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Storing Cannabis with Mylar Bags

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What Are Mylar Bags?

When it comes to keeping weed fresh, Mylar Bags are one of the best solutions you can use. These bags were originally invented in the 1950s by a brand called DuPont, using a special type of polyester film that helps keep out various elements including heat, moisture, and oxygen. While they’re commonly used for things like coffee beans and foods, they’re also perfect for cannabis storage.

Much like vacuum-sealing, keeping products in Mylar Bags allows you to seal them away from any potential damage. They’re slim and lightweight yet surprisingly sturdy, meaning you won’t accidentally rip or tear them and they can be used for either short-term or long-term storage. They’re often used to package products before sale, especially as they’re more affordable than options such as sealed glass containers.

You can find Mylar Bags in various sizes to suit various purposes, and you can even get custom Mylar Bags branded with your company name and logo. They’re free of toxins, making them much safer than plastic, and since they can be sealed and resealed, they’re incredibly efficient and easy to use.

Why Store Cannabis With Mylar Bags

Why Store Cannabis With Mylar Bags?

If you’re looking for a suitable cannabis storage solution, Mylar Bags are an excellent choice. Mylar Bags have tons of benefits when it comes to storing cannabis, and they’re also a much more affordable and efficient option than other storage solutions.

The most important thing when it comes to storing cannabis is to keep it away from heat, light, moisture, and air, as they can cause cannabis buds to quickly degrade in quality and potency. Mylar Bags allow you to seal your cannabis products away from the elements while also being smaller, lighter, and more affordable than other options such as glass jars.

Despite their slim appearance, Mylar Bags are surprisingly durable. They’re extremely tear-resistant and can be used over and over again. What’s more, unlike sealable plastic bags, Mylar Bags don’t absorb odor, don’t degrade easily, and are free of toxins, making them ideal for short-term or long-term cannabis storage.

When you sell cannabis products, you must store them in legally-compliant containers that are smell-proof, child-resistant, and tamper-proof. Mylar Bags check all of these boxes. They can maintain the quality of cannabis for a long time while ensuring children won’t get into them and making it evident if they’ve been opened at any point.

On top of all these benefits, Mylar Bags are easy to use and are available in various sizes to suit any kind of cannabis product you need to store. After placing your products inside, they can be sealed tightly so neither you nor your customers will have to worry about products losing their potency or being tampered with.

Where To Buy Mylar Bags For Cannabis

If you’re looking for Mylar Bags for cannabis, you can buy Mylar Bags online from Cannabis Promotions. We offer high-quality custom Mylar Bags that can be used for all your cannabis needs. You can even get your company name and logo printed on each bag, ensuring that your customers will remember you for your excellent quality and service.

Various sizes of Mylar Bags are available. For instance, if you need to store Cannabis Flower, you can use Eighth Ounce Mylar BagsQuarter Ounce Mylar BagsHalf Ounce Mylar BagsOne Ounce Mylar Bags, and even One Pound Mylar Bags. While they’re designed for Cannabis Flower, they can also be used for other suitably-sized cannabis products such as Edibles.

Other types of Mylar Bags are also available. For example, you can use Pre-Roll Mylar Barrier Bags for selling Pre-Rolled Joints. You can also find other types of Exit Packaging for your products. All of these packaging products are available for delivery and can be printed with your brand name and logo at a great price.

Where To Buy Mylar Bags For Cannabis

Other Custom Cannabis Products

Using custom Mylar Bags is a great way to boost brand recognition. Not only will your customers remember your name and logo, but they’ll be much more likely to buy from you again and recommend you to friends. In addition to custom packaging, you might also want to invest in other custom cannabis products to boost your brand.

Custom Grinders are ideal for your point-of-sale. Every smoker needs to grind their weed, so why not remind them of your brand every time they do so? From quality Metal 4-piece Grinders to Credit Card Grinders, all of these can impress your customers or even be used as promotional gifts.

Custom Lighters are also a must-have for any cannabis store or dispensary. Lighters are one of the most common products customers will grab at the last minute, so make sure you have plenty of these branded lighters at your point-of-sale.

Custom Rolling Papers are also available in various sizes and materials, from regular 1 ¼ Rolling Papers to King Size Rolling Papers with Tips. You can customize each booklet with your brand name and logo to ensure your company stays on customers’ minds.

Various other custom branded products are also available, including Rolling TraysChillums/One Hitters, and Stash Bags. It’s best to invest in a range of custom branded promotional products to truly enhance your brand visibility and recognition.


Storing cannabis with Mylar Bags is the perfect solution, especially for cannabis stores and dispensaries. Mylar Bags are durable, legally-compliant, and will keep your products fresh and potent with no risk of damage. You can buy custom Mylar Bags, along with a range of other custom cannabis products, at Cannabis Promotions.

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