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How to Hire and Get Hired in the Cannabis Industry

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Hiring in the Cannabis Industry

Finding the right team is essential to the success of your cannabis business, notwithstanding your hard work and dedication to your business. If you do not have the right team, you are setting up your business for failure. Here are a few tips on hiring in this industry:

Clearly Defining the Role 

Businesses are always employing new staff members for different reasons. You could need additional personnel as a result of business growth, filling an operational void, or just replacing an employee. However, vague advertising for a job vacancy can be detrimental to your business when hiring. So, identifying what your business actually needs and what qualifications are required will get you the right candidate. If you are seeking to hire a bud-trimmer, for instance, the prospective employee should be:

  • Happy with manual labor
  • Passionate about the marijuana industry
  • Punctual and keen on details
  • Ambitious with advancing their role in the business

Ensure you include such details in the job description posting. This helps the candidates to know beforehand what is expected of them.

Clearly Defining the Role

Look Beyond the Cannabis Industry

Since the legal cannabis industry is still fairly green, getting experienced candidates from within the industry can prove a little difficult. For this reason, look beyond the industry. Some candidates might have very thin resumes and lack much experience but are quite passionate about cannabis and ready to learn the cannabis industry.  

Experts in the industry recommend opening your candidate search to other industries. This can bring great results that you may not have expected. Some of the obvious choices are commercially oriented growers. However, you could widen your search into industries such as finance, banking, and pharmaceuticals for their skills. This may include sales, marketing, customer service, and more. These roles can substantially benefit your marijuana business.

Other instances include:

  • Hiring medical administrators and social workers as budtenders
  • Hiring a horticulturist as the lead cultivator of your marijuana plants
  • Hiring an extraction specialist for laboratory or other scientific roles
  • Hiring an edibles chef for your foodservice and culinary products
  • Hiring  professional marketing and branding experts for your cannabis products

Offer Competitive Salaries and Benefits

It is prudent for most employers in any industry to cut down on costs as much as possible. There is no exception to this rule when hiring in the cannabis industry. Employers in the industry tend to offer the recommended minimum wage for entry-level job vacancies. While this might be good for your books, seasoned employers in the industry do not recommend it. This is because it does not cultivate loyalty and employee retention. Also, it does not bring about a reliable team.

The time and money it will cost you in employee replacement and training will not be cost-effective. By offering prospective employees a competitive salary and benefits, you will not only get reliable people but some of the best talents in the industry.

Getting Hired in the Cannabis Industry

Getting hired in the cannabis industry is also quite similar to getting hired anywhere else. But there are a few exceptions. Making a good impression on your potential employer is critical. Also, since legal cannabis is a relatively new industry, you cannot depend entirely on work experience to impress the HR manager. For this reason, go beyond the norms of conventional interviews and requirements. Here are a few tips:

Use the Correct Lingo

You may have been used to spending time with your fellow stoners, thereby using terms such as “pot” or “weed.” While this is okay in an informal setting, you should use more appropriate terms such as “CBD” or “cannabis” in a professional setting. This is because enterprises in the industry tend to distance their business from stereotypical assumptions that still linger in society. For this reason, use terminologies and language that do not fuel the assumptions, especially during a job interview.

Know Your Employer’s Mission

Know Your Employer’s Mission

Just like with any other job you are eyeing, you have to learn about a company’s mission prior to an interview. Since the cannabis industry is still young, different stakeholders in the industry have different goals, especially in the untapped market. Conduct thorough research of what your prospective employer aims to do.  

For instance, you might find that the company you are interviewing for has goals beyond just making a profit. They could be in business to fight for a cause, such as helping people struggling with certain conditions that cannabis can treat.

Explain your Experience in the Industry

As mentioned before, the legal cannabis industry has just begun. Also, marijuana sales and use are still illegal in most parts of the world. For this reason, having legal experience in the industry is not common. However, this does not mean that the legally undocumented experience is invalid. Walk your prospective employer through your general experience with cannabis and what you can bring to the table. Do not hold back on your bud trimming or budtending skills in settings that were previously categorized as illegal. Your potential employer was probably in the same trench, too.

Final Thoughts

Most of the professional etiquettes that apply to other industries are also applicable in the cannabis industry. However, whether you are hiring or looking to get hired, it is important to maintain high standards of professionalism to dissipate negative notions that haunt the cannabis industry.

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