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How To Market Your Dispensary on Google & Bing Search Engines

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Build A Dispensary Website

If you want to start attracting customers via search engines, you’ll need to give them a page to visit. As such, you’ll need to build a solid dispensary website before you start working on your search engine marketing. A good dispensary website can instantly get people interested in your dispensary, so make sure you take this step as seriously as possible.

Your website should showcase the best things about your dispensary. You might want to include some photos of your best products. It also helps to give customers information on special deals or reward programs they can benefit from. You should also include contact information and let potential customers know how to find your dispensary.

The best dispensary websites usually include an online menu. This is especially helpful if your dispensary offers home delivery. But even if it doesn’t, letting customers browse your product range and order ahead can be a huge plus. You can even use Weedmaps to implement a dispensary menu. 

Optimize Your Web Content

Once you’ve built your dispensary website, you should start working on optimizing your content for search engines. Using the right keywords throughout your website can help enhance the likelihood of people finding your dispensary via search engines. As such, you should use keyword research tools such as Wordstream to find the best keywords to use.

Local keywords are especially helpful. For instance, if you’re operating a dispensary in Fort Lauderdale, you might want to title your homepage “Best Medical Dispensary in Fort Lauderdale, FL”. Longer and more specific keywords can help you stand out ahead of your competitors.

Use the same approach to enhance all of your web pages and be sure to include a range of keywords. That way, when people search for dispensaries via Google or Bing your website will be more likely to show up. You should also analyze the performance of your keywords regularly using Google’s search console and analytics tools.

Create SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

Create SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

Targeted keywords can help enhance your web pages and make them more SEO-friendly. However, to enhance your search engine visibility further, you should also create blog posts for your website. SEO-driven blog posts can help you attract many more people to your dispensary by giving them helpful information, product recommendations, and other enticing content.

One of the best approaches is to create blog posts based on frequently asked questions. For example, if customers regularly ask your dispensary staff about the best cannabis edibles for pain, create a blog post titled “What Are The Best Cannabis Edibles for Pain?”. This can help you reach potential customers and even market your products directly to them.

Other effective types of blog posts include top-5 lists and tutorials, such as “Top 5 Flavorful Cannabis Strains” and “How To Use Cannabis Concentrates With A Dab Rig”. Regularly posting blog content on your website can help you target all kinds of keywords and reach new people. Make sure you always include links to your product pages in your blog posts and encourage customers to visit your dispensary.

Use Links To Enhance Your SEO

Building links to your website can help you significantly enhance your search engine visibility. The more pages that link to your website, the better it’ll perform on Google, Bing, and other search engines. Effective link building can take a while, but it helps to work on it as early as possible to ensure your SEO takes off.

Start by including internal links throughout your website. You should link to other pages using targeted keywords. For instance, if you’re running a dispensary in New York, link to your dispensary menu with link titles such as “Order cannabis in New York”. You should also include targeted links in your blog posts.

External link building can help enhance your search engine visibility further. You might want to build connections and work with other websites to build links. It also helps to get other cannabis-related websites to link to your dispensary. SEO agencies can also help build external links for your website.

List Your Dispensary Website On Business Directories

Another one of the best ways to market your dispensary on Google, Bing, and other search engines is to list it in various business directories. This can help many potential customers and even business partners find your dispensary. It’s also an effective way to build more links to your dispensary website.

One of the very first things you should do is build a Google My Business page. Not only will this get your business listed on the biggest directory in the world, but it’ll also ensure that your dispensary appears on Google Maps. Enhancing your business listing on Google Maps can help you attract many local customers who are looking for dispensaries.

You should also list your business on other directories. Leafly is one of the best directories for cannabis businesses, but you can also check out other cannabis business directories and local business directories. You should also use social media platforms such as Linkedin and Facebook to expand your reach.

List Your Dispensary Website On Business Directories


Learning how to market your dispensary on Google & Bing search engines can help your business in all kinds of ways. You’ll enhance your customer acquisition, boost your brand reputation, and make more sales overall. For more information on promoting your cannabis business, visit Cannabis Promotions.

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