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How to Take Photos of Cannabis Concentrates

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Why Take Photos Of Cannabis Concentrates?

There are many good reasons to take high-quality photos of cannabis concentrates. After all, many of these products already look awesome, and a good photo can bring out the true quality of a chunk of shatter, hash, budder, rosin, or any other kind of cannabis extract. Plus, there are various benefits to doing so.

Businesses trying to sell cannabis concentrates will need high-quality photos to market their products. If you’re trying to show off your products in an online menu or even via a social media account, a top-notch closeup photo of your high-THC extracts can make the difference between a customer buying the product or skipping past it.

Of course, cannabis influencers should also learn to take photos of the cannabis extracts they promote. A good photo can appeal to vaping and dabbing enthusiasts across the world, helping you to build your following and reputation as an influencer. Even if you’re just taking photos for fun, you’ll be surprised at how incredible a good photo of a high-quality concentrate can look.

Pick Your Best Cannabis Extracts

Pick Your Best Cannabis Extracts

Before you start shooting photos, it’s important to pick the right product. Not all cannabis extracts are the same – every batch looks a little different. For instance, low-quality extracts often look pale and brittle whereas high-quality concentrates will shine with a beautiful dark amber color. Even among high-quality extracts, some simply look more aesthetically pleasing than others.

It’s best to look through the cannabis extracts you have on hand and pick the one that will look best in a photo. Consider the shape, color, and any unique qualities that might make it stand out. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to take photos of multiple different concentrates to see which photos come out the best.

Sometimes it helps to melt and mold your extracts before taking photos. For instance, applying heat to a dab of wax and taking a photo while it’s still soft and pliable can often look amazing. You might even want to take photos of your extracts in various states to ensure you get the most appealing pictures possible.

Use High-Quality Camera Equipment

If you want the best photos of your cannabis concentrates, it helps to use the best camera equipment. Some smartphone cameras nowadays produce amazing pictures and these might be good enough if you’re taking photos of your extracts for fun or simply to share with your friends. However, for commercial purposes, it helps to have professional camera gear.

Considering the small size of cannabis concentrates and dabs, it’s also key to use photography equipment designed for macro photography. A camera that takes amazing nature photographs won’t necessarily take great photographs of your cannabis extracts – so find a camera that’s suited for the job.

Oftentimes taking the best photographs comes down to using the right lens. A macro lens can help you zoom into your cannabis concentrates without sacrificing the quality of your photograph. The right lighting equipment can also go a long way. Of course, taking the best photos also requires using the best settings – you might want to ask a photography expert for advice or even hire a professional photographer.

Adjust The Lighting To Perfection

Good lighting can help you make your cannabis extracts look sensational. Not only will they bring out the color of your cannabis concentrates, but they can bring out minuscule details in your dabs and make the quality of your products shine. As such, you shouldn’t slack off when it comes to lighting.

It helps to have a good backdrop. You’ll notice that high-quality pictures of cannabis concentrates are often taken using a clear white backdrop. However, a black backdrop can also make your cannabis extracts look exceptional. Experiment with these colors to see what works best for your products.

You don’t want to blast your concentrates with studio lights. However, macro lighting principles work well when it comes to shooting your extracts. Ring lights and macro flashes can help you bring out the details you want from your dabs, so use these well and you’ll get plenty of satisfying shots.

Use Attractive Angles And Closeups

Use Attractive Angles And Closeups

Using the right angles is also important when photographing your cannabis concentrates. A good angle can bring out the best parts of your products and make them stand out to customers or viewers. Some angles look better than others, so it always helps to experiment and take as many pictures as possible.

When photographing cannabis concentrates, it’s crucial to take attractive closeups. Let users see the details in your dabs and they’re sure to be impressed. You can also take photos of your concentrates in different situations. For instance, an action shot of a heated concentrate or a scoop of diamonds on a dabber can look amazing.

Your lighting can also help bring out the best of your products from each angle. Try slightly adjusting your lighting as you take photos from different angles as this can make for the best pictures possible. Don’t hesitate to take plenty of pictures from various angles so you can decide which shots look the best later.


With a good mix of angles, lighting, and the right equipment, you’ll be shocked at how good your photos will look. These photographs can then be used to show off to your peers, enhance your marijuana-based social media channels, or entice customers to buy your cannabis concentrates.

Of course, good photos aren’t all you need to promote your products. Many other smart marketing methods can also help – such as using custom branded cannabis products to enhance your brand visibility and awareness. For more helpful guides and resources on promoting your cannabis business, check out Cannabis Promotions.

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