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How to Open a Medical Cannabis Delivery Company

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Find The Right Location

If you’re considering opening a medical marijuana delivery company, picking the right location is crucial. You’ll need to choose a state that has a thriving medical marijuana industry. With that said, you’ll also need to choose somewhere with a large enough patient base that making deliveries is profitable.

Some states only have limited medical marijuana programs and, while some patients may still want delivery, you need to consider whether it’s worth your investment. Instead, choosing somewhere with a large number of marijuana dispensaries and a huge base of patients is usually the best option.

Of course, you’ll also need to consider the logistical aspects of where you open your delivery service. Each state has unique regulations on deliveries. For example, some states require drivers to only carry one delivery at a time. Boston requires marijuana delivery companies to have two employees on each delivery – complete with body cams. Make sure you do your local research thoroughly.

Get Licensed

No matter where you choose to deliver marijuana, you’ll need to get licensed. Marijuana business licenses aren’t just for retailers and growers. Any company that handles marijuana products needs to get some form of license. In addition to the usual licensing requirements for starting a business, you’ll also need a cannabis delivery service license.

The exact requirements for licensing can vary from state to state. You’ll need to ensure you adhere to your state’s requirements for attaining a delivery license. This generally requires a lot of paperwork as well as an application fee. In some cases, you may need to wait a while to receive your license.

Fortunately, the process of applying for a cannabis delivery service license isn’t quite as intense as applying for a retail or growing license. With that said, there’s also a high demand for these licenses in many states, so make sure you apply for your license as soon as possible if you want to deliver marijuana.

Get Licensed

Brush Up On Local Laws

Operating any kind of cannabis-based business can be tough. Not only do you need to go through extra steps to get your business licensed and off the ground, but you’ll also need to consider laws on operating and promoting your business. As such, make sure you brush up on marijuana delivery laws before you start a delivery service.

The laws on marijuana delivery vary from state to state. Some will require you to take extra steps to show that you completed each delivery. Some have certain regulations on who can deliver products. Your delivery radius might also be limited by local regulations, so it’s important to do your research thoroughly.

It’s also important to keep possession laws in mind. States each have different limits on how much cannabis a patient can possess at each time. This also applies to other cannabis-based products such as cannabis oils and concentrates. Make sure you adhere to legal restrictions when handling deliveries, otherwise you and your drivers will be liable.

Invest In Your Equipment And Fleet

Naturally, handling cannabis deliveries requires the right equipment. You’ll need a fleet of vehicles as well as experienced, trustworthy staff to handle them. You’ll also need to invest in certain tools for delivering cannabis.

You might want to invest in insulated delivery bags for keeping cannabis products fresh during delivery. After all, you don’t want a patient’s cannabis flower or concentrates to be ruined by heat or humidity. You should also take steps to ensure that deliveries are kept securely. You might also need to invest in body cams depending on where you’re delivering cannabis.

It can also help to invest in the right software for your delivery service. You can now find all kinds of business tools for handling your fleet, keeping in contact with customers, and even showing your customers when their deliveries will arrive. Using delivery software can help improve your service and keep customers happy.

Work On Your Delivery Strategy

Work On Your Delivery Strategy

If you want your cannabis delivery service to be successful, you’ll need to consider your strategy. This starts with your business model. There are some common business practices for cannabis delivery services. Dispensaries often get a delivery license to handle deliveries themselves, but delivery services can also act as a middleman between dispensaries and patients.

You may need to reach out to local dispensaries to offer your delivery services. If you can generate some buzz around your business, dispensaries may even begin to reach out to you. It’s important to set a delivery radius first and consider local regulations, but as long as you choose the right location, you could end up handling tons of deliveries in the area.

Some delivery services even create websites themselves, displaying menus of local dispensaries for customers to order. You could even create an app to make ordering seamless. You could also consider expanding your business to offer transportation and logistic services for dispensaries and manufacturers, although this often requires an extra license.


Opening a medical cannabis delivery company is arguably a much safer option than opening a cannabis dispensary or marijuana growing operation. With lower costs and fewer pitfalls, it’s an option worth considering for any cannabis entrepreneur. With that said, there’s still a lot to consider.

Those looking to start a marijuana delivery service will need to find the right location, get licensed, find partners, and invest in their equipment and staffing. But with the right approach, starting a delivery service can be a highly lucrative endeavor. For more information on starting and promoting a cannabis business, visit Cannabis Promotions.

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