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Reward Your Regular Customers With a Dispensary Loyalty Program

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Why Your Dispensary Needs A Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are incredibly impactful for all kinds of businesses. Customers join loyalty programs to get rewarded for spending money on their favorite products and brands. It gives them the incentive to keep coming back and spending more. It can also make them feel more loyal to a brand.

These programs don’t just work for huge brands. Even a small local dispensary can benefit from introducing a loyalty program for customers. Many cannabis consumers buy cannabis products regularly, so give them a good reason to spend their money on your products instead of considering your competitors.

By giving customers rewards, they’ll stay loyal to your business. As a result, you’ll notice more customers returning to your business, more sales, and even a higher average spend. It’s a win-win for both your brand and your customers. Plus, with modern software, it’s surprisingly easy to implement.

How To Implement A Dispensary Loyalty Program

The best way to implement a dispensary loyalty program is by using loyalty program software. These software tools make it easy to give your customers rewards, promote products to your members, and even collect valuable analytics that’ll help you enhance your overall success.

Most loyalty programs give customers points for every purchase. For instance, you might give customers 1 point for every dollar they spend at your dispensary. Customers usually collect points by scanning a QR code at your point of sale, making the whole process smooth and hassle-free.

Customers can then exchange their points for rewards. For example, you could provide a free lighter in exchange for 50 points, or a gram of their favorite strain for 100 points. With an enticing rewards scheme, you’ll notice that customers will go out of their way to spend more money at your dispensary so they can reap the rewards.

You can also offer other incentives. For example, you might want to give your loyalty program members access to flash sales before anyone else. You can also give them dispensary coupons to encourage them to buy from you again soon.

What Dispensary Rewards Should You Offer

What Dispensary Rewards Should You Offer?

A successful loyalty program needs enticing rewards. While you shouldn’t give away an ounce of weed for 100 points, you can offer worthwhile rewards at various point ranges. This will make customers want to chase the next closest reward.

Custom cannabis accessories make for ideal rewards. Dispensary customers always need extra lightersrolling papers, and other handy cannabis tools such as grinders. Offering these for 50 points will make customers want to spend $50 or more on cannabis just to grab a free accessory. Plus, by putting your logo on these accessories, you’ll enhance your brand visibility further.

For higher points, you can offer some even more exciting rewards. For example, you might want to offer a pre-roll for 100 points and an eighth of a popular strain for 250 points. Offer a selection of rewards at progressively higher point ranges so that your loyalty program members have something enticing to work towards.

How To Get Customers To Join Your Loyalty Program

Introducing a loyalty program is useless if you can’t get anyone excited enough to join. Not only do you need to offer interesting incentives, but you also need to promote your loyalty program as much as possible.

You can use email marketing and social media channels to encourage your customers to sign up for your loyalty program. Make sure you summarize the benefits and make it easy for them to join within minutes. You might even want to offer a sign-up bonus, such as a small discount on their next purchase.

Using signage around your store is also a good way to get your customers interested. You should also make sure your cashiers ask customers if they want to join before they finish their purchase. If your program is enticing enough, some customers might even join on the spot.

How To Enhance Your Dispensary Loyalty Program

Once your loyalty program is up and running, you should constantly look for ways to improve it. You’ll want to fine-tune your program to attract even more members. Making constant improvements can also keep your existing members interested.

Using customer loyalty software allows you to collect helpful analytics. You can then use the information you collect to enhance your loyalty program. For example, you can find out which rewards are the most popular and offer similar rewards at different point values.

You should also continuously try to gain new members. You might even want to offer bonus reward points to members who refer their friends. As you continue to make improvements, your business will benefit from more members, more sales, and a huge increase in brand loyalty.

Introducing an app for your loyalty program is another great idea. That way, customers will constantly be reminded of your products when they browse their smartphones. It can also make it much easier for them to collect points and claim their rewards.

How To Enhance Your Dispensary Loyalty Program


Whether you’re running a medical dispensary, recreational cannabis store, or another cannabis-related business, a customer loyalty program can work wonders for your brand. You’ll notice a huge increase in customer retention and a surge in your sales.

If you’re looking for affordable yet enticing rewards to offer to customers, invest in some custom cannabis products. Branded accessories like lighters, grinders, rolling papers, and rolling trays can appeal to customers and help bolster your brand visibility at the same time. You can order these online at Cannabis Promotions.

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