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The Absolute Best Rolling Papers of 2019

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1 ¼” Rolling Papers – Fully Customized Booklets

Rolling papers come in various sizes from thin and narrow Single Wide Papers to thick and lengthy King Size papers. However, 1 ¼” papers are the standard choice for most users. Most roll-ups you see are most likely made using papers of this size- it’s perfect for packing a generous amount of weed without going overboard.

As such, these customizable 1 ¼” Rolling Papers are perfect for most cannabis consumers. These papers are available in various materials, including regular bleached or unbleached papers. However, hemp and unbleached wood pulp papers are the best choices. These contain no harmful chemicals and make for great smoking.

As well as being eco-friendly and made from renewable materials (including an Arabic gum adhesive), these lightweight papers can also be styled up however you want. The booklets are perfect for branding with your logo to make an impression on your customers. The price varies depending on the materials, but they’re available for as low as $0.79.

Buy 1 1/4″ Rolling Papers – Fully Customized Booklets

1 ¼” Rolling Papers with Tips – Customize Entire Booklet

The standard 1 ¼” size is perfect for most customers, especially as they can make for some amazing joints without using up too much weed. While these papers are available in various forms, one small addition that can impress consumers is the addition of tips.

Finding the right materials for tips or crutches every time you roll a joint is a hassle for anybody. That’s why each of these booklets comes with plenty of tips to make things easier. Not only do the papers make some exceptional joints, but you get a handy little crutch along with each one.

These papers are available in various materials- hemp, rice, and bleached or unbleached wood pulp are all available. With eco-friendly, renewable papers free from any harmful chemicals, these are a great pick for anyone. Each booklet is also fully customizable inside and out.

Buy 1 1/4 Rolling Papers with Tips – Customize Entire Booklet 

Rolling Papers with Tips

King Size Rolling Papers – Fully Customized Booklets

Although 1 ¼” Rolling Papers are the most popular size on the market, there are still plenty of weed lovers out there who prefer longer, more potent joints. It’s always better to have multiple sizes when it comes to rolling papers, and King Size papers are the perfect choice for when you want an extremely well-packed joint.

King Size papers are both longer and wider than 1 ¼” Rolling Papers, making them perfect for rolling powerful joints. Veteran weed users or users who simply like to share with friends often enjoy using these papers.

Our King Size Rolling Papers come in various options, so whether you prefer regular unbleached papers or eco-friendly, chemical-free hemp or wood pulp papers, we have a suitable option. These booklets of high-quality King Size papers are also fully customizable and perfect for branding.

Buy King Size Rolling Papers – Fully Customized Booklets

King Size Rolling Papers with Tips – Full Custom

King Size Rolling Papers are the top choice for weed lovers who want some extra length to their joints. These rolling papers can pack plenty of weed for the perfect smoking session. They also come with plenty of tips, saving users the hassle of having to find something to make a crutch with every time they smoke.

What’s more, these fantastic King Size Rolling Papers come in a range of materials both bleached and unbleached. Users looking for chemical-free, environmentally-friendly rolling papers are covered with hemp and wood pulp papers.

Each booklet of these King Size Rolling Papers with Tips is also fully customizable. Businesses can brand the packets in any way they want, making for a quality product that’ll stand out to customers as well as giving them the best joints of their life. The price varies based on the materials, but they’re available for as low as $0.96 each.

Buy King Size Rolling Papers With Tips

Quick Print Rolling Papers

Quick Print Rolling Papers

If you need custom Rolling Papers as quickly as possible, we can help you out with Quick Print Rolling Papers. These are available in multiple colors and materials and can be branded in various ways to make your logo stand out.

These Quick Print Rolling Papers are available in bleached and unbleached wood pulp and hemp, so whether you need basic rolling papers or want something chemical-free and eco-friendly we have a great option for you.

These rolling papers are also available in two sizes- the classic 1 ¼” Rolling Papers or King Size Rolling Papers. Since the production time is so fast, you might even want to grab both. These custom rolling papers are perfect for all kinds of companies and brands looking for a fun and effective way to promote themselves.

Buy 1 1/4 Rolling Papers – Quick Print

Buy King Size Rolling Papers – Quick Print


Practically every smoker needs rolling papers, so whether you’re a cannabis company or a startup brand, make sure you utilize the opportunity with custom rolling papers. We offer fully customizable papers in various sizes, colors, and materials to suit every business.

Other custom accessories are also available. Whether you’re looking for custom lighters, grinders, rolling trays or even one-hitters, we can set you up with everything you need at

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