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How To Market Your Cannabis Brand Through Events

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Seek Suitable Events To Promote Your Brand

Getting your brand name out there is important if you want to attract as many customers as possible. As such, you should actively seek out events where you can promote your brand. Start by looking for cannabis trade shows, exhibitions, festivals, and other cannabis-related events. These are prime places to find enthusiastic cannabis consumers.

While cannabis events are your best bet, you should also try to get involved in other events. For instance, many brands promote themselves at fairs, music festivals, craft shows, and other fun events. It’s best to look for local events where you can set up a booth for your brand – this gives you an excellent opportunity to find more local customers.

Make a calendar of events you can potentially attend. You should then contact event organizers and ask about setting up a booth or stand for your cannabis business. Once you’ve found some exciting events to attend, you can start organizing your booth and figuring out the best way to promote your brand.

Promote Your Product Range

If you want to get your brand noticed at events, make sure you have an exciting range of products to promote. In most cases, you won’t be able to sell your cannabis products directly at events due to laws and restrictions. However, there are many ways you can still attract consumers and show off your goods.

Printing brochures or leaflets showing off your product range is a good way to get potential customers interested. If they’re interested in your products, they can visit your dispensary or store at a later date and buy what they need. Hemp-based CBD products are also great to sell at events as these are federally legal.

Many cannabis businesses promote their brand at events by offering cannabis-related accessories. Even if you can’t sell your greatest strains at a festival, you can still offer top-notch lighters, grinders, and other handy accessories. Offering custom-branded accessories can also help you enhance your brand visibility.

Offer Freebies

Offer Freebies

Although selling products at event stalls can help you earn a little extra money, it’s not always the best way to market your brand. On the contrary, giving away fun items for free can help you quickly attract guests while also building a positive brand reputation. After all, people are much more likely to visit your stall if they get a freebie.

Giving away items for free might seem like a loss, but it can lead to much higher profits in the future. Everyone who gets one of your freebies will remember your brand fondly. This will make them much more likely to visit your cannabis business in the future and buy something from you. Many will even become repeat customers in the long run.

Many brands hand out branded merchandise such as keyrings, t-shirts, hats, and other goodies. However, cannabis brands can attract cannabis consumers by giving away branded accessories like grinders, lighters, and rolling trays. You should also give customers a leaflet letting them know where to find your store.

Make Your Booth Appealing

If you’re hosting a booth at an event, you’ll want to make it as appealing as possible. While offering cool products or freebies is a good way to get people interested in your brand, you first need to make sure people come to your booth. Taking a few extra steps to make your booth stand out can go a long way.

Your booth should be attractive and eye-catching. A large brand banner can help. If you’re offering something for free, make sure you have a sign that indicates guests can grab a freebie in clear, visible letters. You can also attract more visitors to your booth by playing music.

You should also be as engaging as possible. Whenever a visitor comes to check out your booth, you and your staff should have an exciting pitch ready to get them interested in your brand. If you make a good impression, they’ll be more likely to visit your business after the event.

Consider Hosting Brand Events

Attending trade shows, exhibitions, festivals, and local fairs is an excellent way to build some buzz around your brand. However, attending all of these events can be particularly time-consuming and logistically difficult. As such, you might want to consider creating brand events and inviting people to come.

Trying to create an entire festival or fair can be tricky. However, even simple events can attract some customers to your store. For instance, you might want to offer freebies via a pop-up stall close to your dispensary. In-store events can also be fun. For instance, you could liven up your store with spooky decorations for Halloween. Competitions, raffles, and sales can also help you attract more customers.

Once you’ve planned an event for your brand, start spreading the word as soon as possible. Promoting your event via social media is a good way to attract attendees. You could also contact local radio stations and newspapers and ask them to help promote your event.

Consider Hosting Brand Events


These helpful tips will help you market your cannabis brand through events successfully. From trade shows to festivals, setting up an enticing booth, offering exciting products or freebies, and making a good impression can help you lure in many new customers. You can also host events yourself to bring people directly to your business.

Offering custom-branded accessories is one of the best ways to promote your brand at events. You can find a range of custom cannabis products along with plenty of guides for building your cannabis brand at Cannabis Promotions.

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