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What Is Delta-8 THC? THC (or Delta-9 THC) is the main compound that comes to mind when thinking of cannabis. When you inhale marijuana or consume it in other ways, it’s Delta-9 THC that delivers the potent psychoactive effects that weed is known for. Howe

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Why America Is A Marijuana Tourism Hotspot

Marijuana Tourism or Cannabis Tourism is a term used to describe those who travel to a certain destination influenced, at least in part, by the availability of weed. For instance, tons of tourists flock to Amsterdam every year due to the widespread availability of marijuana, and countries like Jamaica and Uruguay are also known as marijuana tourism hotspots.

The United States has also become a marijuana tourism hotspot in recent years thanks to the growth of marijuana legalization. Although marijuana is still federally illegal, there are now 15 states where adults aged 21 or over can legally buy marijuana products for all purposes, and the same applies in Washington D.C.

These rules don’t just apply to U.S. residents- anyone from around the world can travel to certain states, walk into a legal cannabis store, and walk out with their favorite strains of weed or other cannabis products such as Tinctures, Concentrates, and Topicals. Naturally, this is a particularly exciting prospect for people from countries where marijuana is still illegal and hard to obtain.

Of course, most people aren’t visiting these states purely for weed. They also have other things to offer, such as historical landmarks, beautiful nature, or lively downtown areas. With that said, the ability to smoke high-quality weed in new and exciting locations, along with the availability of things such as marijuana tours and marijuana cafes, makes the U.S. an alluring destination for pot-loving tourists.

Benefits Of Marijuana Tourism

Benefits Of Marijuana Tourism

One of the great things about the boom of marijuana tourism in America is that it benefits pretty much everyone. From the travelers who smoke legal weed to the businesses who want to attract a wide range of customers and even the government, there are all kinds of perks to marijuana tourism.

Naturally, tourists benefit as they feel welcomed and even encouraged to sample the local weed. Much like you’d sample the local wine in France or the local chocolate in Belgium, trying the best strains of weed in California or Colorado can be an incredibly enriching experience. Adults who have never tried weed can try it legally in the U.S. and those who need it for medical purposes won’t have a hard time getting what they need.

As more people are tempted to visit these spots, it also has a positive knock-on effect for the local and federal government. Cities and towns benefit economically from the growth in tourism and the government also bring in more tax dollars due to the high sales of marijuana. It also means that the U.S. is seen more favorably by many people when considering countries worth visiting.

Of course, cannabis businesses also benefit greatly. They can attract more people to their stores and sell their products with enthusiastic customers from all over the world while they’re visiting. They can even send them home with branded accessories that help promote their brand.

Marijuana tourism is also great for entrepreneurs who are considering getting involved in the cannabis industry. Whether you’re trying to figure out the best place to start your marijuana business or you want to start a business geared specifically toward marijuana tourists, you have many attractive options.

Best States For Marijuana Tourism

Although medical marijuana is now legal in the majority of the states, there are only 15 states (plus Washington D.C.) where anyone aged 21 or over can buy marijuana for recreational or medical purposes. Among these states, some are far more attractive tourist destinations than others. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to visit or somewhere to start a marijuana business, here are some of the best states for pot tourism.

Colorado – Colorado was one of the very first states to legalize recreational marijuana and, as such, it’s become a hotspot for marijuana tourists. There are dispensaries all over cities like Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo. What’s more, many of these spots have thriving downtown areas and are surrounded by incredible hiking spots. Many tourists also flock to Aspen, which boasts amazing ski slopes as well as one of the most high-design dispensaries in the states.

California – California is probably the first U.S. destination people would think of for marijuana tourism, as well as tourism as a whole. From the liveliness of Los Angeles to the beaches along the coast to thriving cities like San Francisco and San Diego, you’re never too far from a cannabis store or dispensary. The state has a very 420-friendly culture on top of great weather, beautiful national parks, and tons of tourist attractions.

Nevada – Realistically, when talking about tourism in Nevada, we’re talking about Las Vegas. The city is known for indulging every vice visitors and residents might have, and marijuana lovers will be stunned by the Vegas-style dispensaries that feature LED light shows as well as all the marijuana products you could want.

Oregon/Washington – Oregon and Washington are almost one-in-the-same. Both of these northwestern states are known for their vibrant hipster culture, beautiful nature, and being among the most accepting states when it comes to marijuana. As such, tourists who want a unique destination where they can smoke pot to their heart’s desire will love both of these states.

Illinois – While it might not be quite as popular as the other options, Illinois is another major hub for marijuana tourists since it’s become one of the latest states to legalize marijuana. Chicago regularly attracts international visitors and, as more cannabis stores start to open, it’s a good place to be for marijuana fans.

While these are some of the most popular spots for marijuana tourism, you might also want to consider other states. For instance, Alaska, Massachusetts, and Washington D.C. are also popular destinations for tourists. If you’re planning on starting a marijuana tourism business, you might even want to consider new and growing markets such as New Jersey or Arizona.

Best States For Marijuana Tourism

Ideas For A Marijuana Tourism Business

Starting a business geared towards marijuana tourists is one of the best ways to get involved in the marijuana industry. You can attract customers from all over the world and share your passion for pot in various unique and creative ways.

One of the best ways to get involved in the marijuana tourism sector is to offer 420-friendly tours in one of America’s marijuana hotspots. Similar to the way many people offer food tours, you can show visitors around the best local stores, grow houses, and smoking spots while also giving them a good taste of the city.

Alternatively, you might want to offer cannabis classes. Many tourists pay good money for things like art classes, cooking classes, or even dance classes, and you can offer all of these with a 420-friendly twist. You’ll attract many fascinated customers if you teach them to cook with cannabis or offer a “high” art class.

Many marijuana-friendly states are also starting to see a rise in things like marijuana-friendly hotels, cafes, and restaurants. Provided that you follow local laws, you can open one of these and list it in places like Airbnb or cannabis directories to attract marijuana tourists.

How Other Marijuana Businesses Can Take Advantage

Keep in mind that even if you’re running a regular marijuana business, as opposed to a marijuana tourism business, you can still benefit from the influx of customers from out-of-state. Marijuana tourism benefits all kinds of businesses and, if you appeal to curious tourists, it could do wonders for your business.

One of the best ways to take advantage of marijuana tourism is to open a marijuana store in a location that’s known for cannabis tourism. If you’re thinking of starting a dispensary and aren’t sure which location to choose, you might want to consider one of the cities or towns that are known for attracting tourists.

You should also make an effort to ensure that tourists hear about your business. For instance, cannabis stores should list themselves on Google Maps as well as places like Leafly and Tripadvisor. You can also work on your SEO so that people find you when they look up the best dispensaries in your area.

Your business should also offer custom branded cannabis products and accessories. When people come from different states or countries to buy weed, they’ll also need to buy things like Lighters, Grinders, and Rolling Papers. Offer them at your point-of-sale and tourists are likely to add them to their purchase.

What’s more, many tourists will take these branded accessories home as unique souvenirs. This has an extra positive effect as these customers will be reminded of your brand, making them more likely to visit again in the future or even recommend you to friends who visit your area.

How To Promote Your Business To Marijuana Tourists

How To Promote Your Business To Marijuana Tourists

Whether you’re running a marijuana store, cafe, lounge, or even offering cannabis tours or classes, you should make sure you market your business to marijuana tourists. There are various effective ways you can do this.

Digital marketing is especially useful for reaching out to tourists. When people first visit a new town or city, they’re likely to look on Google for the best cafes, best dispensaries, and even exciting things to do. Gearing your SEO to reach these people and listing yourself on online directories will help them find you.

You might also want to reach out to social media influencers. For instance, if you invite a cannabis Instagram influencer to your store, they can make a post about your business and encourage their loyal followers to visit. You could also offer products to cannabis YouTubers or podcasters to review.

Cannabis influencers aren’t the only ones who can help you, either. You could reach out to travel bloggers and YouTubers to include you in lists of places to visit in your area in exchange for free products. You could even get in touch with local Instagram or Twitter celebrities who post about the best local spots on their social media pages.

You can also reach out to local travel guides and tourism agencies. Getting your business listed in travel brochures or being recommended by local guides can help you attract many new customers. Make sure that your business is as welcoming and accommodating as possible to cannabis tourists and you’ll also get plenty of positive recommendations and online reviews.


Marijuana tourism is growing throughout America, especially as more states legalize marijuana for recreational use. Tourists can check out some of the best weed in the country in states such as Colorado, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, as well as various others.

If you’re running a marijuana business, you can promote your business to tourists and gain tons of new customers. You can even offer branded accessories for them to buy as souvenirs. For branded cannabis products and guides on promoting your business, visit Cannabis Promotions.

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