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How to Open a Marijuana Dispensary

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Make A Business Plan

Much like with any other business, you should start planning the most important details before you try to go ahead with opening a dispensary. Not only will an expertly-crafted business plan help you when it comes to getting your marijuana dispensary license, but it can also help you get funding from investors to start your business.

There are various things you’ll want to include in your dispensary business plan, including where you plan to operate, your business and staffing structure, how you’ll obtain and use your funds, and how you plan to profit. You should also include details on your brand, what you offer, and how you’ll stand out ahead of competitors.

Crafting a brilliant business plan can be tough, and you won’t want to go through the funding and licensing process with a mediocre business plan. As such, you should look for dispensary business plans online and read guides on how to write a marijuana business plan.

Find A Suitable Location

Find A Suitable Location

Choosing the best location for your dispensary is another important aspect. Location is crucial for every business. Ideally, you’ll want to be within easy reach of plenty of potential customers and you’ll also want a location large enough to handle all of your stock, equipment, and resources.

The first thing to consider is where exactly in the country you want to open your dispensary. Each U.S. state has different rules on starting a marijuana business, and you might want to look into this before you choose one. You’ll also want to choose the right city or town where there’s an eager market for marijuana.

The exact location you choose is almost important- especially as you might face some hurdles. Many states have laws on where a dispensary can be located. For instance, you might need to find a commercial property that’s a suitable distance away from schools, parks, and other institutions. It helps to consult with a real estate agent who’s experienced with cannabis businesses.

Obtain Funding

Funding is the next major obstacle you’ll face when opening a dispensary. While most businesses can simply get a bank loan for their business, marijuana businesses will struggle with this. Since marijuana is still federally illegal in the United States, it’s seen as a high-risk industry, and most banks won’t give you funding to start a marijuana business.

Fortunately, you have some good alternatives. Many marijuana businesses turn to equity funding. Although you’ll have to sacrifice some shares in your business, you can get the funds and resources you need to open it successfully. You can do this with a venture capital firm or seek out angel investors.

You can also find investors via cannabis business events or even via websites such as Linkedin. You’ll need to have a good pitch as well as a solid business plan to present, but this can work out well if you find the right people. While crowdfunding or using personal funds are potential options for small-scale cannabis businesses, these are much riskier when you’re trying to open a dispensary as you’ll need a lot of funding.

Get Licensed

Before you start any business that involves handling cannabis directly, you’ll need a marijuana business license. The process of getting your license can be long, costly, and stressful, so make sure you keep this in mind before you get started with the process of opening a marijuana dispensary.

The licensing process differs in each state, so it’s worth doing some research. Some states have a finite amount of licenses available each year whereas some may not be issuing licenses at all. This is where picking the right state for your business is important, as some make it much quicker and easier to get a license.

No matter how long it takes to get your license, you should be prepared to spend a lot of money and effort. You’ll need to present your business plan as well as various other details about your business. You’ll also need to pay some hefty licensing fees. This is arguably the most taxing part of opening a dispensary, but once you have your license, you’re ready for action.

Start And Market Your Business

Start And Market Your Business

After setting up your business and getting your license, you’ll be ready for a big opening. However, you shouldn’t simply open your doors and expect people to pour in. You’ll need to put some effort into getting the word out and getting your business ready to accommodate a range of customers.

Marijuana businesses are restricted from using many traditional forms of advertising, such as billboards and TV advertisements. However, there are other ways you can market your business. The first thing you should do is register your business on Google My Business as well as any other local directories. That way, local patients can find it easily.

You should also give out promotional cannabis products such as lighters, grinders, and rolling papers with your brand’s name and logo can help boost your brand awareness. It also helps to attend cannabis events- these are great for networking and you can even push your promotional products here. Remember that word of mouth is also a huge help- impress your customers and they’ll recommend you to new ones.


Opening a Marijuana Dispensary isn’t easy, but if you’re ready to deal with the obstacles, you could make good money in time. You’ll need to spend a lot of time researching and planning and you should also find the best location possible. You’ll also need to deal with a tricky licensing process. However, once you have all of that out of the way, running a dispensary can be highly enjoyable.

Remember that marketing your marijuana dispensary is particularly important. It can be hard to get the word out- especially as you’re restricted from using various major advertising platforms. You can find promotional cannabis products and guides on boosting your brand at CannabisPromotions.

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