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Marijuana Packaging: How To Keep Weed Fresh

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Why Marijuana Packaging Is Important

Businesses who deal with marijuana must take marijuana packaging seriously. Not only should you store marijuana properly while it’s on your business premises, but you should also store your stock properly so that customers get fresh, safely-packaged weed that hasn’t degraded in quality.

Marijuana packaging is important as improperly stored marijuana can swiftly lose its freshness and potency. Marijuana that’s been left out in the open can become dry, brittle, and stale, and users who buy poorly-packaged weed will notice. As such, you’ll need to keep it away from elements such as heat, light, air, and moisture.

You’ll also need to make sure products are packaged safely to prevent tampering. Instead of using regular packaging, you’ll need to buy special packaging for marijuana to ensure that it’s both legally compliant and that products will be fresh when customers take them home. Fortunately, there are a few rules you can follow to make marijuana packaging easier.

Store Products In Airtight Containers

Store Products In Airtight Containers

One of the most important things you need to do when you’re storing marijuana is to keep products in airtight containers. If air and oxygen make it into your weed containers, they can cause it to degrade in quality and potency faster. As such, you’ll want to protect your products from the elements.

For long-term storage, many people use airtight glass jars to store marijuana. The best approach is to fill these with plenty of weed while only leaving a small space at the top. That way, you’ll keep oxygen out of the jar and maintain its freshness for longer. In the early stages of drying and curing, jars should be opened and “burped” periodically to release excess air.

Although glass containers are great for storing weed, airtight plastic containers work well for products that are ready for purchase. These can still keep your cannabis safe from the elements while also being more consumer-friendly. You can also use humidity packs to keep your products at the optimal level of humidity, leading to longer-lasting freshness and potency.

Keep Products In A Cool, Dry Place

No matter what kind of container you store your products in, it’s important to store those containers in the right place. Leaving containers of cannabis out in the open can cause all kinds of problems. For example, if they’re exposed to heat, this can cause your products to degrade faster. You also run a greater risk of moisture or light affecting your weed, so make sure you store them properly.

Fortunately, it’s not hard to find a suitable place to store your containers of cannabis. All you need is a cool, dry place. This can be a cupboard, wardrobe, drawer, or anywhere else that keeps your products away from excess heat, light, air, and moisture. Keep your products here until you need to take them out.

You’ll notice that stores and dispensaries often leave products out in the open to allow consumers to view them. This is fine as long as these products are used purely for display. When it comes to purchases, make sure you give customers products that have been properly stored in a cool, dry place.

Use Childproof And Tamper-Proof Packaging

Use Childproof And Tamper-Proof Packaging

Another important thing that marijuana businesses must keep in mind when handling marijuana is that products must be packaged safely. Most states require that marijuana is sold in childproof and tamper-proof packaging.

Childproof packaging is packaging that can’t be opened by a child without a serious struggle. This helps ensure that small children can’t accidentally get their hands on marijuana. Tamper-proof packaging is packaging that shows cosmetic damage if anyone tampers with it. Make sure you use the right kind of packaging for all kinds of marijuana products, from Cannabis Flower to Edibles.

Not only will using childproof and tamper-proof packaging help when it comes to legal compliance, but this kind of packaging also has other benefits. Childproof packaging is usually airtight, meaning it’ll help maintain the freshness of your weed while simultaneously keeping children away from it.

Where To Buy Marijuana Packaging

If you’re selling marijuana or marijuana-related products, then you’ll want to invest in some professional packaging to ensure you pack everything appropriately. You’ll need childproof and tamper-proof packaging for your marijuana, as well as other marijuana products such as Concentrates and Edibles.

It’s best to buy marijuana packaging from a business that focuses on cannabis products. For instance, you can buy Custom Exit and Mylar Bags from Cannabis Promotions. These can help keep products safe and fresh. They can also be customized to show your brand’s name and logo, helping to boost your brand awareness and recognition.

You might also want to buy other custom cannabis products to help your business thrive. For instance, you can buy custom GrindersLightersRolling PapersStash Bags, and more. All of these can be branded with your name and logo to help with marketing. They’re also great for selling at your point-of-sale or handing out at promotional events.


Marijuana packaging is important as it helps maintain the quality of marijuana for as long as possible. It’s best to use airtight packaging that keeps marijuana away from excess heat, light, moisture, and air. You should also store containers in a cool, dry place for an extra level of protection. You can find custom cannabis packaging and other products online at Cannabis Promotions.

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