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The Best Lighter for Weed: Lighters Buying Guide for 2020

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What’s The Best Lighter For Weed?

Whether you need to spark a joint or light a bowl, many lighters work great for smoking weed. You might want a simple disposable lighter to carry with you for your weed smoking needs or you might want something more advanced that can last you for a lifetime. Whichever way, there are various lighters to choose from.

The classic BIC Lighter is always a good choice for weed smokers. As basic as these lighters might be, they’re easy to use and are known for being reliable. Plus, a single BIC Lighter can last for up to 3,000 lights, so you’ll get a fair bit of usage even out of just one. Not to mention there are many different styles of BIC Lighters to suit you.

Clipper Lighters are another top choice. These lighters are known for their more cylindrical style, making them easier to handle for some users. They can also last for up to 3,000 lights and are also easy to refill so you can use them time and time again. They’re another one of the best lighters for simply carrying in your pocket or stash bag whenever you want to smoke.

Users who want something a bit more fancy and expensive may prefer USB Lighters. These lighters use plasma to light your joints and bowls and you don’t need to refill them. Simply charge them with any USB port and you can use them as many times as you want. Although they’re more expensive, they’re built-to-last and also look great.

All of these lighters are great for any weed smoker and the best lighter for weed largely comes down to what you prefer. What’s more, all of these lighters can be customized, making them perfect for any upcoming cannabis brand looking to promote their business. Here’s an in-depth look at some of the best lighters available and where to get them.

Custom Branded BIC Lighters

Custom Branded BIC Lighters

When it comes to the best lighters for weed, many people opt for the good old fashioned BIC Lighter. These lighters are simple yet effective and known for getting the job done. A typical BIC lighter can last for up to 3,000 lights and it’s known as America’s #1 lighter, so naturally, you should offer these if you’re selling to marijuana users.

Many users simply want an affordable lighter in a style that they’re used to and, as such, BIC Lighters are always a good bet. These lighters are safe, reliable, and child-resistant so they won’t cause any harm. They also set the standard for most lighters and they’re regarded as one of the best lighters for weed, as well as cigarettes and anything else.

What’s more, these lighters are easily customizable. If you want to ensure that your brand is recognized and remembered by users, then simply put your brand name and logo. They’re also available in a range of colors for even greater customizability. Since they last for so long, your brand will make an impression on customers thousands of times before they need to get rid of them.

These customizable BIC Lighters are available for as low as $1.55 per lighter if you buy in bulk. Offering these in your store makes for a great add-on purchase to any order, especially as so many marijuana users always need new lighters. Plus, you can hand them out at events and tradeshows to build some buzz for your business.

Buy Custom Branded BIC Lighters

Custom Clipper Lighters 

Although BIC Lighters are probably the most recognizable type of lighters for marijuana, Clipper Lighters are a close second. These lighters are reliable, effective, and sought-after by many marijuana users. If you want to give your customers a selection of lighters, it’s always worth including Clipper Lighters in your inventory.

Clipper Lighters are recognizable by their cylindrical shape. They’re easy to hold and arguably even easier to light your joints with than BIC Lighters. They generally offer 3,000 lights but they’re also refillable so you can use them over and over again. If you want to offer lighters that can last users for life, Clipper Lighters are a top choice.

These lighters are also child-resistant and use replacement flints to make them more environmentally-friendly. Many users even prefer the style of Clipper Lighters over BIC Lighters, especially as they’re so easy to handle and easy to refill. If you’re running any kind of marijuana business, you’ll want some of these on your shelves.

These Custom Clipper Lighters can be imprinted with your brand name and logo so that every time your customers light a joint, they’ll be reminded of your brand. Since they’re refillable, you’ll make thousands of impressions on each customer. They’re also available in various colors and available for as low as $1.39 if you buy in bulk.

Buy Custom Clipper Lighters

Custom Wrapped BIC Lighters

Custom Wrapped BIC Lighters

BIC Lighters are commonly known as one of the best lighters for weed in the world. After all, they’re highly reliable as well as being easily recognizable- many users are simply used to these lighters. However, if you want something a little less bland than regular colored BIC Lighters, you might be interested in these Custom Wrapped BIC Lighters.

Although you can customize regular BIC Lighters, these lighters give you an even greater level of customization. Custom Wrapped BIC Lighters can be imprinted with full custom, four-color logos. The entire lighter can be styled in pretty much any way you want, meaning you can give them some impressive, eye-catching designs that will make an impact on customers.

These lighters are known for how trustworthy and durable they are. Each lighter usually lasts for at least 3,000 lights. That means that, when you customize these lighters, you’ll make at least 3,000 impressions on every customer. Not to mention their friends and associates who will also see your brand logo.

If you’re stocking lighters and want something more eye-catching, then make sure you get some of these Custom Wrapped BIC Lighters. They can be customized in all kinds of ways to make an impression on everyone who uses them. They’re available for as low as $1.99 when you buy in bulk, but it’s worth it for the amount of brand recognition they can give you.

Custom Wrapped BIC Lighters

Custom USB Plasma Arc Lighter

Some smokers simply want a simple, no-frills lighter for all of their marijuana smoking needs. While there are plenty of cheap disposable lighters to fulfill this need, some users want something more advanced, sturdy, and environmentally-friendly. For those users, the Custom USB Plasma Arc Lighter is arguably the best lighter for weed you can get.

This lighter doesn’t require any refilling or replacing of flints. All you need to do is charge it with the USB cord that comes along with it. What’s more, each charge gives you 500 lights and you can charge it as many times as you want. It’s an incredible little device that makes a fantastic companion for any weed user.

Not only does it give you plenty of power and functionality, but it’s also very stylish. The flip-top design makes it look classy, and it’s available in various colors from plain black to gold. These lighters can suit pretty much any user who wants something fancier than the regular BIC or Clipper lighter.

Since they’re easy to charge and can be charged as many times as you want, these lighters can last users a lifetime. Whether you want to offer a rechargeable lighter to your customers or you want a high-class corporate gift for clients, it’s worth stocking these Custom USB Plasma Arc Lighters. They’re available at $11.99 per lighter when you buy in bulk, but they’re worth the cost.

Custom USB Plasma Arc Lighter

How To Promote Your Brand With Custom Lighters

How To Promote Your Brand With Custom Lighters

When it comes to promoting your brand, custom branded products are always a fantastic strategy. Every time one of your customers uses one of these, they’ll be reminded of your brand. Plus, anyone else with them will also become aware of your brand. As simple as it may seem, it’s an effective way to boost brand recognition and loyalty among customers.

Custom Lighters are a great product to offer as every smoker needs them. Even a simple disposable lighter can last for 3,000 lights, which means that every time one of your customers lights up, they’ll instantly be reminded of your brand. If your lighters make a good impression on them, they’re likely to come back to your business to buy more products.

Every dispensary and cannabis store should offer a range of custom lighters at their point-of-sale. Whenever a customer buys marijuana, they’re likely to also grab a lighter- especially if they forgot to bring theirs and want a quick smoke session. Just like that, they’ll have a piece of merchandise that connects them to your brand.

Other kinds of companies can also benefit from custom lighters. It’s an accessory that comes in handy for tons of people, whether they smoke weed or simply enjoy cigarettes. Plus, they’re not just good for boosting sales. They can also be handed out at tradeshows, events, and exhibitions or given as corporate gifts to improve brand recognition.

Other Custom Cannabis Accessories

Custom Lighters are far from the only kind of custom branded accessory you can use to promote your brand. Cannabis users need all kinds of accessories for the best smoking experience, and offering custom accessories to them is a fantastic way to benefit both your business and your customers. Here are some of the other cannabis accessories you need.

Grinders – A grinder is one of the most essential accessories that every marijuana user needs. Whether you prefer to smoke joints or simply pack a bowl with weed, grinding your weed first always improves the experience. There are many types of grinders from simple two-piece plastic grinders to four-piece grinders that collect your kief, and everyone needs at least one.

Rolling Papers – Rolling Papers are another common accessory that weed users are likely to buy at the last second when they’re planning to smoke. There are various sizes of rolling papers and they’re another handy item that you can fully customize with your brand name and logo to make an impression.

Chillums/One Hitters – Chillums or One Hitters are cheap yet effective glass pipes that are very easy to use. Simply fill one end with weed, light, and inhale. Although they’re only good for one hit at a time, they’re great for occasions when you need a quick hit of weed. Plus, you can even get custom Chillums for a great piece of brand merchandise.

Other custom accessories include Rolling TraysStash Bags, and Exit Bags. All of these are fully customizable and, if you’re a company that caters to cannabis users, it’s best to offer as many of these as possible.

Other Custom Cannabis Accessories


The best lighter for weed largely depends on what you prefer. Users who want a basic disposable lighter that gets the job done will likely love BIC Lighters, whereas Clipper Lighters suit users who want an easily refillable lighter that’s easy to handle. Users who want something advanced that doesn’t need to be refilled will also love USB Plasma Lighters. Fortunately, you can find all of these and more at

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