sure all of your web page titles are fine-tuned for SEO purposes.

Your homepage is especially important. If you’re running a recreational dispensary in Spokane, you might want your homepage to say “Best Recreational Dispensary in Spokane” or something similar to attract Google viewers. It can also help to choose a title that isn’t used by other dispensaries – this can help you ensure your website is the first result for certain searches.

You should also apply the same strategy to other titles throughout your website. For instance, if you have product pages for different categories, you could give them titles like “Buy Cannabis Strains in Washington”. Consider what your target customers are likely to search on Google and Bing and use this to your advantage.

Every time you create a new page for your website, consider the title carefully. Choosing SEO-friendly titles can quickly help you enhance your search engine optimization. Using keyword research tools and ensuring you pick the best keywords for each page can give your SEO a big boost.

Carry Out Keyword Research

Carry Out Keyword Research

If you want your dispensary SEO strategy to work as successfully as possible, you need to find the right keywords to target. While looking at Google’s predictive search features can help, you should also use some keyword research tools to find the best keywords to use throughout your website.

There are plenty of great keyword research tools out there that can help you. For instance, Google’s Keyword Planner can help you find a list of keywords and even give you information on how competitive they are. Using keywords that are widely searched but less competitive can help you get to the top of Google searches faster.

You can also use other free tools such as Word Stream and Keyword Tool. These tools can help give you all kinds of information that will help with your SEO strategy. It’s best to target a range of keywords that your target customers are likely to search for. That way, your website will be seen by a wider range of people.

Google Analytics is also extremely helpful. By integrating Google’s analytical tools with your website, you can find out all kinds of helpful information from what keywords people search to find your website to how long they spend on each page. You can also use Google Search Console – this will help you figure out which keywords and search terms are working for you.

Create SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

One of the most powerful ways to enhance your dispensary SEO is to create blog posts for your website. You can easily add a blog to your website using tools such as WordPress or Drupal. You can then write all kinds of blog posts to attract new viewers to your website and direct them to your product pages.

Just like your regular web pages, you should choose SEO-friendly titles for your blog posts. You might even want to create blog posts based on keywords and search terms you want to target. For instance, if you’re trying to attract customers for your cannabis edibles, create blogs with titles like “Tastiest Cannabis Edibles” or “Best Weed Gummies To Buy In 2023”.

You can find new keywords by using keyword research tools. You can even check your website’s analytics to see what kind of keywords are bringing the most viewers to your site. You can then create more blog posts targeted at similar keywords to further enhance your success. Posting SEO-friendly content regularly is great for your search engine optimization.

Another advantage of blog posts is that they can keep viewers on your website for longer. The longer each viewer spends on your website, the better it is for your SEO. As such, using long-form blog posts of 1000 to 2000 words is the best strategy. Your blog posts should also include links to other parts of your website to keep viewers around for even longer.

Add Tutorials And Listicles

There are many ways to use your blog page to improve your SEO. For instance, creating blog posts targeted at common search terms and questions can help you quickly attract more viewers. Another good strategy is to create how-to guides and tutorials about the products you sell.

Creating blog posts guiding people on how to use your cannabis products can be extremely helpful for your customers. It can also attract new customers from Google. For instance, you could create blog posts like “How To Use Cannabis Tinctures” and “What’s The Best Cannabis Edibles Dosage For Beginners”.

Not only are these kinds of blog posts helpful to users, but you can also use them to link viewers to your products. That way, you can convert your viewers from Google into customers. On top of that, creating lengthy how-to guides can help increase the average session duration for your website viewers.

Listicles can also help. For instance, you could create blog posts like “Top 5 Most Potent Cannabis Strains” or “Top 10 Indica Strains For Pain Relief”. Not only are people likely to search for these kinds of things on Google, but you can also use these blog posts to direct customers to your products.

List Your Dispensary On Google My Business

List Your Dispensary On Google My Business

Another one of the most important factors of your SEO strategy is to list your dispensary on Google My Business. Creating a Google Business profile can significantly enhance your website’s performance on Google and other search engines. It can also help in many other ways.

One of the biggest benefits of creating a Google My Business profile for your dispensary is that it will make your dispensary appear on Google Maps. This is extremely helpful as it makes your dispensary easier to find for local customers. You can also finetune your Google Maps listing to make your dispensary more enticing.

You should add high-quality product images to your Google Maps listing. You should also ensure that you include your dispensary address, contact number, and a link to your website. All of these things can help customers find you and also give them ways to contact you if they have questions.

Creating a Google business profile is free and can do wonders for your search engine optimization. Naturally, getting your business listed on Google Maps is also excellent for your local SEO. As such, every dispensary needs to do this as soon as possible. You might also want to list your business on other online business directories.

Build Internal And External Links

Link building is another important part of any SEO strategy. If you want your web pages and blog posts to climb higher on Google search rankings, you need to build more links to each page. Ideally, you should also use links that include the keywords that you’re targeting. Over time, this can enhance your SEO performance significantly.

Start by building more internal links within your website. For instance, your blog posts should include links to your product pages. They should also include links to other relevant blog posts. This can help keep viewers on your website for longer and even entice them to buy something. It can also help improve your search rankings.

You should also include helpful outbound links in your web pages and blog posts. Linking to high-quality websites can give your SEO a boost. For instance, you might want to link to relevant scientific studies, high-ranking cannabis resources, and other such websites in your blog posts.

Additionally, you should try to build more links to your website from other websites. Listing your website on business directories and cannabis directories like Leafly can help. It can also help to find affiliates. Social media can also be helpful – you should always link to your blog pages and product pages via your social media pages.

Work On Building Your Brand

Improving your SEO goes hand-in-hand with building your brand. The more people that hear your brand name and learn about what your dispensary offers, the better. Naturally, building a high-quality website and creating helpful blog posts can help with this. But you should also build your brand in other ways.

One of the most effective ways to build your brand visibility is with custom-branded cannabis products. Products such as lighters, rolling papers, and grinders are always in high demand for cannabis customers. You can offer them at your point of sale or even use them as promotional gifts at cannabis events.

Not only can you include your brand name and logo on your cannabis products, but you can also add them to your cannabis packaging. That way, more people will learn about your brand and might even search for your dispensary on Google. It can also help to include your website link on your custom-branded products and packaging.

You should also work on building a social media following. Posting regular content that entices cannabis lovers is a good way to start. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin are among the best platforms to use, but you should also consider newer platforms like TikTok. As you gain more social media followers, you can use your social media pages to link people to your website. This can also help with your Google rankings.

Work On Building Your Brand


Learning how to establish an SEO strategy for your cannabis dispensary can help you attract new customers, build your brand, and increase your revenue. These tips and strategies can help you enhance your website for SEO purposes and boost your search rankings significantly. For more help with building your brand and promoting your dispensary, visit Cannabis Promotions.

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