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How to Price Your Cannabis and Cannabis Products for Profit

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Forms of Cannabis

There are two popular forms of cannabis in the market, each having its advantages and disadvantages. The flower, or bud, is a smokable product harvested from the plant, dried, and cured before being sold. It is consumed through being smoked out of a pipe or rolled into a joint or blunt. It is one of the most affordable products and is readily available in a wide variety at multiple outlets. A large percentage of cannabinoids are consumed by smoking. However, there is no standard dosage available for smoking, making it easy to overconsume or abuse.

Cannabis can also exist as concentrates such as cannabinoids. These are acquired once excess plant materials and impurities are separated from the cannabis plant. They can be consumed through vaporization using a vape or a dab rig. The concentrates are powerful, so a small amount can yield effective results. Overconsumption is also a challenge when it comes to using concentrates.

Forms of Cannabis

Components of Cannabis

There are more than 100 cannabinoids that make up the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the only components that scientific experts are starting to understand better. 

Cannabidiol is a non-intoxicating and non-euphoric psychoactive cannabinoid often used for medical purposes. It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for medical use across the various states that have legalized cannabis. It can be extracted in large quantities from hemp, a product of the cannabis sativa plant. CBD is available in the form of oils, supplements, extracts, and others. 

Tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive compound in cannabis containing euphoric properties. THC is considered illegal by federal law.  Some states have legalized its recreational use. Others have approved medical cannabis with high levels of cannabinoids.

The World Health Organization established that CBD is the better option since it is safe and does not cause any problems to public health.

Types of CBD Products

Various products and methods aid in the consumption of CBD into the bloodstream. Vaping is considered the most convenient and beneficial form of consuming CBD. This is because the product is absorbed into the bloodstream quickly. It is also enjoyable, coming in a wide range of flavors that bring about a sweet experience. CBD vape products include vape juices, pods, and cartridges.

CBD tinctures are other cannabis products produced by mixing cannabis with alcohol or water to create a solution. They are thicker than vape oils, so they can only be taken by applying drops under the tongue to get absorbed by blood vessels. Tinctures can be mixed with food or drink but will take longer to be absorbed into the bloodstream this way.

Topicals are balms, lotions, sprays, and salves infused with cannabis for applying on the skin. Cannabidiol topicals are more effective than THC topicals since the skin easily absorbs CBD. There is a large variety of topicals available in traditional retail stores and dispensaries.

There are also foods and drinks laced with cannabis known as edibles. They are manufactured in precise doses, so it is easy to avoid overconsumption. Edibles take a long time to kick in, ranging from 20 minutes to two hours. They are absorbed through the digestive tracts.

Pricing CBD Products

Pricing CBD Products

Pricing of cannabis products is a daunting task even to the most experienced retailers. The cannabis industry is full of restrictions and regulations. They restrict retailers from buying products and selling them at a profit. Cannabis prices can vary from time to time based on demand and supply since the consumers fund the retailer’s regulatory costs. Tax changes and other restrictions are some of the factors to consider when pricing cannabis products. It is important to know all state and federal guidelines before choosing the best pricing strategy.

As a retailer, you can increase the price of a new product to gain profit. It is done through a method known as price skimming, whereby consumers pay the highest possible fee for a brand-new product. This strategy is effective but can be thwarted by the onset of competition and rival products. Penetration pricing helps smaller companies and retailers to thrive in the market. This is by offering cheaper rates to similar products. The strategy aims at getting more customers through lower purchasing prices. Research your customer base to identify your product’s value to the community. Evaluate the needs of your consumers. Deliver beyond what they need.


The cannabis business is growing as cannabis has become one of the most widely used substances in the country. The legalization of cannabis and its products is increasing across many states. More than 22 million Americans use it monthly. Pricing is a vital aspect of any business, including the cannabis business. Consider the legalization process. Put allocations for permits and taxation. Observe the rules of demand and supply.  Finally, be very keen on the quality of the product.

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