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How to Prevent Mold While Storing Cannabis

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What Does Mold Do To Cannabis?

Avoiding mold growing on your cannabis is extremely important if you want your weed to be safe to use. If you fail to store your cannabis properly or expose it to excessive moisture, it can begin to grow mold and mildew. Not only will your weed degrade in quality, but it’ll also be unsafe to use.

When your cannabis grows mold, it’ll quickly lose its potency. The cannabinoids and terpenes will be ruined, leaving you with weed that’s weak and discolored with a foul odor. However, even more importantly, you won’t be able to use weed covered in mold or mildew. Smoking moldy weed can cause you to become ill.

There are two main types of molds that grow on cannabis. Botrytis cinerea is a grayish-white mold that’s known to rot your buds, ruining their potency and turning your weed into mushy plant matter. Aspergillus can also grow on your buds. These spores are particularly dangerous as they can cause all kinds of health problems if consumed. As such, it’s important not to use any cannabis with mold on it.

What Does Mold Do To Cannabis

How To Prevent Mold While Storing Cannabis

Mold can completely ruin your valuable buds, so it’s important to take some steps to avoid it. Fortunately, it isn’t too tough to prevent mold while storing cannabis. All you’ll need to do is store your weed in an appropriate place to ensure it’s not affected by certain elements such as heat, air, and moisture.

Generally, mold thrives at temperatures of around 77°F to 86°F. As such, it’s best to keep your cannabis in a cool, dry place when it’s not in use. It’s also important to keep it away from excessive light, hence why a drawer or cupboard is usually a good place for storing cannabis.

The kind of container you use for your cannabis also matters. Keeping your cannabis in plastic packaging in the long-term is not a good idea as plastic can degrade and affect the quality of your weed. It’s best to transfer your weed to clean, sealable glass jars such as Mason jars. Fill these up as much as possible to avoid any excess air.

Most importantly, you need to keep your cannabis away from moisture at all costs. Make sure your buds are dry and store them in a clean and dry container. Don’t store them with anything else- especially liquid products. Keeping your cannabis stored safely on its own in a cool, dry place will keep it potent and flavorful for a long time.

Long-Term Cannabis Storage

Whenever you’re not using your cannabis, it’s best to store it somewhere safe from any excessive heat, air, light or moisture. Both the kind of containers you use for your weed and where you keep your containers can make a difference.

One of the most effective solutions for long-term cannabis storage is to use sealable glass jars. Mason jars are often used for storing cannabis. The fact that these jars are sealable makes them perfect for keeping your cannabis fresh and safe from light, heat, and moisture. You may also want to keep humidity packs in your jars to maintain a relative humidity of 59-63%.

Another good option is to use a Cannabis Humidor. These are wooden boxes filled with glass containers for optimal weed storage. Humidors keep your weed at the perfect temperature and humidity for long-lasting potency and freshness. Make sure you don’t use a Cigar Humidor- these aren’t equipped to keep weed fresh.

No matter how you choose to store your weed, make sure that your containers are completely dry before storing any cannabis in there. Moisture can swiftly grow on your weed and cause mold which will ruin your stash completely. Keep your containers in a cool, dry place to keep them as fresh as possible.

Short-Term Cannabis Storage

Short-Term Cannabis Storage

While using glass containers or a humidor is the best approach for long-term storage, it’s also worth considering how to store cannabis in the short-term. Packaging cannabis properly is particularly important for cannabis retailers who need to ensure their products don’t grow any mold.

Exit and Mylar Bags are great for short-term cannabis storage. These sealable packages keep weed fresh by keeping out any heat and moisture. Heat is sealed within the bag so weed stays at a moderate temperature. These bags are also leak-proof and safe from moisture. Cannabis companies can even get custom-branded Exit and Mylar bags to promote their business.

You may also want to use Stash Bags for short-term storage. These bags are generally used for carrying or transporting weed. For instance, if you want to smoke some weed while on the go or take it to a friend’s house, you don’t want to carry a Mason jar around. These Stash Bags are smell proof, waterproof, and will maintain the freshness of your weed.


It’s important to take some basic measures to prevent mold while storing cannabis. If you notice any black spores or white mold on your weed, then you’ll need to throw it out completely. Mold damages the freshness and potency of your weed and, if consumed, it can also cause health problems.

Fortunately, preventing mold from growing on your cannabis is simple enough. Store your weed in clean containers and keep them away from excessive heat, light, and especially moisture. Mylar bags and stash bags can work well in the short-term, but for long-term storage, it’s best to use sealed glass containers or even a humidor.

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