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Marketing Swag For Your CBD Business

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Branded Tincture Bottles

CBD products come in many forms today. For instance, some users prefer tasty CBD Edibles whereas others prefer to apply healthy CBD Topicals directly to their bodies. However, while there are plenty of options, the most popular CBD product is probably CBD Tincture. These liquid CBD products are in high demand due to their convenience, versatility, and ease-of-use.

Since every CBD business needs to sell CBD Tinctures, it’s worth investing in some branded CBD bottles. By printing your brand name and logo on your CBD Tincture bottles, your brand will remain at the forefront of customers’ minds and they’ll be more likely to return to your business and make repeat purchases.

You can now buy Custom Glass CBD Tincture Bottles for your CBD business to help boost brand recognition. These bottles can carry up to 30ml of Tincture, and can also be used for other liquid CBD products. They come in various colors and also have child-resistant caps to ensure they’re legally compliant. You can customize both the bottles and the box with your name and logo to make your brand stand out.

Branded Tincture Bottles

Custom Vape Products

While CBD Tinctures are a common choice for CBD users, CBD Vape Products have also become a very popular option. Vaping is a method of consumption that involves using a Vape Battery or Vape Pen to vaporize oils, concentrates, and other such products to produce thick, inhalable, CBD vapor.

If you’re appealing to the CBD market, you’ll want to appeal to vape enthusiasts. Many consumers who enjoy vaping often seek out CBD Vape Products, and having some branded CBD Vape Products in your store is a smart marketing move. Plus, there are many types of vape products that you can print your logo on.

One of the best ways to market your business while appealing to vape enthusiasts is with Custom Vape Pen Batteries. These rechargeable devices can be used time and time again with 510 thread Vape Cartridges, so having your logo on them is a great way to ensure customers remember your brand. You can also invest in Custom Vape Lanyards. These are great for carrying Vape Pens, but can also be used for various other things.

Hemp Shirts

Just because you’re running a CBD store, doesn’t mean that you can only sell CBD products. Since CBD products are extracted from hemp, you might want to appeal to a wider range of customers by also offering other hemp-based products. Many people who enjoy hemp-based CBD products also want to check out hemp jewelry, hemp accessories, and hemp clothing.

One of the best ways to market your CBD business and get your brand name out there is with Hemp Shirts. These custom shirts are made using organic materials and they’re comfortable, environmentally sustainable, and easily customizable. Putting your logo on them is one option, but you can also add all kinds of slogans and images that your customers might like.

Selling Hemp Shirts to your customers isn’t the only way you can make use of them, either. You might also want to grab some branded hemp shirts to use as work uniforms. Having your brand logo clearly displayed on your staff’s clothing will improve brand recognition and, as long as you have a good logo, it’ll also look awesome.

Lighters and Grinders

Keep in mind that many people that visit hemp and CBD stores also expect to find the same kinds of products they’d find in head shops. For example, cannabis users who want to grab some smoking accessories without dealing with expensive dispensary prices might come to your store instead. As such, it helps to have some products that appeal to them.

Custom Lighters are the ideal marketing swag for appealing to these customers. You can offer various types of lighters and print your logo on them to boost your brand recognition. Not only are these useful to cannabis users, but they also appeal to those who want to smoke Hemp Flower.

Similarly, you should also offer Custom Grinders. These are useful for anyone who uses Cannabis or Hemp Flower, not to mention they’re available in cool designs and they’re easy to customize for your brand. It’s worth getting a few custom Lighters and Grinders- they make for great point-of-sale purchases and can even be used as promotional gifts.

Lighters and Grinders

Rolling Papers

In the same vein as offering Custom Lighters and Grinders, you should also offer Custom Rolling Papers. Many people need Rolling Papers whether they prefer to smoke cannabis, hemp, or even tobacco. As such, you should offer some in your store to make some extra purchases.

You can get Custom Rolling Papers in many sizes. It’s worth getting a few different sizes so you can appeal to all kinds of customers. Various materials are also available, including hemp, rice, and wood pulp papers. No matter which you choose, you can customize the boxes and booklets with your brand materials.

If you want to offer something extra, you can also get Custom Rolling Trays. Although they’re not an essential accessory, Rolling Trays are useful for anyone who buys rolling papers. Offering branded Rolling Trays is yet another great way to appeal to your customers with marketing swag.


Using marketing swag is a great way to boost your CBD brand. People who become more familiar with your name and logo will be more likely to make repeat purchases, not to mention more people will become exposed to your brand as time goes on. For all the best CBD and cannabis marketing swag, visit Cannabis Promotions.

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