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Pre Roll Cones Topic Categories: 2. Different Types of Pre-Roll Cones

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Kief Coated Infused Pre-Roll

This is a pre-rolled cone dipped in or painted with concentrate and coated in kief. These cones test higher in THC than normal flower pre-rolls. They are great for users with higher tolerances who need a higher level of THC.

Sublime in California cultivates kief-coated pre-rolls they have dubbed Fuzzies. Fuzzies are available in two sizes - King and Mini - to tailor to the individual needs of every cannabis consumer. The pre-rolls come in four different strain-specific varieties: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and CBD:THC 1:2. The King pre-rolled cones have 1.5 grams per joint and come with one joint per package. The Minis total 2.4 grams and come with three joints per package. They also have hash infused Fuzzies available for an extra boost of THC concentrate, or Naked Fuzzies that are infused with distillate, but not rolled with kief. They offer a more mellow high than their kief-dusted counterparts.

The packaging Fuzzies come in is simple, but easy to recognize. Each type of strain (sativa, indica, and hybrid) has a designated color, and the brighter colors are reserved for the more heavily infused products. They offer several packaging types for their pre-rolls, with options like a child-resistant button slider box, slider tins, and paper cigarette boxes.

Moonrocks Joints

Moonrocks are nugs that have been slathered in a sticky concentrate and then covered in kief. Like pre-rolled cones covered in kief, they are extremely high in THC and beneficial to those with especially high tolerances.

Moonrocks are super messy, so people like putting them in joints or blunts.
Moonrock Canada has one of the most diverse moonrock pre-roll selections on the market and offers a huge variety of strains for their moonrock pre-rolls.

Moonrock Canada’s packaging is a change of pace from traditional pre-rolled cone packaging, with their joints coming in a glass tube topped off with a cork. The glass tube clearly displays the Moonrock Canada logo, strain type, and strain name.

Custom Filter-Tipped Joints

Filter tips are traditionally white or tan, and mostly go unnoticed under the paper cone. But adding a pop of color is an amazing way to add an eye-catching component to any pre-roll.

Custom filter tips are perfect for special occasions or for those brands who really want to make a statement and allow your brand to stand out and become memorable in the eyes of your consumer.

Forbidden Flowers is a cannabis brand created by actress Bella Thorne. They offer an indica, sativa, and hybrid pre-roll. Each pre-roll filter comes in a different custom color matching the effect it is trying to create for the user. The cones are stored in child-resistant glass tubes with strikingly colorful custom branding that immediately draws attention. These strain-specific pre-rolls are available in full flower as well as diamond-infused.

Mini Pre-Rolled Cones/Dogwalkers

Mini-pre rolled cones are also known as dogwalkers. They are perfect for that user who loves to smoke joints, but they don’t like putting the joint out and relighting or wasting the joint if they don’t like to smoke a lot at one time. They usually average around a half of a gram per joint.

Dogwalker is a cannabis brand known for their mini cones. They offer two mini sizes - the Mini Dog pre-rolls and the Big Dog pre-rolls - with joints weighing out at 0.35g and 0.75g a piece, respectively. The Minis come with five joints a piece and the Big Dog comes with just one.

The packaging for the Dogwalker Minis is really simple, just a green tin with the company’s logo. But the Big Dog has a really innovative package design with a glass child-resistant tube with a push-and-twist screw top lid.

Blunt Cones

Blunt cones are essentially joint cones made with blunt wrap instead of rolling paper. Traditionally, blunts were rolled with tobacco. Nowadays, with the health risks associated with tobacco use more widely known and frowned upon, blunts are commonly rolled with hemp wrap, hybrid hemp wrap, Cordia palm leaf, and Tendu leaf. Other natural options have been gaining popularity, such as rose petal blunts, sage botanical cones, cocoa botanical cones, and goji berry botanical cones.

1620 Labs, a grower in Massachussetts, cultivates a five-pack of strain-specific hemp wrap blunt cones stored in a simple but classy push pack. The custom orange dividers keep each blunt cone in place and safe from any damage caused from rattling around in the pack. The pack fits perfectly in your hand and comfortably in your pocket. 

Cannagars aka Cannabis Cigars

Cannagars are a fantastic option for health-conscious cannabis smokers. It is also a way to utilize more of the cannabis plant than you normally would. Cannagars are compressed cannabis around a skewer, then wrapped in fan leaves from the cannabis plant. The compressed cannabis around a skewer was originally known as a Thai stick.

Purple Rose Supply says, “A Thai Stick is the original Cannagar. In the 1970s they were usually made by tying hemp rope tightly around cannabis on a skewer, covering it in opium, and then letting it cure for months. The end result is a rougher looking Cannagar. In recent years, people have started to bring this trend back (without the opium) due to the elevated smoking experience it creates. Because the cannabis is so compressed, Thai Sticks can burn for hours while still providing a smooth hit and easy draw due to the hole left behind by the skewer.”

LEIRA Cannabis Cigars offer cannagars covered in 24K gold leaf. Their website shows Mike Tyson puffing on one of these luxurious cannagars. LEIRA has also been featured on 2 Chainz show, “Most Expensivest.” The gold leaf cigar retails for $1,000. The brand also offers cannagars without the gold leaf for $100 and $300 depending on the size you get.

Glass-Tipped Joint

Joints with a glass tip are perfect for the consistent smoker. The glass tips can be reused time and time again. They also make for a cleaner, smoother hit when using a glass filter. Glass tips are also more aesthetically pleasing than a paper or plastic tip, adding the feeling of luxury to any pre-roll.

In Colorado, Kaviar Cones is known for their luxury glass-tipped pre-rolls. The joint has a paper filter, and this paper filter is placed into a custom-branded glass tip for added filtration and a cooling sensation on the lips. Kaviar Cones are infused with hash oil and rolled in kief for a very potent experience.

Wood-Tipped Joints

Wood tip joints are also a solid choice for another luxury experience. Many consumers like the feel of the wood and the extra filtration the small mouth hole provides.

Artisan Canna Cigars is a brand offering these wooden tips. Their leaf wrapped blunts and joints add to the aesthetically pleasing vibe. The brand offers Thai sticks as well, adding to their unique presence. The brand offers products in the California market.

atural Leaf Wrap Blunts

Like we mentioned earlier, blunts used to be made by rolling cannabis in tobacco wrap. Now natural wraps have taken over the blunt scene, from natural hemp to Cordia palm leaf and Tendu leaf blunts.

One brand capitalizing on the blunt trend is STiCKS, out of California. Their blunts are made with 100% natural hemp wrap and feature a custom cigar band. These blunt tubes are completely tobacco and nicotine free and stored in a classic pop-top tube.

When it comes to pre-roll cones, there are various types available to suit different preferences and needs. Whether you're looking for a specific material, size, or feature, understanding the different types of pre-roll cones can help you make an informed choice. Here are some common types of pre-roll cones:

  1. Paper Cones: Paper cones are the most traditional and widely used type of pre-roll cones. They are made from thin, lightweight rolling paper, often derived from wood pulp or rice. These cones are known for their burn consistency and easy rolling. They are available in different sizes to accommodate varying amounts of herbs.

  2. Hemp Cones: Hemp cones are gaining popularity as a natural and eco-friendly alternative to paper cones. They are made from hemp paper, which is derived from the fibrous stalks of the hemp plant. Hemp cones offer a smoother and cleaner smoking experience and are often favored by those seeking a more natural option.

  3. Flavored Cones: For those looking to add a touch of flavor to their smoking experience, flavored pre-roll cones are an excellent choice. These cones come infused with various flavors, such as fruit, mint, or even dessert-inspired options. Flavored cones can enhance the taste and aroma of your herbs, adding a unique twist to your smoking session.

  4. Pre-Roll Cones with Filters: Some pre-roll cones come with built-in filters or crutches at the mouthpiece end. Filters help to improve airflow, reduce the risk of getting herb particles in your mouth, and provide a more comfortable smoking experience. These cones are particularly popular among those who prefer smoother hits and added convenience.

  5. King Size Cones: King size pre-roll cones are larger in diameter and length, allowing for a bigger smoking experience. These cones are ideal for sharing with friends or for those who prefer a longer-lasting smoke. King size cones provide ample space to pack more herbs, delivering a satisfying and prolonged session.

  6. Transparent Cones: Transparent pre-roll cones are made from clear or see-through materials, such as cellulose or transparent paper. These cones offer a visually appealing smoking experience as you can see the herbs burning and the smoke swirling within the cone. Transparent cones are popular for their aesthetic appeal and can be a conversation starter among smokers.


With the variety of pre-roll cones available, you can find the perfect option to suit your preferences and enhance your smoking experience. Whether you prefer the traditional paper cones, eco-friendly hemp cones, flavored cones, or those with filters, each type offers unique features and benefits. Consider factors such as material, flavor, size, and additional features when selecting the pre-roll cones that align with your smoking preferences. Exploring the different types of pre-roll cones allows you to customize your smoking experience and enjoy a convenient and enjoyable session every time.

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