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How To Generate Business Name Ideas For A Cannabis Business

by Hasum | | 420 Smoke Shop Near Me | 0 Comments

Look Elsewhere For Inspiration

Whenever you’re trying to generate business name ideas, looking at some of the best brands in the industry is always a good idea. That doesn’t mean that you should copy them or try to rip them off. Instead, think about the ideas and feelings each brand name evokes and consider how you can apply the same principles to your brand name.

You might want to start by looking at some of the top cannabis businesses. For instance, brand names like “Curaleaf” and “Trulieve” focus on the therapeutic aspects of cannabis. They also avoid using “weed” or “bud”, which is often overused by dispensaries. Canadian brand “Tokyo Smoke” combines the hobby of smoking with the city of Tokyo – often associated with futuristic imagery. The name is also catchy and easy to remember.

Looking at other cannabis brand names might give you some ideas for your cannabis business name. With that said, you shouldn’t solely look at cannabis brands. Consider successful brands and interesting brand names from various other industries. This can help you avoid being too generic and also help you gain more inspiration.

Use Your Unique Selling Points

One of the best ways to generate business name ideas for a cannabis business is to focus on your unique selling points. Every brand should have something that makes it stand out. For instance, you might offer the strongest tinctures, the cleanest extracts, or the widest selection of cannabis gummies in the area. Incorporating these into your brand name is often a great way to name your business.

Start by listing the ideas and qualities that you want consumers to associate with your brand. For instance, maybe your brand is sustainable, affordable, and offers the best sativa strains. Write down some keywords as well as some synonyms. You can then combine them until you get something that works.

Once again, you can look at other brands for inspiration. For instance, “MasterCard” is a simple brand name that has connotations of being the best or most prestigious credit card. A name like “Starbucks” indicates that you’ll get high-quality products for your money. “Under Armour” denotes sturdy products made for athletic use. Take these principles into account and start generating unique names for your cannabis brand.

Consider What Would Look Good On Merchandise

Consider What Would Look Good On Merchandise

Choosing a good brand name isn’t just about coming up with something cool and catchy. You should also consider the aesthetics of your brand name. One of the most important things to consider is how your brand name will look when it’s printed on packaging, signage, and merchandise.

One of the best ways to promote a cannabis brand is by placing your name and logo on custom-branded cannabis products. You should also place it on your product packaging and your carrier bags. With a memorable brand name, you’ll swiftly boost brand recognition and visibility.

As such, you should pick a brand name that’ll be eye-catching and easy to read whether it’s on signs, bags, or lighters. Keeping your brand name short and sweet is often a good approach. You might even want to test a few different brand names on a custom product to see what works best.

Talk To Branding Experts

Generating an outstanding business name is easier said than done. While you might have a few good ideas, knowing what works and what doesn’t can be difficult without enough experience. Fortunately, there’s a way around this. Many business owners consult with branding experts to help them find the perfect business name.

Companies that deal with building brands will have a much better idea of what kind of names resonate with customers. You can even find cannabis branding experts with experience in helping marijuana companies build their brands. This is a great way to save yourself some hassle when trying to generate business name ideas.

Experienced cannabis marketers and branding experts can also help you in various other ways. In addition to helping you pick the best business name, they can help by designing an eye-catching logo for your business and even giving you some other ideas for how to build your brand successfully.

Carry Out Market Research

Following the previous tips will likely help you come up with a few potential names for your cannabis business. However, settling on the right one can still be difficult. You’ll want to make sure that you choose the best possible name for your business, so it’s worth carrying out market research to see which name resonates with consumers the most.

Focus groups can help you gather a selection of consumers and even ask questions about your potential brand names. For instance, you could ask which name they like the best, why they like it, and what the name suggests to them. You can use this information to whittle down your brand name ideas until you’re left with just one.

If you don’t have time to organize focus groups, you could ask consumers via social media platforms such as Linkedin and Reddit. You could even host an online poll to get more results. Asking friends and associates can also help you figure out which name is the best for your brand.

Carry Out Market Research


A strong brand name is important for building your brand visibility, recognition, and reputation. Fortunately, these tips will help you generate business name ideas for a cannabis business before ultimately settling on the best one. You can then use your brand name and logo for all kinds of branded materials, from packaging to products. For high-quality custom-branded cannabis products, visit Cannabis Promotions.

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