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How To Grind Weed Without A Grinder

by Hasum | | 420 Smoke Shop Near Me | 0 Comments

1. With Your Hands

Sometimes, you don’t need any equipment whatsoever- all you need is your hands. Take your weed out and start pulling apart small pieces with your fingers. Make sure you have a piece of paper or container to catch your weed- you don’t want to lose any while handling it.

The benefit of this method is that it doesn’t require you to buy anything or find anything around the house. Anyone can do it anywhere at any time, which is extra convenient for those times when you’re out and need to grind some weed. You can also pull your weed into pieces as small or as big as you’d like.

Of course, this method also comes with a lot of drawbacks. Cutting up weed with your fingers is the most inconvenient and inefficient method. Not only will it take longer, but the quality of your ground weed won’t be as good and you might even end up rubbing off trichomes by pulling your weed apart. However, it’s still a useful method that can work as a last resort when you’re completely out of options.

Scissors or Knife

2. Scissors or Knife

When you’re around the house and don’t have a grinder, there are plenty of things you can use in your kitchen to grind weed. For example, you can always simply use scissors or, similarly, grind your weed using a knife. Everyone has these around the home and they’re extra useful for grinding weed without a grinder.

With scissors, simply hold your weed over a container or some paper to catch it and cut away. If you want extra-fine pieces of weed, you might want to cut your buds a couple of times over. Although it’s not quite as efficient as using a grinder, cutting weed with scissors is still convenient and you can end up with some nicely cut buds.

Alternatively, lay weed flat on a chopping board and start chopping away just as you would with any other spices. If you’re handy with a knife you can end up with some finely ground weed and be proud of your skills. Of course, it’s a little less convenient and can end up in accidents- especially if you’re already high.

3. Mortar and Pestle

Another piece of kitchen equipment that can work surprisingly well for grinding weed is a Mortar and Pestle. These are usually used for grinding herbs like rosemary and thyme, but they can work just as effectively when you need a quick and easy way to grind weed without a grinder.

The Mortar is the bowl while the Pestle is the utensil you use to grind your herbs. Just put your weed in the Mortar and break it into small pieces using the Pestle. The benefit of this method is that it’s designed for breaking apart herbs and can leave you with finely ground weed within seconds.

As simple and easy as it is, using a Mortar and Pestle to grind weed still isn’t the best option available. Crushing your weed up might end up in you losing some of the trichomes. Of course, it’ll also require a bit more effort than simply using a hand grinder. Still, if you have one of these in your kitchen, it’s worth trying it out for grinding weed sometimes.

4. Coffee Grinder

Although it’s designed for grinding coffee beans, a Coffee Grinder can also be used for grinding your weed if you’re out of options. Many people already have one of these lying around in the kitchen, and it can leave you with some finely ground weed within seconds.

Just put your weed in the grinder the same way you’d do with coffee and grind away. Not only will it grind your weed quickly and effectively, but most Coffee Grinders will even help out by collecting leftover kief from your buds.

You’ll want to make sure you clean your grinder before using it to grind weed unless you don’t mind it being covered in coffee. You’ll also want to clean it after- it’s easy for weed to get stuck in a Coffee Grinder and you might end up with the taste of weed in your coffee. Then again, for some users, that might not be a drawback.

Coffee Grinder

5. Coin and Pill Bottle

One of the handiest tricks for grinding weed without a grinder just takes two easy-to-find objects- a coin and a small plastic container such as a Pill Bottle. Similar objects such as an old film container can also work just as well.

Drop your weed into the bottle along with a coin. Now close the lid of the bottle and start shaking. It might take a little while to grind your weed to a desirable point, but it doesn’t take too long and works great for those situations when you don’t have a grinder.

The Pill Bottle and Coin method is a great little life hack for grinding your weed. You might want to wash your coin and container first for hygiene reasons, but it’s fast, effective, and can leave you with some pretty nicely cut up weed.


There are many methods to grind weed without a grinder and it generally only requires things you have lying around the house. Using your scissors or a pill bottle and coin is great when you need something simple. If you’re at home, using a Coffee Grinder or a Mortar and Pestle can work surprisingly well. If you have no other options, simply use your fingers to cut up your weed.

Of course, it’s always better to buy a weed grinder. A hand grinder is cheap and easy to carry anywhere. They’re also easy to find- many head shops and cannabis stores even have custom cannabis grinders. But whether you lose yours or simply don’t have one yet, there’s always a way to grind weed.

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