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How to Sell Cannabis Smoking Accessories Online

by Hasum | | 420 Smoke Shop Near Me | 0 Comments

Find Out What Customers Want

Before you start selling cannabis smoking accessories online, you should carry out some market research. Stocking a wide range of products is a good way to ensure you attract customers. However, you also need to consider what kind of products will sell successfully. As such, you’ll need to find out what accessories are in high demand from customers.

You might want to survey cannabis users via social media or other platforms. You can also check out what kinds of accessories are already offered by dispensaries, cannabis stores, and other head shops. Start creating a list of all the products you might want to sell in your online head shop and figure out where to get them from.

Keep in mind that, while some shops sell cannabis or hemp products along with accessories, it’s best to stick to accessories before anything else. As long as you use the right marketing language, you can sell smoking accessories without needing to worry about getting a cannabis business license. This will make running your head store much smoother and easier.

Create Branded Accessories

If you want a successful online store, you need to make sure your products stand out. Selling generic smoking accessories won’t appeal to anyone. Trying to sell the same accessories as every other store will also be difficult, especially as you’ll need to lower your prices to compete with them. As such, the best option is to create some branded cannabis accessories.

Start by coming up with a catchy brand name and logo. With a memorable name, an eye-catching logo, and high-quality products, your brand will soon catch on with consumers. For instance, if a consumer sees someone else use a grinder with your logo, they’ll be interested in finding out about your brand and even buying something from you themselves.

Plus, getting high-quality branded cannabis accessories isn’t difficult or costly. You can order custom-branded cannabis products online using your brand name, logo, and your choice of colors. This includes branded grindersrolling papersrolling trayslightersstash bags, and many other sought-after accessories. You can also order branded packaging for your products.

Create Branded Accessories

Build Your Online Store

While some online stores start by selling their products on Amazon or eBay, this isn’t the best approach. Using online selling platforms can help you gain more customers, but you’ll also lose a lot of your money in commission costs. If you want a thriving online accessory store, then you should consider building a website to sell your products.

Your website should be fast, easy to navigate, and eye-catching. It’s best to get help from a professional web design service to ensure that your website stands out. You can then implement online shopping cart software to sell your accessories. You should also use a marijuana-friendly credit card processor to take online card payments.

After building a solid website, you can attract customers in various ways. Using search engine optimization strategies in your content can help you become more visible on Google. You can also promote your website via social media. Overall, you should look for the best digital marketing tactics to build your online presence.

Use Digital Marketing Tactics

One of the best things about running an online store is that you have plenty of options when it comes to marketing. Digital marketing is now more important and impactful than ever. Plus, new approaches to digital marketing are emerging all the time. While there are tons of ways to promote your website, some marketing strategies are particularly effective.

Influencer marketing is an especially useful way to promote your cannabis accessories. Simply reach out to cannabis influencers on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok and ask them to use your products in their photos and videos. You could even offer free products in exchange for promotional reviews.

You should also build social media pages for your brand. That way, you can promote your accessories using photos, videos, and memes. You could even host a social media competition, offering people a free bundle of products if they share your website with their followers. You should also ask viewers to sign-up to your email list in exchange for a discount code – email marketing can help you boost your sales significantly.

Enhance Your Product Descriptions

When you’re selling any kind of product online, you need to create the best product pages possible. An enticing product description can make the difference between someone ignoring your product or buying it instantly. High-quality product photos from various angles can also make a huge difference.

Not only should your descriptions be enticing, but you should also optimize them for search engine visibility. Using highly-searched keywords in your product titles and descriptions can help you grab potential customers from Google. You should also include targeted keywords in your image metatags.

Be careful with the kind of language you use. Companies selling cannabis products often encounter all kinds of annoying obstacles. Many online headshops avoid this by avoiding mentioning cannabis, instead marketing their products as smoking accessories for hemp and tobacco products.

Enhance Your Product Descriptions


Learning how to sell cannabis smoking accessories online is a great way to get involved in the cannabis industry. You don’t need a cannabis business license and you can sell all kinds of sought-after products, from grinders to pipes to stash bags. To get started, you can order custom-branded cannabis products online at Cannabis Promotions.

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