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How to Grow Your Cannabis or CBD Brand through Instagram

by Hasum | | 420 Smoke Shop Near Me | 0 Comments

What Is Instagram, and Who Uses It?

Instagram is a social media platform that primarily uses visuals to share stories and information. At first, people mostly used it to share photos with others. However, video stories have since become increasingly popular on Instagram (and across social media in general). The site now contains a mix of photos and video stories.

As mentioned earlier, a lot of people use Instagram or at least have accounts. But it is important to note that Instagram tends to attract more young adults than older ones. As of right now, over half of Instagram’s user base is under 34. Those 18 to 24 are the most active users on the network.

That’s not to say older people aren’t on Instagram; they are just less active and make up fewer total accounts.

Why You Should Use Instagram

Why You Should Use Instagram

Businesses can benefit significantly from using Instagram because many users find new products on the platform; 90 percent of users follow at least one business account. This platform is a great way to reach more people, expand your audience, and increase awareness about your cannabis or CBD company.

Many people like to engage with the brands and companies they support. The country is increasingly focused on civil justice issues and overall global awareness. Instagram is an excellent way for users to see the values of a company and decide whether they want to support it.

The Challenges for a Cannabis Company Using Instagram

Though using Instagram is a great business move for companies, a cannabis or CBD company faces unique challenges. That doesn’t make it less valuable as a marketing tool; it just means you may need to get creative with your posts.

Here are some restrictions to keep in mind when launching an Instagram account for your cannabis company:

  1. You cannot directly sell products on Instagram.
  2. You cannot include contact information such as phone number or email or offer the “Contact” link for users to reach you.
  3. You cannot post images or text that discuss the medical benefits of cannabis or CBD.
  4. You cannot post images or text that encourage users to make purchases.
  5. Your posts cannot offer discounts to users who visit your online store.

Though there you’ll face restrictions that other companies won’t, you can still use Instagram as a way to reach customers and share your brand.

The Challenges for a Cannabis Company Using Instagram

Tips for Growing Your Cannabis Brand on Instagram

How can you use Instagram to reach your current customers and find potential new ones with all those restrictions? Don’t worry; there are things you can do!

  1. Add a disclaimer to your page. Your website should state that people must be 21 or older to follow your account. 
  2. Maximize your bio section. Though you can’t give a physical address, email, or phone number for your company, you can include a web address. Use your bio section to include that information and give your brand a voice. You can tell users what your company is about and why it is unique. Make sure to infuse this section with your brand’s voice, so it resonates with the audience you want to attract.
  3. Be thoughtful with your content. Instagram users expect content that is educational, real, and fun, without seeming forced. Be sure to post content that feels organic, reflects your brand, and stands out as distinctive while also offering value to users.
  4. Harness the power of hashtags. Hashtags (noted with the # symbol) play a significant role in helping your company be seen on Instagram and factor heavily in Instagram’s algorithm. The more hashtags you have, the better your chance of being found. Users often look for specific hashtags to find the content they want. Be sure to keep the hashtags relevant to your company and the content that references them.
  5. Engage with users. One of the benefits of any social media platform is that you can engage with your customers. Where else can you do that easily? Be sure to respond to people when they leave comments, or like posts they have shared. This is a great way to build relationships with your customers.

Final Thoughts

Though Instagram can be a valuable marketing tool for cannabis businesses, they will face restrictions on what content they can and cannot post. Be sure to review current guidelines regularly to avoid having your Instagram account suspended.

Though you can’t post product pictures or benefit claims, you can use photos to connect with clients. Having them reflect your brand is essential to helping maintain cohesiveness across all marketing channels.

Because you will need to drive people to your website to buy your products, make sure your website is up to date and offers products users will want. This can include cannabis and CBD products and items reflecting your company’s brand, such as lighters and shirts.

When used wisely, Instagram can be a valuable marketing tool for your cannabis business.

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