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How to Smoke Weed Without Rolling Papers

by Hasum | | 420 Smoke Shop Near Me | 0 Comments

1. Pipe

When you need a handy way to smoke wherever and whenever you want to, it’s hard to beat a pipe. Pipes are portable smoking devices that are small enough to fit in your pocket while still giving you potent and powerful hits whenever you want to use them. They’re easy enough for anyone to use and can get you high within seconds.

If you want to use a pipe to smoke weed, all you have to do is pack some weed in the bowl, light, and inhale. Not only is it extremely handy, but it’s also easy to control your high- just take more hits if you want stronger effects and stop when you’re satisfied.

You can find Pipes in a massive range of cool designs. Some are designed for simplicity and convenience whereas others have features such as the ability to change colors or glow in the dark. They’re also made with different materials- Glass Pipes are generally considered the best but you can also use metal or wooden pipes if you want something different. Whichever way, they’re great for smoking without papers.


2. Bong

Pipes are ideal when you want convenience, but when you want big, powerful hits, it’s best to upgrade to a bong. Bongs are a lot like Pipes- they make it easy to smoke in just a few simple steps. However, Bongs also include water chambers where your smoke is filtered through, giving you hits that are both cool and potent.

While they’re usually a fair bit bigger than Pipes, you can buy Bongs in all shapes and sizes. Mini Bongs are designed for portability and can easily fit into a bag. However, many users prefer bigger bongs for bigger and more powerful hits. Many bongs also come with extra features such as percolators and ice catchers, designed to make your smoking experience as satisfying as possible.

Bongs are also available at all price ranges, so you can always find an affordable one. They’re fantastic both for smoking at home on your own or sharing with friends. Plus, like with Pipes, you just have to load the bowl, light, and enjoy the experience. With the ability to get super high super fast, Bongs offer one of the best ways to smoke weed by far.

3. Chillum (One-Hitter)

If you want maximum simplicity, then a Chillum is another one of the best ways to smoke weed without papers. A Chillum or One-Hitter is a special kind of pipe that’s designed to discreetly give you one hit at a time. Unlike most Pipes, which come with a bowl, a Chillum is a small cylinder that allows you to pack your weed in one end and inhale through the other.

Chillums are useful for users who want something even smaller and simpler than a Pipe. The extra small design makes it exceptionally easy to use anywhere. They’re also cheap and can last you for a long time. Many cannabis companies even offer custom branded Chillums.

These little devices come in clutch for the occasions when you need a quick hit of weed on the go, and unlike rolling a joint, there’s no time or effort required. They can be inconvenient for taking multiple hits, but you can always pack your Chillum again and increase your high.

4. Vaping

While it’s not technically the same as smoking, vaping is arguably an even better way to inhale weed. Vaping weed involves using a vaporizer to heat your weed to a high temperature without burning it. This creates rich vapor which you can then inhale through the mouthpiece to get the effects of THC.

Many people prefer vaping over smoking as it doesn’t involve the harsh effects of burning weed. It’s easier on your throat and lungs and one study even found that vaping cannabis gives you stronger effects than smoking it. Not only that, but vaping also brings out more of the flavor of your weed, making for a better experience overall.

In addition to all of that, vaping also makes things swift and easy. Just add some weed to the chamber of your vaporizer, press a button to heat the herbs, and you’ll get smooth and potent vape hits. You can also use a Vape Pen which gives you extra portability for convenient use.

Homemade Devices

5. Homemade Devices

For those times where you have no rolling papers and no bong, pipe or vape to smoke out of, there’s still another option. With just a few things you have lying around the house, you can quickly whip up a homemade device to smoke weed that works surprisingly well.

For instance, you can easily make a bong out of a Water Bottle. Cut a hole in the side, stick an empty pen tube in the side, create a bowl out of foil to put on the other end, seal up the hole and just like that you have a nifty homemade bong. For an even easier way, make a dent in the side of a soda con, poke some holes in, light your weed on it and inhale through the mouth.

You can also make pipes or bongs out of things like apples, peppers, cardboard tubes, pens, and all kinds of other household objects if you’re feeling creative. You can even find online tutorials for homemade smoking devices. Just make sure you use foil for the bowl to avoid burning any plastic. 


No rolling papers? No problem. You might want to buy a Pipe, Bong, Chillum or Vaporizer. Alternatively, you can just find something at home to smoke out of with a little extra effort. Other than that, all you’ll need is your lighter and grinder. Cannabis businesses can even offer custom cannabis accessories using Cannabis Promotions.

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